Top 10 Vinkle Alternatives For Music Video Editing [2021]

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Vinkle is one of the most popular android apps to create your videos to post on social media platforms. It is basically a music video editing app used by lots of people all over the world. Because of its pre-built templates, users can easily add amazing transitions and effects to their videos.

But, there are some drawbacks of this software such as paid subscriptions. For some paid items, you may have to pay up to 60$. This might be the reason why you are finding a good vinkle alternative for you.

So, if you are also one of those who want a good vinkle alternative, this article is for you. I have researched for the most amazing and free tools which will work great a good alternative to the vinkle android app. So, let’s start discussing each app one by one.

Alight Motion

It is an amazing editing platforms which allows you to add motion graphics to your videos just by using your smartphone. The app has an exciting interface which allows it to become a super-popular app and a great vinkle alternative.

You can add different audio, video, and graphical layers and add them using its great interface. The app also supports bitmap and and vector which is another amazing feature.

Some basic tools like color correction, motion blur, mp4 importing are there. Also, you can have some advanced features along such as keyframe animation etc. So, get it now from the play store and start editing your own videos and audios.

Video Star

It is another simple but highly impressive audio and video editing app available on the play store. This app allow you to create highly professional videos with the help of its smart tools. However, it doesn’t offer much more advanced features like Vinkle but when it comes to basic editing, it can work as a good vinkle alternative.

Adding music to your videos is easy with this too. Also, you can make interactive slideshows from your photos. In other words, editing videos with video star is pretty simple and this is the reason why it is in our list of best apps like vinkle.

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Likee was earlier known as Like Video. It is an amazing video platform where you can spend hours watching videos in different categories. In other words, it is one of the best alternates to the TikTok. However, when it comes to video editing, it can help you a lot.

Likee offers you lots of effects and editing templates to add into your videos and make them amazing. Slow motion, fast motion, blur, and various other features are there. Also, you can add the audio clips into the videos as per your choice.

Along with this, Likee is a free platform which allows you to connect with like-minded. You can even follow others and like or comment on their videos. Also, uploading your own videos is simple. So, in other words, Like not only serve you as a great video and audio editing tool but an excellent social media platform too.

VideoShow Video Editor

It is a multi-purpose video editing tool which you can easily use for any sort of video editing work. Not only for social media, you can even make other professional videos with this tool. A liter version of this also available on the Play Store. However, if you want a full-featured tool to easily edit any sort of video on your phone, this tool is great to choose.

Some features includes HD video exporting, easy to use, and lots of editing features. Also, the tool allow you to export video without any watermark. Impressively, you will not have to buy a paid subscription to have all these features.

So with this free video editing tool for mobile, you can easily get the most amazing benefits for creating impressive videos for your social media platforms. In this way, it becomes a great vinkle alternative for android devices.


The tempo is another free alternative to Vinkle. This android app is full of amazing features by which you can easily make your editing works simple and efficient for you. The app serves you with lots of filters, widescreen mode, face stickers, and everything else you will ever need in a video editing program.

Not only the music videos, the tool can also be used to edit social media photos. The app keeps updating regularly and you will surely get new and updated features with each new update.

Adding any sort of audio to your videos is easy with this tool. Also, you can put any of the available transitions and effects. After editing, you can easily export the videos in 720 or 1080 pixels formats. These are some of the amazing reasons why it is so much popular among android users.


Quik is one of the top video editing app developed by Go Pro. Being a professional video editing android app, you can use it to easily create amazing music videos to post on your social media pages. Adding audio into the video is the first thing but you will get a chance to do various other things using this amazing app.

So, whether you want to create a video using your photos or just shoot a video on any media track, this app is great for any purpose. Adding any sort of transitions, effects, and audios to your videos is pretty simple with this tool.

Along with this, you can enjoy great editing features using its extensive range of editing tools. So, whether you want to edit your Go Pro videos or any other type of video clip, this android apps is great for you.

Viva Video

Viva Video is another one of the highly rated and widely used android app for making music videos. Also, this app can easily be used to edit any sort of video just by using your android device. To make music videos with your desired songs, this tool can help you a lot. In fact, you can create highly impressive videos by using its video templates and numerous immersive effects.

Whether you want to do normal video cutting, audio adjustments, or anything else, this tool is ready to help you anytime. Along with this, you can customize your videos by adding any sort of footage, images, video clips, and audios in it.

In other words, Viva video is a perfect tool to easily create effective videos for your social media platforms. Using this tool will help you to have great results when it comes to music video creation and editing.

Scoompa Video

Scoompa video is another impressive music video editing tools which can compete directly with Vinkle. So, when it comes to making great videos using your android smartphone, you can trust on Scoompa video android app. The app is full of amazing features which you will need in your video editing tool.

This app is specially built for those who want to make videos using photos and videos from their smartphones. Adding effects, stickers, texts, images, transitions, audios, and various other things in your videos is very easy with this editing app.

The app is free from any type of ads. However, you may not be able to get the similar features as the Vinkle app offers.


You can easily create highly impressive videos using TikTok. Along with sharing your videos to this social media platforms, you can also export your videos to your phone and use them anywhere else. However, a TikTok watermark will come along but you can crop it out later.

So, adding lots of stickers, effects and other professional transitions is easy with TikTok. Ranging from basic music video editing works, this app will help you to get the most out of your time if you are uploading them on consistent basis.

With all of its features, it can not only help you to find a good vinkle alternative but help you to become popular among millions of people.

VIGO Video

You can also use VIGO video to add any sort of music to your video clips. Also, adding stickers, effects, and various other things inside your videos is pretty easy with this tool. VIGO Video also works as a social media platform where you can create your account and upload your own videos.

Along with this, you can follow others and watch their videos. So, when it comes to creating impressive videos for any of your social media profiles, VIGO video can become a good vinkle alternative for you.

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