10 Most Popular Calligraphy Apps for iPad and iPhone

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The iPad Pro is a great place to start with calligraphy. Thanks to the revolutionary 120hz of refresh rate display. At the same time, a proper great thanks to its Apple Pencil, which is capable of writing in millions of different shades and thousands of different styles. These modernizations have possibly made the calligraphy possible on a digital artboard.

Nowadays, from the banner of a coffee shop to the lettering inside a professional logo, all are mostly done on the digital artboard. Apple products have always been great for these purposes, especially an iPad.

There are more important things that have increased the sale of the iPad despite being a costly device. It’s a lovely device. It will change the way you live, digitalizing everything in your daily routine. And if talking about apple pencil, the iPad is less than half of the use without it.

Well, the pencil is equally worthy but the purchase is worth it. The apple pencil shines like a diamond. It can help you in daily drawings, note-taking, and sketching, etc.

Where there is an artboard and a Pencil, calligraphy must find a place. Calligraphy is a way of drawing letters and words. So, it mostly makes the use of drawing software. However, there are dedicated apps also.

Here is the list of 10 best calligraphy apps for the iPad.

1. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator draw is one of the best drawing applications for iOS and a great option for calligraphy. It’s more than a digital sketchbook, empowering the art of shadow at one stroke. If you are looking for a fully-fledged software to support the balance of your hand, you are ready to go with this.

Adobe is a big name in the digital art industry. Although it’s quite popular, you may have not come across this name. Don’t misjudge it with Adobe Illustrator CC. It’s an all-new application designed up to a great extent for an iPad.

It’s popular because of the great features that are covered behind a simple UI, designed to scrap the quick ideas of your mind.

Key Features of Illustrator Draw for Calligraphists:

  1. It is good for vector-drawings and low-poly art.
  2. You can work on separate layers.
  3. Sync your work to Adobe Creative Cloud.
  4. On Illustrator Draw, you can work with Illustrator CC compatible files.

Required version of iOS – Illustrator requires the iOS version 11.0 or later.

Double-tap support – Yes

Pricing of the application – Free

2. Procreate

Procreate is best of all on the iPad. The application delivers the pure power on the addition of the Pencil. There is no issue in driving it with your finger-tip or a basic stylus from Adonit, but once you add the Apple Pencil to procreate, you will see the real magic and the magic will be worth your money spent.

Procreate packs significant tools to draw your desire. As far as Calligraphy is concerned, the app features a wet-brush option for brush calligraphy, scores of nibs for pattern calligraphy.

Also, its new graphics engine has the ability to import brushes, floating Color Picker, Animation Assist, and Clone Tools from Photoshop.

I have published an article on the best Procreate Alternatives for Windows. So, if you are interested to do calligraphy on your Windows computer, this article will surely help you.

Key Features of Procreate for Calligraphists:

  1. Flawless palm rejection.
  2. Low latency and double-speed sampling rate.
  3. Ability to import tools from Photoshop.
  4. Procreate Pocket is an application available for iPhone X’s larger screen.

Required version of iOS – Procreate requires the iOS version 12.0 or later.

Double-tap support – Yes

Pricing of the application – $9.99

3. Autodesk SketchBook

Finally, we get something from Autodesk in this category. Well, not at all. But if you are bored with 2D calligraphy and want to try 3D drawings and stuffs, the Autodesk Sketchbook can be a great choice.

Autodesk, the company is known for its ability to help professional or emerging mechanical and civil engineers to create 3D structures or 3D Diagrams. However, there is no support for its top-notch application in iOS or in Mac OS, So, they have dedicatedly created this application to diminish the hollowness.

Autodesk sketchbook is well known among iOS users because of its pro-specs challenging 3D applications like Maya.

Key Features of Autodesk Sketchbook for Calligraphists:

  1. It features over 170 customizable brushes.
  2. You can blend your art with PSD layers.
  3. It features predictive stroke to transform your hand-drawn lines into a precise structure.
  4. A light weight application.

Required version of iOS – Autodesk Sketchbook requires the iOS version 12.0 or later.

Double-tap support – Yes

Pricing of the application – $9.99

4. Noteshelf 2

Noteshelf has always been a great note-taking app. For the reason that you can seamlessly draw any diagrams and level it in your own handwriting, it stands among the others with dignity. We added it to our list for its versatility to create things with a balanced hand.

Calligraphy can be easily done on this software. To make the best use of it you need the Apple Pencil. I totally agree that the first release of this software was not well integrated with the stylus but now everything has been changed. Thank god, Noteshelf has undergone major changes.

The reborn is named Noteshelf 2, which in my opinion is, absolutely incredible. It now includes pressure-sensitivity with apple pencil which helps in making better shades. Buying this software for calligraphy and lettering can be beneficial as it tends to deliver a lag-free experience and real-flow.

Key Features of Noteshelf 2 for Calligraphists:

  1. You can make PDFs of your art.
  2. You can draw Perfect shapes and can stretch and combine them.
  3. You can add pre-made photos and try to make your own with that.
  4. In case of note-taking, you can record lectures and meetings as you write.

Required version of iOS – Noteshelf 2 requires the iOS version 12.0 or later.

Double-tap support – Yes

Pricing of the application – $9.99

5. Linea Sketch

The Linea Sketch is perfect for a creative mind and a balanced wrist. It is more powerful than just a pen and paper. What makes it a great choice for beginners is its less complex user-interface and fluidity to create anything. Unlike others, Linea Sketch has fixed size Canvas.

The application does not over boast any high-class tools but offers some great point pens. Changing colors and background textures are easy enough. There is some built-in measurement tool such as grid ruler, transform tool, and Automatic ruler. Just combine it with the power of apple pencil and see the magic.

Key Features of Linea Sketch for Calligraphists:

  1. You can export in photoshop PSD, JPG, and PNG file format.
  2. Friendly with iPad Bionic Chip.
  3. Customizable Canvas Colors.
  4. You can record from start to end of your creation.

Required version of iOS – Linea Sketch requires the iOS version 11.0 or later.

Double-tap support – Yes

Pricing of the application – $4.99

6. Affinity Photo

The application is basically an editing software but provides you the control to blend your calligraphy with some amazing captures. If you want to paste your calligraphic art on a banner or an image, this particular application can greatly help you.

Here, you have the power to create edit both in one place. this is the reason why some people compare it with the photoshop. However, in my view, it’s a handy photoshop alternative involving the best features for lettering.

The application is compatible with every model of the iPad. Its capability is well defined with the hardware of an iPad and a pencil. It has a professional brush engine, to create real-time lighting and shading effects. The software is optimized to take full advantage of the pencil’s sensitivity and pressure.

Key Features of Affinity Photo for Calligraphists:

  1. Compatible with the earlier model if iPad hardware.
  2. The professional flow of pencil while creating, thanks to its powerful brush engine.
  3. It supports raw and PSD files.
  4. It supports pressure and angle sensitivity.

Required version of iOS – Affinity Photo requires the iOS version 11.1 or later.

Double-tap support – Yes

Pricing of the application – $9.99

7. Notability

Next in our list of best calligraphy application is Notability. The app lets you combine your art, handwriting, photos, and typing in one place. Basically, it’s a note-taking application but can be used for calligraphic purposes. The application shines with the apple pencil’s support.

It identifies if you have your palm set on while writing and doesn’t create a mark. In the case of your fingers, it responds. The powerful AI engine of this application automatically identifies whether you are trying to make a straight line or a curve one, and also fixes the curve to the pixel level.

Key Features of Notability For Calligraphists:

  1. Lag-free drawing experience, a plus point for calligraphy.
  2. Simple and user-friendly UI.
  3. Notability is a light-weight application.
  4. Supports pressure and angled sensitivity.

Required version of iOS – Notability requires the iOS version 11.0 or later.

Double-tap support – Yes

Pricing of the application – $9.99

8. Clip Studio Paint

If you want to draw fonts for comics and cartoons, Clip Studio Paint app is best for the purpose. The professionals who love create with the natural feel of the brush are most welcome.

You can create every stroke as clear as you imagine, hence, coming up with a pure perfect art of imagination at the end. The user-interface is quite easy to use even for beginners. This is a well-packed feature dense app. Let’s have a look at some of its features.

Clip Studio Paint is perfect when it comes to any sort of painting or digital art work. But, when you use it on iPad, it offers some excellent features which you may not get with any other tool.

Key Features of Clip Studio Paint For Calligraphists:

  1. Best for creating comic cartoons and fonts.
  2. Thousands of shades of Brushes.
  3. Pressure level up to 8192, a great touch response.
  4. Also available for Windows macOS, and iPhone.

Required version of iOS – Clip Studio Paint requires the iOS version 11.0 or later.

Double-tap support – No

Pricing of the application – $4.49/month

9. uMake

Like Autodesk, uMake is also focused on creating 3Ds more than 2Ds. It competes with Autodesk Revit, a 3D modeling software, and really stands very well. The reason why it was awarded the “iPad pro app of the year” and “best app of 2015”.

Using this software’s canvas as a calligraphy artboard can be tough at the start but if you want to create straight 3D letters, then it’s good. Also, this application can be mind-diverting. So, beware. Let’s attach the stylus and start moving your hands. Create a 2D base and pull the screen.

Key Features of uMake for Calligraphists:

  1. Easy sketching with predictive patterns.
  2. Adjust the look and feel of the Canvas.
  3. Suited for Professionals strictly.
  4. Availability of video tutorials.

Required version of iOS – uMake requires the iOS version 11.2 or later.

Double-tap support – No

Pricing of the application – 14 days trial, after that, $15.99/month

10. Adobe Fresco

Adobe Fresco is one of the most versatile applications from Adobe for Drawing and lettering. This is a whole new drawing app from Adobe targeting the iOS. It lets you experience real-brush experience to create completely natural painting.

You can work with oil crayons, watercolors on different types of canvas. You can access features from photoshop and procreate.

It has an enormous collection of brushes of different styles and shades. One big advantage of the name is the feature to sync with adobe creative cloud. The professional who wants to discover the real artist in themselves can use this application in their daily life.

Key Features of Adobe Fresco for Calligraphists:

  1. It features more than thousands of brushes, including tough brushes for oil painting and soft one for watercolors.
  2. Cloud syncing helps you to access your designs anywhere.
  3. Access to Adobe stock and library.
  4. Happily, the basic version is free.

Required version of iOS – Adobe Fresco requires the iOS version 12.2 or later.

Double-tap support – Yes

Pricing of the application – Basic version is free, then it cost $9.99 a month.

Final Verdict

I hope you will now be able to pick the right Calligraphy app for your iPad or iPhone. However, words can’t descibe everything. So, make sure to try them first and then make a decision for a paid plan.

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