Top 10 Free Invoicing Software In 2021 [Top-Rated]

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The most defined pleasure in the world is getting paid. And the next level happiness is when an invoice or receipt is handled over. Suppose you got an email that your bank is cashed with a certain amount, a little happiness. Now, suppose you got a receipt, the happiness fulfilled.

Having invoices is the key point of you being professional at your business. Invoices help you to track payments, transactions, and get paid through the major gateways in different currencies. The service also keeps an eye on your profits and expenditures, hence providing you a suitable combined solution for your daily business.

These invoices can be automated so that you don’t need to print manually once you make a transaction. They also keep a record of your database and print the data along with transaction ID whenever needed.

Invoices are the paddles of the business cycle. And when you are running an online business, it’s compulsory to have an invoicing and billing software to your workplace. Even if you are a free-lancer, to get a proper record of how much you are making, you need a software to track your earning record. That will be helpful.

I have made a list of top 10 free invoicing software after proper research over the internet.

I have also downloaded and experienced most of them. For me, each of them listed down competes with each other in every aspect. Hence, it’s up to you to select one of them. But before, let’s have a look at each of them

List of Top Free Invoicing Software for Any Business


Wave is a completely free software delivering more than just invoicing service.

It features accounting and receipt scanning, both of them undeniably lying in the free portion. With wave, you get these three features in one package. Just connect your bank account and don’t worry about your income and expenses.

Wave will do everything from fetching the transaction details to generating a receipt. It can be a quick hand in your business. Also, you can have a detailed history of your transactions anytime you feel a need.

You are allowed to use invoicing feature for free only in the case you don’t want to use other features else you have to pay an addition. The receipt scanner can be used on Wave’s applications available for IOS and Android.

Key features of Wave Invoicing Software:

  1. Customize your invoice by adding custom titles and logos.
  2.  Add any key information about your business on the invoice.
  3. Receipt scanner available as IOS and Android application.
  4. Deliver invoices in less than one minute.
  5. Free accounting available.

Payment processing fees:

Payment processing fee for card transactions is near to 3%.

Zoho Invoice

Zoho is a full-featured free invoicing software for any size business organization.

Zoho is even more automated than others featuring the ability to automatically calculate late fees, due date, and discounts.

These entries are not needed to be done manually instead you can click on the gear icon in the upper-right corner and mark automation to your preference.

There are different automation options like email alerts and so on. You can also schedule notifications to pop out whenever an invoice is generated or the due is unsettled.

Zoho has the option to let you specify a late fee if it is overdue. Or you can make a various function to give discounts on the condition you specify like if someone pay before a certain date, the discount will be 8% or even 10% if paid still a few days earlier.

Key Features of Zoho Invoice:

  1. Manually handle most of the things.
  2. Set a reminder for a particular payment. Importance to your important clients.
  3. You can schedule triggered emails.
  4. Freedom to create any type of functions.
  5. Unlimited invoices for free.

Payment processing fees:

Depends on various payment gateway. PayPal charges a 2.9% processing amount.

Invoice Ninja

There is always some open-source software in any category. Invoice Ninja is one of them, particularly build for small group business and freelancers.

Invoice Ninja allows you to highly customize your invoice, add quotes, and many more. You can also have templates for email. you can make a great use of this web-based application to your business.

It features over 40 payment gateway transactions and ensures proper payment processing. It’s best in terms of project management and recurring invoices.

Key Features of Invoice Ninja:

  1. Recurring invoices and automated billing save time.
  2. Professional invoice templates available.
  3. Best-suited for freelancers and small businesses.
  4. Integrate with 40+ payment gateways.
  5. Self-host your business on their own servers.

Payment processing fees:

Near equal to 2.6% for all card transactions.


Invoicely is suitable for small and medium businesses but preferred by small organizations mostly around the globe. Unlimited invoices can be created with this application for one user in one currency. It holds the power to manage each transaction you made efficiently.

You can get a real-time report of your business performance. A little spent of money will get you full-featured Invoicely, just keep in mind your business size.

This free invoicing software allow you to create beautiful invoices, bills, and estimates with a couple of clicks using its super-amazing user-interface.

Key features of Invoicely:

  1. Recurring invoices for faster payments.
  2. Accept online payments through PayPal, Stripe, and WePay.
  3.  Time-tacking with real-time reports.
  4. Creates an invoice in less than a minute.
  5. Easy customization of logos, icons, and quotes in the control panel.

Payment processing fees:

Depends on various payment gateway. PayPal charges a 2.9% processing amount.


Harvest can be used free to generate invoices. However, it’s not all free for project management. It need upgrade after two projects, but still, I included it in the list for I have some clear-cut explanation to support this app even as a paid software.

This is a god-level tool for freelancers. Harvest is a great time tracker and quite handy in terms of project management, hence, best-suited for a real-time project setup with a timer eying on you.

While it’s focused on time tracking, you can also monitor your expenses and set notifications and reminders for a certain task provided.

However, if you don’t require the paid features explained above, you can simply use it for free to generate and send unlimited invoices.

Key Features of Harvest Invoicing Software:

  1. Extraordinarily advance software for time-tracking.
  2. Free unlimited recurring invoices.
  3. Compatible with more than 80 applications.
  4. Monitor your project and get notifications in every important scenario.
  5. Lowest processing fees with PayPal. 

Payment processing fees:

With PayPal, the cost is only $0.50 per transaction for US persons. Normally 2.9% on any global transactions.


Due is one of the most reliable free invoicing software. it can be integrated with digital wallets, QuickBooks and PayPal.

It’s completely free for all time use with no limited functionality. Also, in terms of UI, dashboard, and database access it is great and consistent. The database access is automated to properly fetch, link, and print the data.

The software is accurate and to the point in terms of management. When it comes to global credit card interaction, processing you need to pay a negligible cost for money transfer through such digital wallets, which is not a big issue.

Key features of Due Invoicing Software:

  1. Includes free templates.
  2. Facilitates time tracking.
  3. Different currency options are available.
  4. Easy integration with Stripe, PayPal, and Basecamp.
  5. Embedding option for websites for customers to pay online.
  6. Free to set up and hassle-free experience.

Payment processing fees:

2.7% charged on credit card transactions.


AND.CO is extremely straight-forward in terms of creating and sending invoices. The software is a package of a lot more than just making invoices, which makes it a great choice for freelancers.

Time management and project management are the two justifying features of this application. AND.CO keeps the record of your contracts, invoices, and projects in a very organized manner.

There is digital storage called Shoebox which comes with this software. it is made to keep your all document and files safely. It will also help you to create more invoice automatically whenever you need.

Key features of AND.CO Invoicing Software:

  1. Real-time task management and time tracking.
  2. Availability of digital storage to keep your receipts and document.
  3. Designed keeping in mind the needs of a freelancer.
  4. A seamless experience with clients.
  5. Encrypted payments and transactions.

Payment processing fees:

2.9% on credit card transactions. Additional 1% for international transactions.


Hiveage is an all-rounder software for creating invoices, time tracking, and income and expense tracking. If you want to pick up all the services at a time, it will be chargeable at the rate of $18 per month just at the end of a 15-days free trial. But, in case your work circles around creating and sending invoices only, you can use the free version to do so. The software is skilled to create and send invoices, thanks to its simplicity. You can also track your all invoices and look at the records of where your money is traveling.

Key features of Hiveage Invocing Software:

  1. Specially designed for small businesses and freelancers.
  2. Let employee track their work by giving them selective access.
  3. More than 12+ online payment gateways supported.
  4. Easily create estimates and generate invoices.
  5. Be updated with real-time reports of income and expenses.

Payment processing fees:

As straight-forward as 2.9% per transaction.

Invoice Generator by Invoiced

Let’s skip sign up if you are not used to it. Invoice generator lets you create an invoice without any requirement to create an account.

If signing up is a frustrating thing for you, it will not force you to do so rather let you create the invoice, send it to your clients, and receive payment online.

All purely hassle-free. Here, you can customize your invoice to make it look like professional through the attachment of your business logo, and by choosing whether you want to display the amount of tax and shipping charges or not. The invoice generator supports payment from PayPal, Square Cash, and Venmo.

Key features of Invoice Generator by Invoiced:

  1. Uses your browser cookies to remember your preferences.
  2. Creating an account on their platform is not required at all.
  3. Professional customizations available.
  4. Supports payment from PayPal, Square Cash, and Venmo.
  5. The software is all free irrespective of the number of clients and users.

Payment processing fees:

Transaction fees vary on your choice of payment gateway. It’s 2.9% in the case of PayPal.


FreshBooks is another free software generating and sending invoices. However, the application also includes time tracking features for you to work and get paid on time. It can create professional invoices in seconds by importing various details from the cloud. It simplifies the process of billing if you have already worked with a similar client by fetching the data from the photocopy of receipt stored in the cloud.

Key features of Freshbooks Invoicing Software:

  1. Fully automated from creating invoices to collecting payments.
  2. Keeps a robust report of your income and expenses by tracking your every dollar.
  3. Create a professional-looking invoice in less than a minute.
  4. Availability of FreshBooks mobile application.
  5. Easy to understand reports.

Payment processing fees:

FreshBooks charges 2.9% + $0.30 on all card transactions.

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Final Words:

I hope you will find this article helpful for finding the best and free invoicing software for your business. Share it with others to help them too.


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