Top 10 Software For Recording Podcasts [Pros/Cons]

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There are many ways of sharing your thoughts with the world. Like, you can do it by running a blog, or via social media handles. Another way to share your thoughts with the audience is via sharing your audio files, which is also known as podcasts.

Now, to record your podcast, it is important that you use reliable and easy to use software that can record your voice, and then you can share it with your audience easily. If you are searching for the best software for recording podcasts, then you can go through the top 10 software for podcasts, that I have listed down.

All of this software has different features and pricing plans. You can choose as per your requirements.

But make sure before you spend money, you know whether it is meeting all your requirements or not. Let’s check out which is the top 10 software for recording podcasts that you can use.

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10 Most Popular Podcast Recording software

Below is the list of tool software that can easily be used to record your own podcasts. But, I suggest you make a decision after getting the necessary information from the official websites too.

1. Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition Image

Since the beginning, the Adobe Audition has remained a part of Adobe Creative Suite. For the last many years, the Adobe Audition has been used by thousands of music lovers, and because of the features it has, it has made its name on the first position of the best software for recording podcasts.

The Adobe Audition also includes a wide range of options and editing tools that you can use to record your audio. Using this software, the professionals can easily make unique soundtracks depending upon the type of project they are working on. You can buy this software at a price of $20.99 per month.

Features of Adobe Audition

  1. Easy to use.
  2. It comes with a wide range of editing tools that can be used to make the soundtrack perfect.
  3. Free trial available.
  4. Compatible with Windows, macOS.
  5. Good for both beginners and professionals

Pros and Cons of Adobe Audition

  • Comes with denoise effect.
  • High quality sound recording can be done on more than 30 tracks easily.
  • If a project is created in the Adobe Premier, then it can be opened in Adobe Audition easily.
  • It includes batch processing features that makes it different, and better.
  • Audio editing tools may be tough to use because of their big number
  • Beginners may find it difficult to use.

2. ProTools


ProTools is considered one of the most prominent, and oldest software for recording podcasts.

Whenever you feel like you have to record a new podcast or edit an existing podcast, then you can definitely rely on the ProTools. It has some of the in-built editing tools included using which you can edit your podcast or record a new one.

With the most effective editing tools, you can even mix different tracks to make a mashup song, and add excellent effects to it. Once your soundtrack is ready, you can even share it with your buddies.

All you have to do is make use of the Avid link. You can buy this software at a cost of $29.99 per month. However, the price os Pro Tools Ultimate is $19.99$. The software is compatible with Windows & Mac.

Features of ProTools

  1. Simultaneous voices – recording can be done 48 kHz.
  2. The software is hardware dependent.
  3. Includes instrument tracks, auxiliary tracks, plugins, sounds, busses.
  4. Full import data session can be done.
  5. Cloud collaboration can be done.

Pros and Cons of ProTools Software

  • Elastic audio feature is their
  • You can also use its Soundbase
  • QuickPunch Feature come along with this software
  • The plugins are expensive.
  • It does not cooperate with third-party interfaces.
  • It may be tough to understand for the beginners.

3. Audacity

Audacity is bit similar to Adobe Audition, the best thing about this software is can run on multiple operating systems.

The software is free of cost, that means you don’t have to pay a single penny to use this software, it is completely free.

Even if you are a beginner in recording podcasts using the Audacity software, you can easily do it. You just have to learn the basics, and it will be done.

This software asks you to use the latest version always, so it becomes easy for you to take the advantage of all of its features.

Features of Audacity

  1. Silence Finder is included in it as a powerful feature.
  2. It’s free to use.
  3. Includes sync-lock.
  4. Multiple exports, and import options available.
  5. Compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Pros and Cons of Audacity Software

  • Easy to install.
  • It can undo changes.
  • Noise removal feature is included.
  • Beginner-Friendly Tools
  • Spectrogram mode
  • Lots of Effects to use
  • It does not fulfill all user expectations when it comes to professional uses.
  • No sharing options.

Because the tool is absolutely free, you can easily use it for any sort of Podcast recording work. If you look at most of the popular free software, this one provides us with great features.

4. Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X

If you are looking to buy the best podcast recording software, then Logic Pro X must be on your walk-through list.

The software is indeed compatible only with macOS, but it’s cool features, and excellent functionalities don’t need any introduction to define why this is the best.

In the music industry, this is one of the most preferred software for recording podcasts by professionals.

Available at the cost of $199.99 you can buy the software to take the entire advantage of the features, and functions included in it. Apple Loops and other instrumental loops make this software most suited to professional tasks. So, you can get the most out of it when you use it to record your podcasts.

Features of Logic Pro X

  1. Simple interface, and design.
  2. Easy to link with IOS devices.
  3. Easy for beginners.
  4. One-time purchase only.

Pros and Cons of Logic Pro X Software

  • Easy to configure and connects
  • Easy user-interface
  • Live Loops
  • Logic Remote
  • Step Sequencer
  • Multi-touch remixing
  • Only compatible with macOS, and not with Windows.
  • Complex to use for beginners

5. GarageBand

Garageband homepage image

Having a wide-range of features that are easy to understand for beginners, and highly-easy to use by professionals, GarageBand is the free software that is used for recording podcasts.

Garageband is the best music creation tool used by the professionals. Also, when you are just starting out in podcast recording, you can recieve immersive results with this tool. Recording, editing, and adding various types of audios is very easy with Garageband.

For the beginners, Garageband is pretty easy to use. When it comes to connecting external instruments such as guitars, mics, drums, or boards, the tool can help you a lot. With its numerous other features, Garageband becomes an excellent software for recording podcasts.

Features of Garageband

  1. Free to use.
  2. Mixing audio files is easy.
  3. Shape-Shifting Controls

Pros and Cons of Garageband Software

  • Excellent functionality, and tools to record the podcast.
  • Have editing tools.
  • Files can be easily shared.
  • Lots of instrument presets
  • Not compatible with Android, and Windows
  • No dedicated mixer screen
  • No MIDI Editing

6. Hindenburg Journalist

Hidenburg website screenshot

Thousands of professionals’ podcasters prefer Hindenburg Journalist for recording their podcast because it is highly easy to use. As a start, you can take the advantage of the free trial version, but later you will be charged $95 if you want to continue the usage.

The tool is widely used as a multitrack audio editing software for audio producers, radio journalists, and podcasters as well. Recording voices and making necessary adjustments is pretty easy with this tool.

The tool offers its great support for recording, importing, organizing, and publishing your audio content. The program is well-prepared to work perfectly for any sort of uses. However, there are some amazing features and drawbacks of this tool.

Features of Hindenburg Software

  1. Easy to connect with Windows and macOS.
  2. All variations of audio files are supported.
  3. Clip Board
  4. Easy Publishing options
  5. Rehearse Clip

Pros and Cons of Hindenburg software

  • The setup for recording audio is simple.
  • It supports all types of audio files.
  • EQ is generated automatically
  • Non Destructive editing features
  • Noise Reduction
  • Voice Profiler
  • Loudness meter and controller
  • Quite expensive.
  • Advanced editing tools are missing.

7. Sony ACID Xpress

Working as a multi-track, and loop-based podcast recorder, it is one of the best software for creating, mixing, and existing a podcast.

You don’t have to pay any amount in order to use this software, it is completely free of cost though it is available in a limited version like you can get to use the free trial version for a fixed time.

With these limitations, it becomes easier for beginners to understand the software, and record their podcasts with ease. The tool offers numerous advantages to the users when it comes to editing audios as per our needs.

Features of Sony Acid Express

  1. Can record multiple audios.
  2. Can clean podcast.
  3. Adjustment of panning, and volumes can be done.

Pros and Cons of Sony Acid Express

  • Easy to use.
  • Beginner-Friendly
  • Not compatible with iOS.

8. Zencastr

zencaster website screenshot

If you are looking for a web-based software to record a podcast, then you can check on Zencastr. It is free for 14-days, and after that, you will be asked to pay $20 per month. This is the basic planning; you can choose the plan accordingly.

Recording remote interviews are pretty easy with this software. Also, with its numerous other tools, it can help both beginners and professionals. To start your podcast, you just have to send a link to your guest and you are good to go.

You will get a separate audio track for each of your guests. Along with this, the audio losses are very less and the user-interface is quite friendly.

Features of Zencastr Software

  1. It can edit the podcast automatically.
  2. Saves your time in adjusting.
  3. The live podcast editing feature
  4. Voice over IP feature is also there
  5. You can also do Cloud Drive integration

Pros and Cons of Zencaster Podcasting Software

  • No need to install any setup file. It is web-based.
  • It can capture remote interviews.
  • Live Editing Feature
  • VOIP Support
  • Auto Postproduction
  • Free version is only for limited time period.
  • Cannot share recorded files.

9. Alitu

Alitue website screenshot

Another web-based podcast recording software is the Alitu software. The software is highly easy to use and can be used for creating, mixing, and editing podcasts. When you record the podcast using the Alitu, you will see an id3 in all of your podcasts created using Alitu.

To use this full-featured software, you need to pay $28 for its monthly package. For the annual plan, you will have to pay 280$ each year.

The features of cleaning, editing, branding, and publishing are there with this tool. You can add custom music files as per your choice. Music segmentation and ad creation features are also there with this amazing podcast software.

Features of Alitu Software

  1. The production process is quite simple.
  2. Uploading the podcast on hosting platforms is simple.
  3. Removes the unnecessary noise.

Pros and Cons of Alitu Software

  • Easy to use and beginner-friendly.
  • Also, using it for professional applications is pretty easy and effective.
  • Cannot set audio settings manually.
  • Limited audio recording.

10. Ringr

ringr image

The best thing about this software is, it is compatible with Android, IOS, and web. You can even conduct remote interviews by using Ringr. When the conversation will start, the software will start recording it, and when the conversation will get over, it will stop automatically.

The pricing plan of the Ringr starts from $7,99 per month for its monthy plan. However, for the annual plan, you will have to pay 79.99$ to use it for the whole year.

Podcast scheduling feature makes this software a great option for professional podcasters. So, you can start interviewing your guest effectively with this tool even remotely.

Features of Ringr

  1. Conference call can be recorded.
  2. Can schedule calls.
  3. Unlimited calls can be done.
  4. Downloading calls is available.

Pros and Cons of Ringr Software

  • Easy to use
  • Available for mobile devices
  • Call-resume notification feature is there
  • Quality of recording is not that great in the basic plan.
  • Editing tools for audio is not available.

Wrapping Up!

If you think podcasts software are difficult to use, then don’t worry because it is easy. Keeping a track of your podcasts is beneficial for yourself. You can listen to it whenever you want it. If you are beginner, then after a few months or years when you are at a higher level, you can listen to your old podcasts, and analyze how much improvement you have made.

So, buy any of the software for recording podcasts, and start working on your passion. Share your files with your favorite audience and let them know what are your thoughts on different things.  Stay tuned with us to get knowledge upon more such amazing software that can make your life easy.

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