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With an explosion in technology and the onset of e-platforms for almost everything, Coding has become an essential skill to use.

There is a high demand for coders everywhere.

It can be used in making automated machines to online transaction platforms. There are not many technical roles that a coder can fulfill with rapidly changing programming languages, frameworks, and technologies.

It has become essential for professional employees to keep upgrading, and refining the skills takes in a lot of practice from all levels of coders.

Coding challenge websites have become an essential and useful tool for the programmers to hone their coding skills and earn prizes and jobs doing that.

There are hundreds of online sites available for coders which makes it hard for them to choose the best for them. In this article, we are going to list down the top 10 coding challenges website that coders can use to level up their skills.

These websites can help an employee with all kinds of roles from developer operations to data science.  

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Why coding challenge websites?  

Before you start coding, there is a doubt on what platforms to use to improve your skills and why are coding websites relevant.

These websites are so important because they provide a lot of coding challenges, which is a great way to master your skills when learning to code.

They also offer prizes for winners and keep them updated on their levels. Solving challenges is a great way to make programming a little more exciting.

These websites also provide the coders with a platform to interact with thousands of other coders from all over the world, keeping them up to date with recent developments.

It lets the coders solve a variety of puzzles and challenges, which helps them to become better problem solvers, prepare a resume for their job requirements, learn the intricacies of programming languages, learn new algorithms, and much more. Here is a list of our chosen top 10 Website:  

1. HackerRank

hackerrank website screenshot

It is one of the most popular online platforms for all levels of coders with a large community of developers and technical organizations.

It provides challenges for a lot of domains, including algorithms, SQL, Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Functional programming, etc., which can be solved directly online.

They provide the users with a leaderboard and discussion for all challenges, and most problems have an editorial explaining the challenges and methods to approach them.

However, the coders cannot view the solutions of others on the website. It also allows users to solve coding problems sponsored by companies to submit their applications and get jobs.  


  1. Company Sponsored coding problems to apply for jobs  
  2. Supports more than 35 languages and eight frameworks  
  3. Code pair helps the companies and organizations to conduct interviews at any time  
  4. Allows users to prepare for interviews  

  Level – Beginner and Intermediate

2. Codechef

codechef website screenshot

Codechef is another well-known platform among the programmers, which provides challenges for all levels from beginners to advanced. It also has an in browsing window where users can upload their code or write their code and run it.

It provides challenges such as algorithms, binary search, array size, etc. with a tag of difficulty level on all the problems.

It helps users to find problems with specific concepts and skill levels easily. CodeChef allows users to submit codes in over 35 languages.

It also ranks its users based on the points that they earn by solving the challenges. A judge evaluates the submitted solutions highlighting the errors in the code.

It also provides users with the option to participate in contests and challenge their peers.

In addition to accessing their peers’ solutions, users can ask questions and offer advice on the discussion forum. It provides its services free of cost.


  1. Allows users to check solutions of their peers  
  2. Allows users to host and publicize online contests  
  3. Supports more than 35 programming languages  
  4. Monthly challenges with prizes  

Level – Intermediate and Advanced

3. Leetcode

leetcode website image

LeetCode is a popular network for competitive programming that provides a list of 190+ challenges. The users can solve the problems online with a choice of addressing the challenges in one of the supported programming languages.

You cannot have access to the solutions of other users’, but Leetcode provides you statistics of your code when compared to other users’ codes.

They also offer a Mock Interview section which allows the users to prepare for job interviews.

Leetcode provides a variety of weekly and biweekly challenges which generally have durations of 90 minutes.

The users have to solve the challenges in the online editor “Playground” provided by them. It offers over 1400 coding problems with the number increasing with each passing day.

At the end of the contest, they award the users with points and rankings, which can help them get jobs.  


  1. Supports 14 coding languages  
  2. Helps candidates to prepare for interviews   
  3. Allows companies to identify the best developers   
  4. Premium subscription provides interview simulation and access to a lot of valuable sources  

Level – Intermediate and Advanced

4. Codeforces

codeforces website screenshot

Codeforces is a Russian website where competitive coders across the world compete with each other over the hosted programming competitions.

The contests conducted by Codeforces allow you to write solutions to the problems that are tested during the contest.

The contestants get the opportunity to go through the sources of other users after passing the tests. They look for mistakes in those sources and suggest the tests on which these solutions do not work.

The contestants can hack or challenge others’ solutions and earn points through it. After the contest, the solutions that have not been hacked or challenged are then tested with the final sets of tests.

They organize contests regularly and conduct as many as six contests in a month. Participation in these contests is free and open to all.  


  1. Allows you to go through solutions of other coders  
  2. It conducts Educational Contests of nearly a 2-hour duration 2-3 times in a month.  
  3. Allows you to challenge or hack other contestants’ solutions as  
  4. Allows you to solve problems from previous contests.  

  Level – Intermediate and Advanced

5. Codewars

codewars website image

Codewars is another well-known community for programmers to educate themselves. It has a huge collection of coding challenges, which are edited and submitted by their community.

The users solve the challenges online directly in their editor in one of several supported languages. You can view a discussion for each challenge as well as the solutions of other users.

The discrete programming exercises, known by the name of kata, are completed online within an integrated development environment, and these challenges help the users to train in a variety of programming languages within an online integrated development environment.  


  1. Allows you to prepare for interviews  
  2. Supports more than 50 programming languages  
  3. Provides ranks and honors to users  
  4. Provides an online integrated development environment  

Level – All levels  

6. TopCoder

topcoder website image

TopCoder is one of the best websites for online programming, which provides a platform to designers, developers, data scientists and competitive programmers.

It provides a variety of algorithmic challenges that can be completed online using their code editor.

They have popular Single Round Matches which are offered a few times per month where the developers compete against each other to solve the challenges fastest to gain the best score.

It allows its top-ranked user to maintain his blog where he writes about the algorithms, coding competitions, etc. It also organizes the annual tournament “Topcoder Open” and a series of many smaller regional events.   


  1. Provides services for developers as well as hirers  
  2. Conducts Topcoder Open and small regional tournaments  
  3. Has an online code editor
  4. Wide range of uses

Level – All Levels

7. Coderbyte

coderbyte website image

Coderbyte provides over 200 coding challenges which can be solved directly online in one of 10 supported programming languages. The challenges range from easy to hard.

In addition to the challenges, Coderbyte also provides introductory videos, algorithm tutorials, and courses for interview preparations.

The users can view the solutions of other users for all the challenges along with the official solutions provided by Coderbyte.

It provides an opportunity to learn from the senior developers and discuss solutions with the community.

It is also an amazing source to prepare for technical job interviews and provides predictive interview success scores.

As the users move along the challenges, they provide points, badges, and ranks which serve as a progress report.   


  • Allows users to prepare for technical job interviews  
  • Membership Subscription gives access to over one million solutions from other developers  
  • Provides online courses for beginners  
  • Provides progress reports with rankings and badges

Level – All Levels


SPOJ website image

Sphere Online Judge (SPOJ) is an online judge with over 20k coding challenges for the developers. They can submit the code to the site’s online editor.

It also hosts contests and provides an area for coders to discuss the challenges. It also allows advanced users to organize their contests under their own rules.

SPOJ also has a forum for programmers to discuss solutions to a particular problem.

Itis available in four languages of Portuguese, Polish, English, and Vietnamese, and has over 640,000 registered users. The competitions range from local to international level, and from short 60-minute problems to leagues that last over a year.  


  1. Allows advanced users to organize their contests  
  2. A wide array of competitions available  
  3. Provides an efficient discussion forum  
  4. Available in 4 languages  

Level – Beginner and Intermediate

9. Exercism

exercism website image

Exercism is a top coding challenge website which was originally developed by Katrina Owen to help her students who were not getting feedback on the problems they were practising.

Exercism offers 3394 exercises in 52 different programming languages to its users.

You pick a language that you wish to master, choose an environment of your choice, download the template, and then tackle the coding challenges right on your machine.

It is a bit different from other platforms in the way that you get a mentor after you complete a challenge, which reviews your solutions and helps you with improvements in it.

You keep unlocking more challenges once your submitted solutions get approved.  


  1. Supports over 50 programming languages  
  2. Provides a mentor after a challenge is completed  
  3. Completely Free  
  4. Offers over 3394 exercises  

Level – All levels

10. Edabit

edabit website image

Edabit, a recent bloomer, has recently gained popularity among the developers. It has a huge collection of over 4,000 challenges that can be solved online in one of several supported languages.

It only offers online interactive coding challenges at present. It doesn’t provide discussion boards, user solutions, or mock interviews like most other sites, but the challenges include links to resources and solutions.

It provides a lot of fun bite-sized challenges which are perfect for beginners. It is a great platform for beginners, and once an intermediate level is reached, the user can always switch to other sites with harder challenges.

The challenges, however, include links to resources, solutions, and comments from other coders.  


  • Provides bite-sized challenges 
  • Has tutorials for beginners 
  • Provides over 4000 challenges 
  • Includes links to resource, solutions and comments from peers

 Level – Beginner


All the websites listed above are highly rated platforms for developers seeking employment or trying to improve skills. Most of them are supportive of all levels, and some of them have a lot of free services. The coders should go through each of them and choose the best according to their needs.  

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