Top 10 Free Disk Imaging Software For Windows

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Disk Imaging is one of the main methods for backing up our computer’s hard disks to save data loss. The process includes creating a backup image file of your hard disk and use it whenever any data loss or disk corruption is there. Also, this process can easily be used to copy the files from one hard disk to another. It is the best way to create the data and structured image of your disk safe.

Disk cloning is another thing that indirectly relates to disk imaging. But, in disk cloning, we create 1 to 1 copies of our hard disks.

When it comes to disk imaging, it is crucial to have perfect resources to do this important process in a safe environment. It is possible that you may lose all your data while backing it up. So, to help you with this, I have researched more than 20 disk imaging software and created a list of top software which you can use without any worry.

So, let’s start revealing each of the software one by one and pick the right one for you. Most of them are free but you can also check for the paid plans on the official websites.

Best and Free Disk Imaging Software For Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10

1. FOG

FOG is a complete computer cloning, imaging, and management system. The software can be used on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. It is a completely free software even if you want to use it for commercial purposes. But, when it comes to the main purpose, FOG can help you in an effective and fast disk cloning and imaging.

As per its official website, FOG has a massive community of more than 30,000 users all over the world. You can even use it remotely once you have configured the facing FOG server for you.

With this feature, running your disk cloning, and various other data management tasks will become easy and effective for you. It offers lots of other amazing features. So, you must try this amazing tool. If you don’t like, uninstall it and pick another one for you.

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2. CloneZilla

CloneZilla is another multipurpose software which can easily be used for disk partition, cloning, imaging, backup, and recovery tasks. It comes in three different versions which are:

  • Clonezilla Live
  • CloneZilla Lite Server
  • CloneZilla SE

CloneZilla Live is most suitable for individual uses whereas the other two versions are best suited for commercial uses. The software supports most of the popular file formats in Windows such as FAT12/16/32 and NTFS. For using this tool, very fewer system configurations are required. With this tool, you can easily customize your imaging or cloning process with different boot parameters.

Imaging your disk images is the first thing. And this software can handle it correctly with its simple and straightforward user-interface. But, when you want to clone your disk image or to recover it, you can get the most out of it as compared to any other imaging or cloning tool.

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3. Macrium Reflect 7

Macrium Reflect 7 is specially developed for making disk cloning, and imaging works fast and smooth. Along with that, the software can help you with recovery, central management, direct disk cloning, and encryption. In other words, this tool is perfect for any sort of disk imaging requirement. Having two different versions for personal and home usages, the company allow you to pick the right package for you.

It has both free and paid versions along with its 30-days trial period. But, after its expiry, you get continuous access to some features including:

  • Direct disk cloning
  • Instant boot with Hyper-V VM
  • Windows explorer backup browsing
  • Live image creations in Windows OS.

So, you can test this tool and if you like you can go for its paid version. Know more about its features and pricing plans on the official website.

4. Acronis Disk Director

Acronis Disk Director is a powerful and windows-only disk imaging and cloning software. This software has great advantages as a complete disk management software. Not only imaging, but you can also do partition management, volume recovery, and file recovery too. The program is developed in a professional manner to make things safe for users.

This software support all the popular file systems such as NTFS, FAT16/32, Ext2/3, and lot more. This software also provides you with lots of options to manipulate the files and make necessary customization on the go.

Whether you want to migrate any file or complete disk to another, Acronis Disk Director is going to help you with this too. In other words, it is a complete disk manager that will suit all your requirements only if you can afford to pay $49.99 for it.

Yes, the software is paid but you can test it using the demo package easily. However, if you are ready to pay this amount, you are going to get lots of advantaged features which may not be available in any other disk imaging software for Windows.

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5. EaseUS Todo Backup

It is another fantastic option to choose if you are finding the best but free disk imaging software for Windows. The software not only allows you to create an image of your hard disks but to backup your data and clone your drives completely. So, when it comes to upgrading your old disk, this software can help you to do everything reliably.

Safe restoring options and data backup features makes this software much more effective as compared to other available options. You can also use it for disk partitioning, and overall disk management for both HDD and SSD volumes.

The free editing of software provides incremental/differential backup, backup, partition, imaging, and backup scheduling functions. Whereas the paid versions come with advanced features which you can try with its trial version.

The paid version suits best for commercial purposes although the free version is enough if you have limited requirements.

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6. AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper is another highly used and free disk cloning and imaging software. With this software, you can even clone your disk to a new one without reinstalling your existing operating system. The software is free from advertisements. Also, a clean user-interface will allow you to get the most out of it without any issues. Sector by sector clone, SSD Alignment, and the features for cloning the disks into bootable media are also there.

AOMEI Backupper also has a hot clone feature that allows the users to clone their disks without interrupting their regular work. When you want to clone your bigger disk into smaller one, AOMEI backupper help you with this too. In other words, it is a perfect disk-imaging tool for Windows which you should test for sure.

This software also comes along with 24×7 technical support to assist you with everything you want. AOMEI Backupper’s standard version is completely free. However, it’s home, business, and unlimited use versions are paid but with 30-days free trial. So, all these things are enough to test its capabilities and then go for a paid plan if you can afford.

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7. Paragon Hard Disk Manager

Paragon Hard Disk Manager is another reliable solution for all your disk-imaging and cloning requirements. The software is suitable for both basic and advanced tasks.

The software promises to provide top-notch offerings with advanced security and performance capabilities. Having a clean and easy user-interface, the software is easy to install and set-up. Along with that, you will also receive great features that are easy to use with any computer.

After my testing with this software, I have found that the tool occupies very little resources to work efficiently for any given task. Organizing your disks becomes easy with this tool. Also, you can easily create new disk partition along with deleting, formatting, and resizing of existing ones.

You can also use it to convert FAT to NTFS and vice-versa. Some other features are backup recovery, drive copy, and disk viper. Its file transfer wizard is pretty easy to use. Also, when it comes to usability, even the first time user can use it properly.

The personal version is free to use although you have to pay for the Advanced version. The home version will cost around 40$.

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8. Active@ Disk Image

Active@ Disk Image is another impressive software helping individuals and industries to effectively manage their storage. This software can easily be used to create images of USD, CD, HDD, SSD, DVD, and various other sorts of storage devices.

Creating and restoring the image backups of your disk drives becomes pretty easy with this tool. Image compression, image mounting, and ReFS file support are available in the Lite (Free) version.

But, if you are opting for its Standard or Pro (both paid) plans, you are going to receive numerous other benefits. Windows server support, scheduled backups, scripting, image encryption, and Email notification are some of the advanced features which will be there with its pro version. So, whether you want to use this tool for any sort of disk imaging task, it will surely help you with everything.

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9. Handy Backup

Handy Backup works as an automatic backup and precise recovery tool as well. Also, it can easily be used for disk cloning and imaging tasks. With this software, you can easily create, modify, and recover the disk images as per your choice. Using this software is easy because of a clean UI. Along with the external devices, this software allows you to export your backup files to the cloud platforms such as Onedrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

The software becomes suitable for individuals, businesses, computer support experts, etc because of its amazing features. These features include ease of use, different backup methods, fast processing, and less resource consumption. In other words, Handy Backup tool is another perfect disk imaging software for Windows.

But, the software is not free. Handy Backup Standards can be purchased for $39 and Professional version for $89. However, both of these versions are available with a 30-days trial period which is enough time to test the capabilities of any software.

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10. SmartDeploy

SmartDeploy is a complete Desktop management software with lots of advanced features for its users. For disk imaging tasks too, you can expect great results from this tool. The software has some excellent features in different tasks but when we talk about disk imaging, it offers great results for this work too. Creating an image file in .win extension is a task for kids. But, you can easily deploy your images remotely using popular cloud networks.

Not only the disks, but this software can also actually help you to deploy your Windows operating systems to any other device in any place in the world. So, because of these reasons, this software becomes most suited for large corporations. However, if you have this type of need, you can go for it if you have enough budgets with you. The home version will cost you $23. But, you also get a 15-days trial period to test it adequately.

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Final Words:

I hope this article has helped you with everything you wanted to know. For more information about any of these disk imaging software, you may go to their official sites.

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