Best HTML Editors For Android in 2021

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Let’s know about the best HTML editors which you can use in your Android devices for coding!

HTML is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. This language is not only used for web development and internet navigation but also for client-side storage, data entry, game development, etc.

So, if you have a PC, laptop, or even a tablet, I would suggest you start HTML programming on those devices.

You can also create HTML codes on your Android devices and run them using the inbuilt testing interfaces.

However, the most common issue that I have found with the mobile editor is that most of them have limited resources. Also, the text input can become tough with on-screen keyboards.

Sadly, most of these apps are full of annoying advertisements that may destroy your experience.

But, if you have no other way to write your HTML codes, you can make use of some of the popular HTML editors for Android.

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In this article, I am going to give you the names and links of those popular Android apps which are most suitable for HTML development. So, let’s get started.

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Best HTML Editor Apps for Android [Top-Rated on Play Store]

1. Acode

The biggest reason to use Acode is that it is free from any sort of Ads. That simply means a clean and user-friendly interface.

Not only that, this app has a sleek and stylish design with immersive colors to give the users a desktop-like experience.

For HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Markdown languages, this app is highly suitable but it is built to provide its maximum performance for HTML editing.

It also has GitHub support along with FTP. You will also get syntax highlighting feature for more than 100 programming languages.

If we talk about the visuals, it comes with various themes from which you can easily pick the right one for you. With its in-app file browser, you can easily see your outputs without any hassle.

Because of its amazing user-interface, ad-free experience and a great rating on Google Play Store, I have ranked this app on the first place. You can try it for free from the Play Store.

2. WebMaster’s HTML Editor Lite

Can you believe, the size of WebMaster’s HTML Editor Lite is just 1MB. Also, it is totally free. But, if you want, you can use its paid version which would cost you just around half a dollar.

You can use its code completion and syntax highlight features to make your programming tasks fast and efficient.

The program comes in both dark and light themes and I personally found its dark theme quite impressive. You get most of the important HTML signs including Enter, <>, </>, class, <div> etc in its sidebar.

You can also connect an external keyboard with app and it will help you to use some of the popular keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+C for copy, Ctrl+V for Paste, Ctrl+F for Search, etc.

The editor has support for HTML, CSS, and Javascript languages. However, some of the functions like auto-completion are limited in this version if we compare it with its paid version. You can try it for free from the Play Store. The link is given below.

3. anWriter free HTML editor

anWriter is another free and highly effective HTML editor you can use in your Android device to have amazing experience in HTML programming.

The app has autocompleted support for not only HTML but also for CSS, JS, Latex, PHP, and a lot more. It also supports the FTP server.

To preview your work, you can use its inbuilt output viewer which is pretty fast. This viewer is equipped with the JS error console too.

In its bottom bar, you get access to all the popular HTML tags and other elements that you may need mostly while developing any sort of program.

Overall, I found this app highly effective as compared to any other one on the internet. But, there are some issues like selection problems while selecting large lines.

You can try it by yourself by installing it from the Play Store.

4. HTML Editor by Subedi

This is another great option to choose if you want to write HTML, CSS, and JSS codes in your Android smartphones or tablet.

The app is equipped with most of the important coding features such as syntax highlighting, redo/undo, HTML viewer, shortcut buttons, etc.

You can also make use of its shortcut buttons to add inputs easily from the screen without opening the keyboard.

Overall, this app is great for simple HTML coding, but you may find some bugs inside it. It is a free app, so why don’t you try it in your phone.

6. TrebEdit – Mobile HTML Editor

This is another android app that you can use to develop HTML codes. Also, with its inbuilt HTML viewer, it becomes pretty easy to see the outputs.

The main feature which I liked the most is its ability to fetch the whole code from any website and create a new project for you to work on.

Also, the inbuilt file viewer makes your observation works much simpler and faster. Along with HTML, you can groom your PHP, CSS, and JavaScript skills with this free editor.

Overall, I found this app great for beginners users. But, there are some bugs which you may find with some advanced coding functions. Try it for sure.

7. Spck Code Editor

Spck Code Editor is another highly impressive android app which is always there to help you with not only HTML but also with CSS and JavaScript languages.

Just like other editors, it also have a in-built file previewer. With its light/dark theme modes, it becomes easier the visuals easy on your eyes as per the outer environment.

It also has some extra features like zip file import and export, offline works, code syntax analysis, file code searching, etc.

The app supports not only HTML but Java and CSS languages too. So, you can effectively add styles, transitions, and other impressive visual elements to your HTML codes.

In other words, you can develop a whole website using this great HTML editor app for android. You can easily install it from the Play Store.

8. WebCode

In my testing, I found this app to be another great resource for the people who wants to learn HTML or even build their own websites on Android devices.

It has auto completion feature for both HTML and CSS which is highly precise. Along with that, it makes your file previews easier with its inbuilt file viewer.

For HTML, CSS, PHP, and JS languages, it has syntax highlighting features too. Along with that, you get indentation functions with its amazing interface.

In my opinion, you should also try this android app if you want to have a user-friendly and easy-to-use android HTML editor.

9. QuickEdit Text Editor

This app is not specifically an HTML editor app but you can use it effective for any sort of HTML and CSS coding.

The app is developer professionally by a company named Rythem Software. They have done a great job by giving this app all the features which you may need in an advanced code editor.

The app supports more than 10,000 lines of code in its extensive coding area. You will get a tabular interface where you can easily switch between the tabs and make desired changes easily.

Some other features of this app are hex color code inputs, search and replace content, smooth scrolling, FTP/Google Drive/Dropbox accessibility, etc.

In my opinion, you should try it for sure. Especially, if you have a tab, it is the most suitable HTML android app for you.

10. AWD

AWD is another worth-using HTML code editor for Android devices. It is good for developing HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, JSON, and some other languages.

For learning purpose, I would recommend this app for everyone. For the learners and also for the experts, this app has various features like error checking, code beautifying, etc. It also supports external keyboard.

You can easily integrate this app with the live web servers and access or upload your data easily. Code highlighting and auto-correction are some of the main features of this app.

So, with all these and various other advantages, this app becomes another good option to choose from.

Final Verdict:

I hope you have found this article helpful. If so, make sure to share it with others too.

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