Top 10 Comic Maker Software in 2021 [For Everyone]

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Comic creation is the art of combining an original comic strip in order to create a story. It involves many factors and is a specialized skill.

To gain mastery of the various techniques of comic creation requires specific knowledge of both the physical mediums involved as well as of the major steps involved in comic creation.

So, if you are also looking to create your own comics, it is crucial to use a good software for that.

In this article, I am going to give you a list of best comic maker software and websites from where you can easily pick the right one for you.

Bonus: Most of these software and websites are free of cost

Why you should use A Comic Creating Software?

  • The software allows you to save a lot of time as you spend on manual drawing
  •  It provides the creators with the tools they need to make a living from their hobby.
  • One of the things that make good comic-making software is the fact that it should be easy to use. It’s not like using a complicated graphic design program.
  • The basic idea behind all of the software is to simplify things for the users and to make them more efficient. If you have ever worked on a graphic design program that just keeps coming up with different options that you don’t need then you know what I mean.
  • The comic software gives users the ability to make quality and popular comic book panels, choose from the wide variety of styles in color, size, and form, and allow users to print their comic in any medium they wish.

How To Choose A Good Comic Creating Software?

Remember that creating a comic does not have to be an expensive endeavor; a good quality comic creating software will allow you to make use of the same tools that you use for making regular comics.

Of course, this also means that you will have to purchase additional software for other features, but if you are already familiar with the basic features of this type of software, it will not be a problem.

Still, you should also be aware that while it is true that creating a comic is much cheaper than traditional printing, if you are not careful with the kind of material you are using, you will be spending more money on printing costs.

Check whether the software will come with a good content library, be easy to use, and the tools you need are user-friendly. Also, do not forget to consider the price of the software

While the price is an important factor, it does not have to be the only thing that you consider. Take the time to study the pros and cons of different software, and consider everything it offers, because it will be a long time before you will find the perfect comic creation software for you.

To help you more with this, I have created a list of comic maker software you can choose in 2021 for any sort of designing task.

Best Comic or WEBToon Maker Software to Use in 2021

POSER PRO 11.3 [Windows & macOS]

Poser Pro 11.3 by MO vim is one of the leading comic producing softwares in the industry. It has over million downloads and professional comic creators Just love it.

This software is also good for newbies who are just starting their career or want to have some fun with comics. It was developed by the same company that created the great TV show Supernatural.

With its effective features and amazing drawing tools, it will allow you to add excellent typography as per your needs.

 Features of Poser PRO 11.3 For making comics

  1. One of the best thing about poser pro 10 is that it has a quick and easy to use editing process. This means that you will not have to worry about learning how to edit your pictures if you are not an experienced comic artist.
  2. The editing process is intuitive and very easy to use.
  3. The tools and are so user friendly that anyone can use it and have it work just as well as the pros. There are over one hundred different categories that you can choose from. This is a useful feature because it means that you can easily put all of your pictures in a specific category so that you can easily find them when you want to make comics.
  4. It also allows you to edit all of your pictures at once which makes it very convenient.
  5. It has a very intuitive way of using and adding pictures so that even someone who has never worked with any other comic making software can create great pictures very quickly.

The above point justifies the fact that it is one of the best comic making software. You can use the application to create all kinds of  comic stories and pictures.

COMIC Creator Studio [Windows]

The Comic Creator Studio is very simple to use and especially developed to offer innovative services to the WEBToon designers. Editing is what this program is best at and is one of the most useful parts of the program.

There are a few programs out there that are great but needs a lot of training before you can start using them. With this program, you just need to plug in your camera, the file that you want to use and open it up, and then start editing your picture.

Features of Comic Creator Studio For Making Comics:

  1. A User-friendly interface of comic creation is something that attracts the readers
  2. It has a large category of templates. You can choose to design your templates or buy them ready-made.
  3. Suitable for Sci-fi, manga, and other sorts of comics
  4. Easy to publish or print your comics online

Comic Creator Studio is easy to use, and you will be able to quickly create movies and short stories. So, get your hands on top comic maker software and start to make the best movies and you can surely make it without much hassle.

MyPaint [Windows, macOS, Linux]

MyPaint is great for newbies as it provides every help that is needed to get started with the comic. The software is free to use but offers a wide variety of tools to create amazing comics and manga.

Even if you do not have any drawing skills, you can still make use of MyPaint for creating amazing comics.

Amazing typography, effects, colors, and drawing tools are there to use. Also, you will be able to use it on even a low-end computer or mobile device.

Various popular artists are using this software for creating amazing digital art, manga, comics, drawing, and other sorts of graphics.

Features of MyPaint for creating comics:

  1. The interface is user friendly
  2. A good editing feature is crucial and MyPaint excels in this part.
  3. Easy to start with as a beginner

The software is developed to facilitate the manga and comic-making processes. But, not only this, you will receive several other features which makes this software suitable for digital art.


The third installment of the series, Manga Maker Compo! 3.0, brings new features and functions. It is also one of the highly demanded software. This software is best suited for professionals or someone who has prior experience of dealing with it.

In addition to the advanced features of Manga Maker Comipo!, the third edition now offers high quality image processing tools such as Grayscale conversion.

With the new scalability function, Manga Maker Compo! 3.0 can be used for any image editing job you may encounter. It has a streamlined way of entering the necessary information like word length, word count, font choice, as well as the file type.

The streamlined software allows the user to make proper use of the shortcuts available in Manga Maker Compo! to execute any editing task within just a few mouse clicks.

Features of COMIPO for creating Comics:

  1. Suitable for Manga and 3D character designing
  2. Easy album management and printing processes
  3. The software also offers drag and drop functionality for files and folders so that you can copy and paste contents from your computer into the Manga Maker Compo! easily.
  4. Integrate the editing and printing functions with the original Manga Maker Comipo!

It can offer you amazing features if you want to grow in the field of manga making and comic designing professionally. So, as soon as you are ready to pay for this software, it will be there to offer amazing features and designing tools.


The next Comic Making Software is a small clip art program. It was originally released by Steve Goble and has been developed to be an economical way of creating comic layouts and art for the web.

The goal of this small program is to help you design and format the way you want it. Various other tools will help you achieve some of the things that you may want to create.

The whole thing is user-friendly, and even though the program does have many functions, it does not have anything too complicated.

Features of Clip Studio Paint Ex for making comics:

  1. Create tags, page heading tool, name tags, create custom window names, find by tag, blank window.
  2. Layout System is impressive for beginners
  3. Copy and paste the content into the clipboard.
  4. Add animations, other colors, backgrounds, text, and sounds to your page.
  5. Some tools will allow you to customize your page by editing every element that you have.
  6. You will also get a PDF viewer, which is very helpful, but you have a ton of choice when it comes to the After Effects program.
  7. You can also import files from Photoshop, Flash, Macromedia Flash, Silverlight, Cascading Style Sheets, HTML editors, etc.

CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO 1.3 [macOS, Android]

Clip Studio Paint Pro 1.3 and all of the software that goes along with it offers a neat and functional way to do things, which is one of the many reasons why the brand has been so popular over the years.

The cost is right and the features are incredible, but the major downfall for most users is that they never seem to have the tools and computer program they need to make the most out of this fantastic product.

The software allows you to draw freehand paintings and various other creative elements along with impressive digital art.

Features of Clip Studio Paint Pro for creating comics:

  1. Convert 3D images to line art
  2. Implementation of AI technology
  3. Good for Comic, Manga, and illustrations
  4. Thousands of customizable brushes
  5. Excellent editing quality and tools

Because this is such a great piece of software, there is no reason why you should not get your hands on it and start using it for all of your visual needs.

PIXTON [Windows, macOS]

“Everyone can make comics”;

This is the tag line of Pixton which is suitable if we look at its overall offerings.

One of the best comic making software packages to look at is Pix Ton. It is great for beginners and professionals.

You are free to choose Pixton software as a parent, professional, student, or educator. For its amazing drawing tools and excellent typography, it becomes suitable for comics and manga.

In fact, Pixton is specially developed for comic designers and marketers.

Features of Pixton For making comics:

  • The best thing about Pix Ton is that it is one of the simplest programs to use and understand.
  • You simply choose which format of comic you would like, and it will automatically create it for you.
  • The options are quite good, and you can get an automatic start, an automatic stop, and a quality comic preview as well.
  • Another nice feature is that it allows you to import an existing picture into a new comic. It is a simple and easy way to get started.

If you are into comic production then you must try pixton at least once. You will certainly get to know how a software can have lots of pro features and be beginner friendly at the same time.

Comic Draw [iPad]

Comic Draw is the most suitable comic software for iPad. However, its another version known as Comic Life is available for Windows, Mac, and Chromebook.

It has a great feature and you can learn to use it very easily. Also, when it comes to drawing amazing comics, Comic Draw is one of the most suitable software.

Because of its versatile features, you can use this software to create comics for professional, education, or general purposes.

You get a lot of amazing features to design attractive comics as per your needs. Various paint brushes, pens, and typing tools are there for you.

Features of Comic Draw for creating comics:

  1. You can create panels easily
  2. The layering feature helps to draw landscapes
  3. You also get a feature where you can receive  professionally formatted scripts
  4. It has both full screen and split screen facility

So, Grab your Ipad and graphics pen and start creating masterpieces.

LIBREOFFICE [Windows, macOS, Linux]

Another best comic-making software is Libre Office. It is free to download from the Internet and can be used with all operating systems.

LibreOffice provides the designers with an interactive user-interface along with great designing tools for maximum benefits.

The software is equipped with several other advanced offerings that will allow you to convert your imagination into amazing manga, comics, or WEBToons.

Features of LibreOffice for creating comics:

  • It is open source and therefore there is no need to install any additional software.
  • You can use this program in several ways; you can use it as a free version. If you download it, you can use it for personal use.
  •  Also, it also has a premium version which allows you to create some of the most famous comic book designs you have ever seen.
  •  The best features of the premium version are the better search functions and the ability to import and export the comic from different sources.

However, the program has a limitation when it comes to saving comics. You cannot export the files in the place you created them in a web browser.

PanelJam [Web-Based]

Paneljam is an online platform to create and publish your creation online. This online tool not only allows you to create amazing comics but connect with a community that can help you to grow in this field.

In panel jam, you can create a comic book without needing any experience.

The platform allows you to choose your comic style, story, and other features. Once you are happy with the page layout, the software creates the pages as you see them in the comic book, without any drawings or programming knowledge.

Features of Panel Jam for creating comics:

  1. PanelJam allows you to create hundreds of different styles of comic books, creating a variety of different panels and backgrounds.
  2. It can also be used to create custom covers and templates for custom web pages.
  3. Create your own fan club and publish your work online
  4. Easy to use for the beginners
  5. Lots of drawing tools

To get started, you just have to sign up for an account and start drawing once you reach the main panel.

For example, if you want to create a fantasy style, you can simply enter ‘fantasy’ into the box and click the ‘Go’ button. This will bring up a screen with several comic styles on it, where you can select which one you want.

Once you have selected your comic style, you can move on to the next step and select the kind of panel that you want for your comic. Just do that and enjoy creating amazing comics.


I hope now you will be able to choose the right comic creating software for you. Make sure to share this article with others too.

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