Top 10 Best Video Editor Software For YouTubers [2021]

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Do you want to make a perfect YouTube video then let us know you that this is not so easy task? Not only editing, but you also need to upload them correctly. There are many post-production works, which you need to take care of in a professional way especially if you are thinking of starting your own YouTube channel.

If you are thinking of making your business big, you can also purchase the expensive camera or studio microphone so that you can record high-quality footage. You can also invest some good video editing microphones, which can make your post-production work easy.

But, the most important thing to make your videos helpful and good for users is the quality of your videos. So, here in this article, I am going to give you a list of best software which are best to edit your YouTube videos easily but professionally.

All these software are tested and trusted by lots of YouTubers. However, if you want to get the most out of them, it is important to learn about all their tools and editing features. For that, you can get help from online tutorials or YouTube itself.

So, without further discussions, let’s start discussing the top 10 best YouTube video editing software which you should try in 2021.

Best YouTube Video Editors to use in 2021 [Free and Paid]

1. Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements video editor image

If you are a beginner, then Adobe Premiere Element software is perfect for you to start editing your videos using an advanced editing tool. It gives users a user-friendly interface so that beginners can easily use this. It has many advanced features like guided edit, face detection, organizer, etc.

Its automated Sensei tool helps the users a lot to have an innovative workflow while you are focusing on your story.

The software allow you to edit your videos in most of the popular video formats including 8K and 360 degree. Also, reformatting of your videos is pretty easy.

To make your YouTube videos much more indulging, you get various tools to insert, adjust, and customize the audio effects.

  • Guided edit helps users to apply the effect to all multiple clips at once.
  • The organizer helps to mix several photos and create a dynamic video collage.

2. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X10.5

Corel VideoStudio video editor image

This software price is similar to Adobe Premiere Elements. But, it has some excellent offerings for which it is preferred by a lot of professional YouTubers.

It is a very simple software where user do not have to be an experienced editor in order to have the most out of it.

The software offers amazing 360 degree and HD video editing features to its users.

The latest version of Video studio pro comes with New Mask creator, track transparency, numerous effects and filters, and various other features.

It has Timeline Editing, which makes the user work very easily by providing them the access of soundtrack directly from the music library.

3. iMovie [For Mac]

iMovie video editor image

If you are using Mac, then you will get this software for free because it belongs to Apple. In this, you can edit 4K footage without breaking the sweat. This software is very special because it is very well integrated with various advanced but easy to use editing elements.

  • Its clean interface makes the work easy for the beginner.
  • It has another impressive feature called Trailers, which provides templates that helps you to organize and present the video.
  • This software will create a soundtrack in music so that users can choose songs from the music library directly and even come with narration.

4. Wondershare Filmora9

Filmora 9 image

This is another one simplified video editing software that is best for filters, overlays, and transitions. It provides a flow where your video goes through without any stuck and complexity.

It provides 4K editing support where you can edit and export the video in superior quality, and it will work on a compatible devices like Smart TVs.

Filmora9 provides good music and sound effect, so that audience can use this effect by sitting at home by making a unique ambiance.

  • Filmora9 comes along with 100 media layers to use.
  • Keyframing, noise removal, and various other audio-based features
  • Green screen editing is supported

5. Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X video editor image

This software is also developed by Apple, and it is loved by various content creators on YouTube. This software is best for the post-production work where filmmakers prefer to use it.

This is very advanced video editing software which helps XML importing, multi-cam editing, extra monitor support, etc.

Motion graphics and color grading tools are there which are suitable for professional YouTube editing tasks. You also get color curves to customize saturation, brightness and other parameters in your videos.

  • It also featured with Magnetic Timeline 2, which gives color coding and flexibility and easy to use.
  • Multi-core processing
  • Background processing and rendering can be done in just a minute, the user does not need to wait for a longer time.
  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals because of its simple user-interface

6. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro Image

This video editor is the primary rival of Final Cur Pro, and this is best for those users who uses advanced tools for post-production work. Its user-interface is very much neat and uncluttered which proves that it is top-notch video editing software.

This YouTube video editing software offers four types of editing like roll, ripple, slip, and slide. It is very easy to access from left.

It can work with unlimited camera formats by supporting 8K and VR video editing tasks. So, whether you want to create motion graphics or simply want to edit your basic or professional YouTube video, it can help you with everything.

However, using it as a beginner could be tough because of the number of features and editing tools this software is having.

7. Vegas Pro 17

Vegas Pro 17 Youtube Video editor image

If you are planning to upload your video on YouTube, then the quality of the video is matters a lot; moreover if audio is not good, no one will watch your video. Here Vegas Pro 17 is the best editing software that brings and enhanced the audio editing features. Other software does not work so nicely how the Vegas Pro works.

Vegas Pro 17 has many new video editing features like high-end graphics cared support, flexible with workflow environment, very powerful tools, etc. All together makes your video editing journey very smooth.

Various color grading and correction features are available for the users. Also, this software supports image editing and special effects.

Motion tracking feature is there. Also, you can perfectly use this tool to create storyboard type videos.

8. DaVinci Resolve 16

DaVinci Resolve video editor image

This software has many types of combinations like 8K editing, audio post-production, visual effect, color correction, etc.

Dual timeline, smart editing modes, trim interface, portable editing, and stabilization tools are there to help you with professional editing works.

It has GPU acceleration, which helps to get the work done faster, and it also has a technical monitoring option.

It has multi-user collaboration features that can help you to work together with your team, like VFX artists, sound designers, assistants, colorists, etc.

This software can work with all types of post-production software packages like AAF, XML, EDLs, etc.

9. Cyberlink PowerDirector 365

Cyberlink PowerDirector 365 video editor image

This software is best for the professional level YouTube video editing. It will help you to widen your horizon with unique features. This software can easily manage every competition with a top-notch speed.

This software is best for multi-cam editing, where you get numerous advanced editing features to make make your videos great for the users.

This software’s user interface is sleek and clean, and this is the thing that makes it suitable for the beginners too.

It also allows you to edit 360-degree footage.

Making corrections and adding effects in your videos is pretty simple with this tool. Also, you can use amazing typography features in this package.

10. Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate

Pinnacle Studio video editor for Youtubers

This is another impressive video editing software best suited for YouTube video editing. Though the user-interface of this software is not much advanced and sleek, you will enjoy it while using this.

It provides motion tracking with mosaic blur, split-screen video, editing of 360-degree video, and motion animation, etc. these basic features it offers

It also gives more than 2000 filters and effects, which users can select by using the title and transitions.

It has a live screen capture option which allows you to capture the screen so that it will be easy for the user to edit and enhance it.

Users can combine 6 cameras in one Multi-camera editor.

It has an audio ducking feature which makes sure that the sound of the foreground and background are well-balanced, and it should not have any complaints about this.


If you are urgently looking to start your own professional YouTube channel, then you must make sure that you use the quality software for post-production so that you get the expected result. So it is better that you invest in a good video editor, and the above list can help you to make a correct decision.  

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