Top 10 Best Video Editing Software For Low-End PC

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Do you love video editing? Or you may have a YouTube channel where you want to post some quality videos after editing them in your desired ways.

I also love to edit videos and images.

But, Just like you, I also have a low-specs PC in which running Final Cut Pro X and HitFilm Pro is not possible. But, here in this article, I am going to give you a list of top software that I have used to edit videos on my low-end laptop.

best video editing software for low end pc
best video editing software for low end pc

Using inbuilt video editors on your PC is the best way to edit videos effectively on your low-end PC. For example, you will get amazing results when you use Windows Movie Maker on a Windows PC and Apple iMovie on a Mac PC.

However, to get some advanced editing features, you can use WonderShare Filmora, Pinnacle VideoSpin, Vegas Movie Studio, Shortcut, etc even on a weak computer or laptop.

Choosing the right sort of video editing software is a must to enjoy excellent video editing software. So, here I have created a list of top 10 video editing software to help you choose the right one for you. So, let’s start with the first one.

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List of Best Video Editing Software for Low-Specs PC [2021]

After doing deep research and doing hands-on on various software, below is the list of best video editing software you can use even on a low-end PC adequately. I have explained everything in a proper manner. However, you are advised to visit official websites for more.

1. VSDC [Winner]

This great video editing software allows us to do non-linear video editing in a perfect manner. It supports multiple video formats with HD and 4K. But, the reason why it is in the first place is its easy user-interface along with various other beginner-friendly features.

VSDC video editing software

Also, its simple interface and basic editing tools make this software small in size. So, you can easily run it in a very low-end PC with small configurations. In fact, I have personally used this software in my Intel Core i3 laptop with just 4 GB of RAM.

I would suggest using VSDC Pro to get the most out of it. Video Stabilization, Hardware acceleration, and many amazing editing features will only be available in the Pro version.

Although the software can’t be used for advanced editing works, you can still edit your videos properly. It means, if you are just starting out in this field, VSDC will definitely work great for you.

Adding basic effects such as blur, contrast, text, transitions, motion, and hiding any part of the video is pretty easy with this software.

For example, if you have just started your YouTube channel and want to add some buttons, information, or audio, this editing tool is great even if you have a low-configuration PC.

Key Features of VSDC Video Editing Software

  1. Video Stabilization
  2. Subpixel accuracy
  3. Masking
  4. 3D Diagrams and Charts
  5. Video Capturing
  6. Audio Effects

Disadvantages of VSDC Video Editing Software

There are lots of amazing things you can do with this video editing software. But, when it comes to advanced editing, it may not be the right tool you should use. For simple tasks such as creating YouTube Videos, video conversions, cutting, and adding audio effects, this software is good.

But, these are the things which you must have to compromise if you want the software to run on your small computer or laptop. However, this software is the best pick as compared to any other software in my opinion.

Note: VSDC is only available for Windows Computers.

System Requirements For VSDC Video Editor:

ProcessorAny Intel or AMD with minimum 800 Mhz frequency
Operating SystemWindows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
RAM2 GB Minimum
Storage20 MB For Installation
DirectX Version8.1b
System Requirement table for VSDC Video editing software


Educational and Home Uses- Free

VDSC Video Editor Pro- 19.99$

Official Website

2. Shotcut [Supports 4K]

It is another free and amazing video editing software suitable for a PC with low-specifications. It is small in size and required very less PC power to work efficiently. But, even after that, you will be able to see some great features along with 4K video support.

The UI is designed professionally to offer lots of customization abilities to the users. Also, the simplicity of this tool allows you to do your desired editing tasks without hassles. Everything is systematic so that you will not face any problems while using Shotcut.

shotcut video editor image

For both audio and video editing works, you get lots of advanced filters for easy adjustments in everything. Also. different types of export and import features are there. This editing software of open-source but having lots of amazing features that will surely facilitate you.

You can definitely use it at the place of Windows Movie Maker and experience some advanced offerings as compared to Windows’ official editing tool.

Key Features of Shotcut Editing Software

  1. Easy to use
  2. Lots of editing features and filters
  3. Multi-platform [Windows/Linux/macOS/FreeBSD]
  4. Supports HDMI, SDI, Jack, Pulse Audio, and IP Stream

Disadvantages of Shotcut editing software

Just like the VDSC, this video editing software will lack some advanced video editing features. Although, it is going to work great on low-spec systems editing videos like a pro will not be possible with this.

Along with this, limited community support makes its users less facilitated with major issues.

In fact, there are very fewer guides on the internet available for this editing tool. So, if you are ready to compromise the community support and advanced editing features, you must go for this tool.

System Requirements For Shotcut Software

CPU1. x64-84 AMD or Intel Processor
2. Minimum one 2Ghz core for SD Editing
3. Minimum two cores for HD Editing
4. Minimum For cores for 4K Editing
RAM1. Minimum 4GB RAM for SD Editing
2. 8GB For HD Editing
3. 16GB For 4K Editing
GPUOpenGL 2.0 or DirectX9 or 11
Storage1 GB Minimum For Installation
Operating SystemWindows- Any version from 7 to 10 (32 or 64 bit)
table for shotcut system requirements


Free and Open-Source

Official Website

3. Wondershare Filmora 9 [Multipurpose Editing Software]

I have used the Filmora video editing tool for years and I loved its easy user interface. In fact, I recommend this tool even to beginners too. Whether it is the learning curve, editing features, audio/video corrections, transitions, or effects, you are going to have highly impressive solutions from this software.

Also, it is a super-efficient tool which is developed to work even on low-specs computers.

Filmora 9 image

Filmora9 is packed with all sorts of video editing features including all the advanced and basic ones. So, when it comes to editing, you are going to have lots of features in front of you. Whether you are a beginner or professional in this field, this editing tool will help you a lot with everything.

Key Features of Filmora9

  1. Split-Screen presets
  2. Advanced text-editing
  3. Auto-ripple
  4. Video and Audio altering controls
  5. Blurring, contrast, and brightness adjustments

Drawbacks of Filmora9

Although it is a great tool to use on our low-end computers, when it comes to the advanced editing tools, you will see some lacks. Also, some people may not afford the pricing plans which are charges after the trial expires.

System Requirements For Filmora 9:

Operating SystemWindows- 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit)
Mac– 10.7 to 10.15
RAMWindows– 4GB Minimum
Mac– 8GB Minimum
CPUWindows– Intel i3 with 2 GHz frequency
Mac– Intel i5 with 2 GHz frequency
GPUNVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 or later; Intel HD Graphics 5000 or later; AMD Radeon R5 or later.
Hard DiskAt Least 10 GB
Minimum System requirements to run Filmora 9


Annual Plan: $39.99/Year

Lifetime Plan: $59.99

Bundle Plan: 99.87/Year

Official Website

4. Adobe Premiere Pro [Made for Professionals]

Along with its amazing offerings as an advanced video editing tool, Adobe Premiere Pro is on our list because it can work well even on low-specs computers.

However, using it for 4K or 360 videos editing on a small end will never be a wise decision. But, its touch screen support, smooth previews, and interactive video editing make it popular among millions of users.

Adobe Premiere pro image

If you do not care much about the monthly paid subscription of this tool, it is the perfect pick for you. For better understanding, some of the amazing features of this fast video editing tool are given below.

Key Features of Adobe Premiere Pro

  1. VR Editing
  2. Pre-built motion graphics templates
  3. Shared projects
  4. Video tilting
  5. Audio Improvements

Disadvantages of Adobe Premiere Pro

Although, Adobe Premiere Pro is the most suitable video editing tool is you are an expert in this industry. However, the main drawback of this tool is its monthly payments. Also, it is not so much suitable for beginners.

System Requirements For Adobe Premiere Pro

CPU1. Any 6th Generation Intel or AMD processor for Windows
2. Any 6th Generation Intel or newer CPU in macOS
RAM8 GB Minimum in both Windows and macOS
Operating SystemWindows 10 or later
macOS v10.13 or later
GPU2 GB of GPU VRAM for both Windows and macOS
Storage8 GB Minimum
Monitor Resolution1280×800
minimum system requirements for Adobe Premiere Pro


Annual: $19.99 per month

Monthly: $39.98 per month

Official Website

5. Vegas Movie Studio 17 Platinum [Suitable for Beginners]

Vegas Movies Studio 17 [Platinum] is another beginner-friendly video editing tool. Along with this, it required very less machine power to do its tasks. You may not get advanced editing features with this but a smooth workflow is guaranteed with this.

There are several versions released by the company. But if you are looking for the most suitable package for a low-end pc, you should go for Vegas Movie Studio Platinum.

vegas movie studio image

Lots of transitions, effects, interactive user interface, and 4K video editing functions are there. Also, when it comes to running it on your small machine, it will surely offer you lots of advantages over other software. Being one of the amazing editing tools in this industry, this software is full of amazing things that will always mesmerize you.

If we talk about its drawbacks, lack of motion tracking and template video storyboards is there. Also, you will get slow rendering speed if you have a PC with very less configurations. However, if you talk about the performance, it will surely work great as compared to many of the available options in front of you.

Key Features of Vegas Movie Studio

  1. Effective Motion Tracking
  2. Slow Motion FX Plugin
  3. Impressive Video Stabilization
  4. 4K video editing supported

Disadvantages of Vegas Movie Studio

There are lots of amazing features available with Vegas Movie Studio. However, while testing this software, I find it hard to locate some advanced editing features which will surely be a much more tough thing for the beginners. Also, running it on very small-end computers will be a tough job. But, for some basic editing tasks, this tool is recommended.

It is only available for Windows.

Minimum System Requirements for Vegas Movie Studio

Operating SystemWindows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit)
CPUMinimum 2Ghz Processor
GPUAny NVIDIA, Intel, or AMD GPU with 512MB memory
RAMMinimum 4 GB (8 or 16 for HD and 4K Editing)
StorageMinimum 1.5 GB
minimum system requirements for vegas movie studio



Official Website

6. Videopad Video Editor [Easy to Use]

Videopad by NCH is another small video editing software suitable for low-end computers and laptops. If you have less editing requirements but want to use an advanced editing tool, Videopad can help you with this.

With its fast editing, easy user-interface, and more than 50 visual effects and transitions, it becomes a handy video editing tools for weak systems.

Videopage video editor image

You get pre-built templates that are easy to use in any sort of video. 3D and 360-degree video editing features are also coming along with this tool. When it comes to the audio, you also get lots of video insertion and editing tools to make your videos full of excellent audio effects.

Key Features of Videopad Video Editor

  1. More than 50 free templates
  2. Fast and Efficient
  3. Suitable for the beginners
  4. Digital Audio tools
  5. Available for multiple OS

Drawbacks of Videopad Video Editor

The tool offers limited support for animate videos. If you want to export the video in mp4 format, you will not be able to do it with the free version, although the pricing plans are affordable. Also, the user interface is a bit outdated.

System Requirements to run Videopad Video Editor:

Operating SystemWindows 7/8/8.1/10
macOS OS X 10.6
CPUAny processor with minimum 1.5 Ghz Frequency in both Windows and macOS
GPUNo specific requirements
RAMAt least 4 GB RAM
Storage100 MB Minimum
System requirements for videopad video editor


Master’s Edition: $49.99

Home Edition: $29.99

Quarterly Plan [Master’s Edition]: $3.88/Month

Official Website

7. Lightworks [Non -Linear]

Lightworks is another great video editing software that you can easily use in any small computer system. The software offers lots of amazing features that you will not find with lots of other software. It offers non-linear editing capabilities to make things faster and efficient.

lightworks video editor image

Timeline editing and video trimming works are easy to do with this tool. Along with this, you get access to copyright-free audios and videos with Lightworks. This editing software has a simple and beginner-friendly user-interface which gives lots of advantages even to the professionals.

After my deep testings, I have found that this tool can easily be used to create professional videos too. So, if you are finding an editing software to edit your YouTube or any other video, Lightworks can help you with this.

Key Features of Lightworks

  1. Real-time effects
  2. 4K Editing is supported
  3. Ready to use Audio and Video FX
  4. Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux
  5. Borix FX plugins
  6. Color LUTs

Drawbacks of Lightworks

Although Lightworks is a great video editing tool that can work excellently on any sort of pc there are some limitations too. First, with the free version, you will get exporting options for the video only up to 720p. Also, the main menu is not capable to show landscape videos properly.

When it comes to the learning, you will get very less in-software support for you. It requires higher level of processor configuration. It may not work well in your PC with i3 or below processor.

System Requirements for Lightworks Software:

Operating SystemWindows- Windows vista and higher
Linux- Ubuntu/Xubuntu/Lubuntu 14.04 and higher
Mint 17 and higher
macOS- 10.9 or higher
CPUIntel i5 Minimum or AMD
GPUNvidia K1200 or higher
RAM3 GB Minimum
Hard Disk Space200 MB Disk Space
minimum system requirement for lightworks software

Pricing: Free Trial

Lightworks Pro– $24.99/Month

Lightworks Pro Yearly Plan- $174.99/Year

Permanent License– $437.99

Official Website

8. Camtasia Studio [Best Freemium]

Camtasia Studio is another fully-featured video editing tool that will run efficiently even on your weak computers. This tool allows you to easily record your computer screens and do most of the basic editing works effectively. With its effective working and easy user-interface, getting any sort of basic video editing work becomes very easy.

Camtasia studio image

As per its official website, Camtasia Studio is a perfect tool to create various types of videos such as lesson videos, tutorial videos, How-To videos, YouTube videos, Demo Videos, Ad videos, etc.

Adding effects along with music and video effects is pretty easy with this tool. Also, you get lots of pre-installed templates to create immersive introductions for your professional videos. You will also get different types of transitions to add to your videos.

Key Features of Camtasia Studio

  1. Screen Recording and Video editing
  2. Create videos of any length
  3. Easy to share videos on YouTube
  4. Lots of animation effects

Disadvantages of Camtasia Studio

When we look at the overall editing features, Camtasia lacks in offering easy to use and extensive editing systems. Also, lots of updates are there withing very frequent time frames. The software also compromises the output quality of the videos. Also, you will only be able to export Full HD videos without Thumbnails only with a paid plan.

System Requirements for Camtasia Studio:

Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 10 (64-bit) or later
macOS 10.13
CPU6th Generation Intel® Core i3 Processor with 2.8 Ghz frequency and two Cores
1st Generation AMD® Ryzen 3 Processor with 2 CPU Cores and 2.8 Ghz Frequency
GPUNVIDIA GeForce 10 Series or higher (not compulsory)
RAMAt least 8 GB in Windows
At least 4 GB in macOS
StorageMinimum 4 GB
minimum system requirements for camtasia studio


30-Days Free Trial

$249 for both Mac and Windows versions

Official Website

9. VirtualDub [User-Friendly Editing Program]

VirtualDub is another great video editing software that offers lots of offerings to the video editors. But, the thing that has led this software here is its efficient working on slow computers. You can not expect advanced offerings from this software like the Adobe Premiere Pro but when it comes to normal video editing and processing, it can work well for you.

virtualdub image

It offers linear editing capabilities by which it becomes easier to use for beginners too. The tool has great functionalities to edit simple Avi and some other video formats. In the edit menu, you will get some basic editing features that you will get with any other editing software.

So, when it comes to simple video edits such as cut and crop or to add audio into a video, you can expect good results from this tool. However, you will have to go for any other software if you need impressive editing results.

Key Features of VirtualDub

  1. Fast Frame Rates
  2. Ability to create openDML files
  3. Noise reduction features
  4. Good for beginners

Drawbacks of VirtualDub

Being a free video editing software, you get various amazing features from this tool. However, you will not be able to get advanced editing features as you get in any other paid editing tool.

Also, it is not available for Linux and macOS Operating systems.

System Requirements for VirtualDub:

Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 98 or any newer version
CPU80486 or higher CPU
RAMMinimum 8 GB (16 GB Preferred)
GPUNo specific requirement
Hard Disk Space1 GB For installation
system requirements for Virtualdub editor



Official Website

10. HitFilm Express [With VFX Tools]

HitFilm Express 14 Video Editor works as a great video converter and editor for both professionals and beginners. The tool is widely used for YouTube video editing works. However, you can use it to edit most of the video formats easily and effectively.

hitfilm pro

HitFilm Express is available for Windows and macOS systems. The software also allows us to 2D and 2D compositing works efficiently. Also, when it comes to transitions, effects, and audio insertions, you can expect great results from this tool.

With this software, you can learn lots of amazing things related to video editing if you are a student. Also, you can use this tool for various professional editing works. Most impressively, you can use this tool even on your low-end PC without hassles.

Key Features of HitFilm Express

  1. Free video editing tutorials
  2. Lots of transitions and tracks to use
  3. An advanced community support
  4. Professional editing features
  5. A good VFX software
  6. Masking and layering methods
  7. Sci-Fi effects

Drawbacks of HitFilm Express

When it comes to the main features of this tool, you will not get all of them with the free trial. Also, to download the tool, you will have to create an account. However, as per its pricing range, you are going to receive effective results except for some extra-ordinary features. The user-interface looks old and outdated.

System requirements for HitFilm Express:

Operating SystemWindows 8 (64 bit) or newer version
10.13 High Sierra or newer version
CPUAny 4th Generation Intel Core Processors or AMD equivalent.
Intel HD Graphics 5000
NVIDIA GeForce 600 Kepler Series
AMD Radeon R5 240
1 GB Video memory minimum
RAM4 GB Minimum (8 GB preferred)
Hard Disk Space2 GB minimum for installation
Minimum system requirements for hitfilm express


HitFilm Express 14 Base Version: Free

Starter Add On- 29.97$ [Regular Price]

Content Creator Add On- $84.94 [Regular Price]

VFX Artist Add On- $184.89 [Regular Price]

Official Website


I hope this article has provided you enough information to pick the right video editing software for your low-end PC. Share this article with others too.

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