Can we use Adobe XD for Web Design?

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Web Designing is a very trendy topic nowadays. There are growing demands for a professional web designer today. Web designing includes the art of making creative landing pages, websites, UIs for Android and iOS applications, and social media stuffs in responsive design. Responsive design simply means the website is customizable with your system’s screen. 

Web designing should not be confused with Web development which bears a completely different meaning. Web development includes front-end and back-end development. Front-end is the look and feel of the website which can be enhanced with good web designing skills. On the other hand, back-end includes database management, fetching, and showing data.

Without getting deep into the subject of web development, let’s focus on what we have come here for. 

There are hundreds of good application software for web designing. Anyone can choose the one they like most and are comfortable with. But, when it comes to professional web designing, there are only a few reserved and relevant software that can best serve the purpose. The reason is, not each of the hundred packs the same robust features and elegancy like what a few of them offer. 

So, Is Adobe XD good for web design?


It depends on your requirements and expertise. Adobe XD is most suitable for professionals web designers because it is equipped with coediting, illustration, and reviewing features. As a beginner too, you will be able to use it for an impressive web design work.

Pricing of Adobe XD and included benefits:

Basic Version is FreePro Requires $8.99/month
One active Prototyping at a time.Unlimited Prototyping at a time.
One active shared design.Unlimited Active shared design.
2 GB of free cloud storage space.100 GB of free cloud storage space.
Limited fonts.Full font library.

Availability of Adobe XD:

Adobe XD is available on its native Windows 10 and Mac OS.

How good is Adobe XD for web designing?

Adobe is a prominent name in the multimedia and designing field. The professionals even believe that there is no known application in these fields which contains as much latency and speed as Adobe stuffs. 

Now, if we see, there are further over a dozen applications by Adobe itself. However, for proper web designing purposes, if you look, Adobe XD is simply great.

Adobe XD is great for creating UIs for different applications. From the creation of as little as a circle to as big as a dense and wide vector illustration, it provides you with a bunch of tools to get your desired output over the webpage. 

Let’s look at some of its features and Plugins which is helpful in web designing.

Features of Adobe XD for Web Designing:

1. Support for CSS code Editing.

Adobe XD is now updated to support side by side code editing to everything that you put on the canvas. Code editing is a very basic thing for you to make the design pixel perfect. Through this, you can specify the colors with RGB code which can be taken from the internet. Also, you can specify the diameter, size, and length in pixels which is very precise for a big resolution work.

2. Zoom IN and Out in shared links

Adobe XD provides a feature to create and share the web link of your work. So, when you share your XD prototype to your clients or colleagues with that link, they can do live zoom in and zoom out to analyze your design deeply. The options are available for both desktop and mobile browsers.

3. Add sound to your prototype

With this feature, while you do prototyping, you can add various custom sounds. It creates a good and appealing effect to your website design. A customer loves to hear the sound of taps, clicks, and animations.

4. Blend Mode

You can enhance the quality of your design with the super blend mode. It lets you blend and graphics layer with a color, providing you a new output based on its blending algorithms. The design can further be subjected to brightness, hue, and contrast change.

Drawbacks of Adobe XD For Web Designing

1. Tough to design complex shapes

Adobe XD has an impressive user-interface along with various advanced features for web designing. But, when it comes to drawing shapes, it may lack this domain.

2. Limited Plugins

Although Adobe XD supports numerous plugins to help users customize everything in web design by making things fast and effective but it has support to very less plugins if you compare it with its competitors such as Sketch.

3. Steep learning curve

As compared to all its competitors, learning Adobe XD for any sort of user-experience design is not an easy work. So, consider this thing too when you are about to start using this platform.

Popular Plugins of Adobe XD For Website Design

  1. Trello

Trello lets you collaborate with your team members on a given task. It’s a plugin to increase productivity by allowing users to interact with your colleagues and teammates. You can seamlessly, send the assets to Trello, which will allow you to share your artboard with your team members.

2. Colour Ranger

Color ranger lets you create effects in your design by stimulating the brightness, contrast, hue, color depth, and saturation, etc. You can either select the entire artboard or even a portion to edit elements. Apart from that, it also helps you create a preset of what you have already done and save it as a theme or editing UI kit, so that, in near future, if you need to apply the same designs, you will be able to do it in just one click.

3. Rename It

The most frustrating thing while you create a UI design is naming the layers. If you don’t do it, the frustration even goes up while making edits. Rename it lets you keep your layers organized by renaming them sequentially in descending or ascending order. It also allows you to find and replace words with simple keyboard shortcuts.

4. Icon Drop

Since you are designing a web application, you need to keep some resources in your hand. With this integrated plugin, there is no need to wander here and there looking for your desired icons, presets, illustrations, and stock photos. It will let you find them with a click and search without even getting out of the Adobe XD.


Adobe now seems to trigger only the web designers with this application. The feature to edit the prototype through code is really appreciable for precise editing. Adobe XD, altogether, is a great software if you’re in the field of web development and designing. If we keep the price point for a professional, it’s not a bad deal at around $9 per month.

FAQs regarding Adobe XD

What is better than Adobe XD?

In the case of web designing particularly, XD is great. Again, it all depends on your need. Other applications like Figma and Weebly are also not bad. Figma is a free web designing application free if you want to consider it.

Is there any free version of Adobe XD?

Yes, the basic version of Adobe XD is free and is beneficial for students and beginner developers. It provides you one active prototyping at a time and 2GB of free cloud space.

Is Adobe XD legitimate?

Adobe rules over the multimedia industry. It has made its image among millions or billions of developers. It’s fully trustworthy.

What is the pricing of Adobe XD?

The basic version requires no pay. However, if you want to purchase the professional version, you need to spend around $10 per month.

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