10 Most-Popular Mobile Apps For Learning French [2021]

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Bonjour! Would you want to move to a nation with French??

Or would you want to know the lovely French language?

Were you too busy to learn?

Okay, an app you can find on your cell phone is a simple way of knowing. You may practice or brush up on your French for multiple applications, so it can feel daunting that you only have to pick one.

We have assembled a list of some of the best French applications with a brief overview, to simplify things for you, so that you can determine which one better suits you.

The French language is amazing. It is a common language as well. Various applications are available to learning French. Classes in individuals are typically even more successful.

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Yet do not neglect the importance of a mentor at all times in your wallet. This benefits a great deal.

You would not want to waste months in extremely difficult classes. There are easy ways to acquire the language from overseas, both simple and intermediate.

The following 10 applications for mobile devices allow learning French play with enjoyable drills and games based on spaced repetition to retain fresh vocabulary in your long-term memory.

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Best French Learning Apps For Android in 2021

1. FluentU

FluentU’s is one of the best applications for the French language, leveraged video material from across the world for teaching French vocabulary, grammar, and even motorically difficult verb conjugations such as verbs, music videos, movie trailers and chat.

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French students see the terms take practice by seeing them. You will also easily search for terms in the software that you do not recognize. Get two weeks of language free to start and pay $29.99 a month or $239.99 a year. You can know more about it on the official website too.

2. Brainscape French

The versatile flashcard software from Brainscape is the most successful means of integrating and internalizing all French-language complexity.

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Brainscape will educate you on thousands of phrases, pronunciations and grammar concepts in French with its advanced adaptive learning technologies to enable you to focus more time on terms that you do not understand, and less on those you have already learned.

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The trick to retaining is effective repetition, and Brainscape is the only business framework that uses its unique algorithm that is known to be the best developed to facilitate this form of learning, according to comprehensive scientific studies.

Brainscape’s Learn French software uses the Smart Cumulative Exposure Process, meaning you can master the language one definition at a time, in tiny increments. The approach adapts to your preferences and guarantees that your learning requirements are fulfilled in an appropriate environment. You can know more on the official website too.

Their material is equal to four years in French high school. Many highlights of this software include over 10,000 audio flashcards, simple grammar examples, and verb conjugations, continuous suggestions about how to track the success.

3. Duolingo

Duolingo’s makers estimate that 34 hours on the device is equivalent to a university-level semester in college. This uses a game-like style to teach vocabulary, grammar, and writing, communicating, and listening to bite.

Duolingo app image

With just 20 minutes, users can advance over three or four modules, far from being time intensive. Only if you pursue a fixed course and cannot choose subjects to concentrate on is the real drawback. Duolingo was listed as the best device on the Apple App Store for the French lessons and won Google Play’s Best app in 2013.

You can know more about this app on its official website.

Also, you won’t believe to know that Duolingo has more than 9 Million user reviews with approx 5 out of 5 Stars rating on Google Play Store.

4. Tandem Language Exchange

Tandem is dubbed the “Tinder of Language-Apps,” but do not let this name make you believe that language is not even a question of reality for users in the community.

Tandem is a language learning app that enables you to connect with people from all over the world and create real, long-term relationships (“tandems”) with them.

Tandem functions as a matchmaker service to locate language mates. The idea is simple: Only fill your profile and browse through the scores of others’ profiles (a photo of you and a quick overview of your priorities is always enough) of the people with common language goals!

You will meet a native French-speaking person in a suitable scenario, so you can invest time studying in French to encourage the individual to learn English (or another language you speak!). Audience members may converse or share messages using an audio or video messaging service like Skype or Hangouts using the in-app message functions.

Written communications have the potential to fix communications so your French companion will modify the written messages. It is perfect to make couples talk louder and more spontaneously. You can visit their official website to know more.

5. Busuu

Language apps are one of the most common. It serves several languages, French included. Busuu utilizes other forms of instruction. This covers speech and grammar classes, audio commentary, sports, quizzes, etc. You will support many, as you know, who only start.

Most impressively, you can practice your skill with native French Speakers on this app. Grammar Review, vocabulary training are some of the other features of this app.

busuu app image (website)

Once your training is completed, you get McGraw Hill Language certificate which can become a potential document to increase your skillset. Know more about the app on the official website.

This indicates that others can support you. Nevertheless, there is a path through the nonsense. For too many opportunities to explore, you are sure to share at least one of them with you well. When you want all the apps, Busuu costs $69.99 per year.

6. Memrise

The Memrise software has 16 distinct languages, one of which is French, of course. This allows language teaching to be accessed using audio, picture, and memory technologies, such as flashcards, through combining technology and science with real-life materials.

A memory-based methodology lets you learn new concepts by combining or relating terms and concepts. The software contains other apps including pace tests, listening abilities, rough phrases, and retro analysis, as well as training and tournament play.

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By the time I am writing this article, the Memrise app has 13,36,290+ unique user-reviews with 4.5 out of 5-star ratings on Google Play Store.

A major benefit is interacting through local video images, through which actual French speakers will see and listen. You should document and equate your pronunciation with the pronunciation of native speakers. Know more about this app on its official website.

You can subscribe for $8,99 a month, $18,99 for three months, $59,99 for 12 months, or you can pay $99,99 for a lifetime membership, whether you choose to pursue Memrise, the first lesson is optional.

7. MosaLingua

Learn French app MosaLingua can help you understand French well. The theory behind Mosalingua is that if you concentrate on the basics, you will learn French far quicker.

You also practice high-frequencies vocabulary and generally learn grammar by watching how sentences are formed rather than studying collections of vocabulary or grammar by heart.

The software displays you more or less the phrases and terms you learned based on how well you learn them. The software is accessible free of charge.

mosalingua french learning app

If you are a start or middle-class student and want to learn French in a validated and enjoyable way each day, Mosalingua is fantastic. You can know more about MosaLingua on its official website.

Mosalingua is a fantastic French sentence text, too. And, if you choose to explore a nation that speaks French and has quick access to thousands of relevant, theme-classified words, Mosalingua is the French learning device that we suggest.

Mosalingua is not for you, whether you are a radical French learner who learns French even but who fails to talk. In this situation, we would like to suggest French Authentique.

8. Rosetta Stone

Without discussing Rosetta Block, it is almost difficult to think about language learning. Rosetta stone not only has the longest feature, but provides a balanced solution. You can sing, write, and read in any degree of ability.

This has its positives (like studying as a child), but for certain inexperienced learners, it may be challenging or even ineffectual, so take into consideration what kind of learner you are until committing. Over everything, the largest expense is a whopping $199.99 for all functions of this project.

Rosetta Store french learning app image

The well-known international language Rosetta Stone software emphasizes interactive learning, enabling you to learn French and French — words, expression, even entire conversations— with pictures of real scenarios in Paris. Know more about the app on its official website.

Start with the most simple greetings, questions, and sentences. Then read short stories aloud, depending on the trustworthy True Accent speech recognition system for the expression to be right. Then get out and try what you have learned in real life, and review the conveniently available sentence book of the app when you are stuck on some topic.

Shortly you should be in a role to hold deeper conversations and even company in French. For online courses, you can even take the learning offline. Test the program for three days before charging for a contract between $54.99 and $199.99.

9. Babbel

Some of the strongest tools for you to learn French, Babbel learns French by leading you via realistic talks in your new tongue, for example on business trips to Belgium or Luxembourg.

Luckily, Babbel has lessons every 10 or 15 minutes, and they are easy to hold memory and blend in well. Subsequently, reinforce the shortcomings in the issues through customized analysis sessions.

babbel app image

The app has an impressive user-interface with an ability to connect you with native French speakers. You can know more about the Babbel app on its official website too.

Free software Babbel is fantastic, but you are going to get the full content for learning through in-app payments, from $15.99 a month to $84.99 a year.

10. SpeakEasy

SpeakEasy is a phrasebook program that you can carry on the go for Android. Through interviews with native speakers, you will make sure you get the whole French-speaking experience. Therefore, when you are in circumstances where you will talk French, these documents need to be put down.

Speakeasy app

SpeakEasy’s sluggish replay functionality and flashcards are some great apps. Now, you are fully ready with what you need to know and practice new French phrases!

SpeakEasy is not so much popular on the PlayStore but I think it is one of the most under-rated apps in this category. So, make sure to give it a try too. Know more SpeakEasy on its official website.

Final thought

Many of these devices have one shared purpose, as you can see: to distill French in its nude form and to teach it enjoyable and digestible.

Online Language instruction with software is also an outstanding resource for French learners-whether you are an expert or a novice.

Naturally, each device has just a slightly different function. But not all applications might be for you. Nonetheless, I trust that you can have a clearer understanding of the kinds of French language software accessible for Android apps and whether they are for you.

All these French applications are very close, each of which has a somewhat different function. Others may be more successful at studying verbs, whereas others may be stronger at teaching sentences, grammar, and vocabulary.

So you may pick any application that better serves your intent based on how you want to learn French.

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