Are Portable Photo Printers Worth It?

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Should you buy a portable photo printer or not? Let’s Discuss

No one had ever thought that printer would be such small that they could be easily carried in the pockets. These portable printers have been quite useful for travelers and other people who have to print photos in many instances. Though they have some drawbacks too the features they provide are also awesome. 

Are Portable Photo Printers Worth It? You are asking this question because you have never used portable photo printers or you just thought of buying a portable photo printer for your purposes.

Whenever you have to travel you make some friends and click some pictures together. You want to have your pictures printed and share but there is a huge queue for the printing shop.

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Why these tiny printers are becoming popular?

Here you will feel the requirement of a Portable photo printer. Portable Photo Printers are of great use because they are very handy and perform almost all the tasks that are performed by big printers. 

From HP To Canon, all the trusted brands have their range of portable photo printers that are used by a large section of people. I also had personal experience of using a portable photo printer once and I had a good experience with it.

The mobile application associated with printers gives you access to various features. Well if you want to know that, are portable photo printers really worth it? Then read this article till the end you will surely find the answer as I tried to answer this question from different aspects. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Portable Photo Printers

Let me throw some light on the Benefits and drawbacks of portable photo printers. 

Advantages of Portable Photo Printers

  1. Portable photo printers use Zink paper for printing which is similar to the thermal paper that was used in fax Printing. The only difference is that Fax paper used to print Black and White prints. The paper used by the Photo printer is recyclable and also there is no ink required which does not require ink cartridges. The Portable photo printers are small and hence easy to carry which makes them most preferred.  
  2. They have printing companion apps that make their use easier and they also give you the freedom to edit your photos with filters. they are also available on a very low budget when compared to normal office printers. 
  3. Portable photo printers can be connected to your smartphone within just one click bu turning On wifi or Bluetooth depending upon the camera. These features make them user friendly. 

Disadvantages of Portable Photo Printers:

  1. Printing speed is an issue in most portable photo printers(Not all of them) as some of these printers might take a maximum of 1 minute for printing a single photo. You need to choose your printer wisely.
  2. Most of the portable photo printers come with a rechargeable battery. But even a fully charged battery doesn’t last long some times. 
  3. Though they are connected wireless using WiFi or Bluetooth, you need to be in range to stay connected. 
  4. Since they are small and can be carried into pockets, they are not completely water-resistant. So you need to prevent it from water and dust.
  5. These portable photo printers need to be handled with care as they have parts assembled and can be broken easily if you sit with putting them in your pocket.

The portable photo printers can never compete with normal printers at your home or office because they are big machines and are designed for multipurpose. These pocket printers are just for your comfort and ease of photo printing only. If you are thinking that portable photo printers can replace Big Bulky printers then you are absolutely wrong here.

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The Final Words

If you ask my opinion regarding the question that “Are portable photo printers worth it?”

Keeping in mind all the features provided and the price at which they are available. Yes, portable photo printers are worth it. Though they cannot replace usual old big printers they are worth the portability they provide.

I have framed this opinion of mine after learning a lot about them and using them on various occasions. You can have a look at the advantages and disadvantages given above and then think of using them.

Every coin has two sides, the product which has some benefits will have some disadvantages too. If you are confused about this dilemma of buying a portable photo printer or not. then you can surely tell me in the comments section. I will guide you in the right way.  

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