10 Best Fonts For Writing Your eBook in 2021

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In the digital age, the demand for customization has become quite ubiquitous to most of us.  Making connections and communication through content and creative, has become a swift way of reaching out to the masses. 

One thing that persists everywhere – the way of writing!

Thus, what we all have to concentrate on is the written format. The use of functional, clear, and unique fonts is pivotal in this scenario.

From the simple tweaks like setting your browser’s zoom point to the e-books need to be aligned writing texts. 

Creating the ideal reading experience has a lot to do with the clear and aligned fonts. However, in the pool of available fonts, it often becomes very difficult to choose the best among all. Collectively teams are working for selective fonts for e-book readers.

Importance of using the right font for your ebook

Fonts work like wonder. There is probably a very less number of people who have not yet explored the fonts available on Microsoft word.

Writing anything requires a good font to mainly attract the readers to stay on the page for some time.  The way a word is used will perceive a better feeling when it will be powered with a good font.

In my opinion, it would be a good decision to pick attractive but simple typography for your ebook. It is always recommended not to use very stylish fonts because it can make users lose interest in reading after some time.

The ultimate goal to choose the right fonts is to transmit the message effectively

While you’re typing on your computer, the ultimate goal is to transmit the idea to the readers.  The fonts have a profound effect on the readers and add feel to the context. The perceived idea of understanding any context varies based on the type of font that you choose. Each font has its appeal to it. Shapes are majorly multi-sensory. They can affect more than one of your senses at a time. Emotions feel and understanding all depends on what you see and how you feel about it. 

Did you know?

There are numerous fonts that we’re reading regularly that are affecting us in several ways. The fonts subconsciously tell us what you should buy and where you should go. A piece of content with good fonts is most likely to engage users in reading for longer runs.

Font-Driven Perceptions

Numerous researches are based on the fonts from the 100 years old scripts. The data has remained scientifically unproven. It is based on the conclusion that was made regarding the fonts used in writing. There are logical interpretations of it.

Like for example, Helvetica font is one of the most serious fonts in the font category. When a person is writing documentation, article, blog, ebook, or any other important information, they prefer to keep the font Helvetica to keep the readers engaged.

On the other hand, Comic Sans is one of the most whimsical fonts and have a much opposite effect. Anything written with such a font won’t be taken seriously.

Why do good fonts matter in E-books?

For both aesthetic and practical functioning of your idea or context font plays a bigger role.  This certain font works well in some applications, whereas, the same font doesn’t reach the heart when used for graphic design.

The font you will choose for your idea to sell will grab the attention of potential customers. So, if you are into promoting your brand, be wise about the font.

10 Best Fonts For Ebooks [With Examples]

1. Roboto

roboto font image

This font is my all-time favorite that is being used by 6.3 trillion of the users while writing various things.  This style of font speaks about the legibility and the diversified application. It has 12 inbuilt styles to use in different styles like bold, italic, and lots more.

The mechanical skeleton, geometric, & open curves feel present in it gives a reading rhythm to the readers. It is immensely growing in popularity among writers and designers as well.

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2. Open Sans

open sans font image

This popular font is designed by Steve Matteson who proposed 10 types of Open sans style. It is made optimized for mobiles, web, and print media. The excellent legibility of the characteristics of this font has been viewed by 5.6 trillion times. In the last few decades, this style has been used for 1.47 trillion views which are 5% high over last year.

3. Lato

lato font image

This amazing Lato font was developed by Warsaw-based- developer Lukasz Dziedzic in the year 2010. It has successfully gathered 1.3 trillion views and now ranking 434 billion times higher. It is increased to 16% in the number of times it is used earlier.

4. Slabo 27px

slabo 27px fonts image

One of the innovative types of font developed by John Hudson, this is an expert contributor to the Unicode. This is viewed by 950 billion viewers. Because of its elegant design, it is used largely by web designers and also by writers. So, you can consider using this font for writing your ebook too.

5. Oswald

oswald font image

This interesting font is inspired by Alternate Gothic san serif typefaces. This was developed by Vernon Adams launched in 2011. This font was adopted and updated to support Cyrillic characters. This has shown remarkable growth over the years. It is recorded around 6% last year.

6. Roboto Condensed

roboto condensed font image

This is a miniature version of the most popular font of Roboto. There are 6 additional styles highly popular among the top fonts. This is a popular version and originally developed by Christian Robertson.  This is a much-friendly and open curve with the geometric mechanical skeleton-type present in it.

This font has gathered more than 76- billion views in the lifetime.

7. Source Sans Pro

source sans pro font image

This is one of the first fonts in the Adobe family, designed by Paul Hunt. The typeface is Sans serif. Source sans pro font has 12 added styles to it. There are around 633 billion times downloaded and 188 billion views. A shape increase of 14% is noticed.

8. Montserrat

montserrat font image

This font is the fastest-growing font in recent times which is developed by four expert developers- Sol Matas, Jacques Le Bailley, Julieta Ulanovsky, and Juan Pablo del Peral.  It is viewed over 591 billion times over this lifetime. Around 226 billion views are observed last year which increased the total 40% of the growth. This font is attractive and used at a large rate.

9. Raleway

Raleway fonts image

There are 18 associated styles of Raleway font found in the font family. More than 457 billion active users are actively using it regularly. You will find it in 8 million websites and e-books following a similar pattern. Nearly 142 billion of users increase 14% growth of this font all over.

10. PT Sans

pt sans font image

The most popular PT Sans font is libre licensed open source font, which is viewed around 428 billion active users around the globe. It is nicely designed by a Russian design agency named ParaType.  It is one of the most popular fonts present on the internet. This font includes the Latin and Cyrillic characters. There are 4 amazing styles of this font.

How can the font be helpful in the long run?

There are five innovative ways that evoke a font to attach to you mentally and emotionally. Fonts used on the e-books needed to connect which increases the sale as well.

  1. Font helps in grabbing the market audience’s attention
  2. Font creates a hierarchy.  Your content will be understood by the font layout you’re using in the e-book. The size of the font and the type matters a lot.
  3. Font tends to create an audience recall. Using customized typography enhances and recognizes your work easily.
  4. Font makes the readability better.
  5. Font maintains consistency which is the key to success.


To be frank, unbiased, and objective research to determine the readers’ enjoyment into the digital font matters a lot. It is important to make the topic interesting and can be discussed well using useful fonts among the top 10 stated above. 

However, an ideal E-book is found with perfect readability and characterization. If the font is not simple and appealing no reader will stay on the book for long. Let your voice be heard with the most suitable fonts available and shine through the goal diligently. 

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