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Are you looking for some best Civil Engineering apps which will help you to reach the goal u target? Here are some essential apps for you which will help you to give the solutions in your hand. It will be hectic if you start searching civil engineering apps in google and it will make you confused and in dilemma which app should you choose to install and download on your mobile. 

Whether you are a working professional in the civil engineering field or a student, these apps are going to help in various ways. Obviously, there will be hundreds of other apps that are good to use as a civil engineer. But, these are my personal picks. So, I think you should try them and make the most out of them in any way you want.

This article is only meant for helping the civil engineers who want to select the best app either for studies or professional tasks. Let’s start discussing.

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Best Apps to Use as a Civil Engineer or civil engineering student

1. Civil Engineering Dictionary

Know the meaning of important civil engineering terms

This dictionary app is for civil engineers which contains more than 10,000 words with their definitions and the app is from AboutCivil.Org.

So, you can use this app any time and anywhere you need to know about any specific work in the civil engineering field. The app will cover most of the important words you will ever hear as a civil engineer.

The app is completely free to use and has lots of active installs on Play Store. So, make sure to give it a try.

Some features of this Dictionary app:
  1. Images explained with 100s of words.
  2. Will be able to add a word to favorite for later use.
  3. Can easily search words from the search bar at the top.
  4. Detailed definitions of any words can be searched by the users.
  5. Within a few characters typing the suggestive words will appear.

2. Civil Engineering Reviewer

Review civil engineering question paper

This app is a reviewer of multiple choice type exam where questions are subdivided into different subjects patterned with professionals and civil engineering students.

This app is portable which you can even use if u are studying for a board exam. More updates to come with more than 350 questions composed.

3. Civil Engineering by Softeck

Learn important civil engineering concepts for free

This app includes certain important topics like Construction Technology, Engineering Materials, Hydrology, Water Resources, Engineering Machines, Structure Analysis, Open Channel Flow, Soil Type and Structure, Sewerage System, Fluid Mechanics, Laminar Flow, and many more.

The app is suitable for any student studying in any year. However, a professional civil engineer can also use it to clear concepts.

 Some features of this app
  1. This app has explained every necessary topic in civil engineering Technology that civil engineers should master.
  2. This is an android app that is suitable for competitive examinations form.
  3. This app is especially useful for those who are new to civil engineering because the language used here is simple and also advanced learners can also use it.

4. Civil Engineering Basics

Another great learning app for civil engineering students

This app is a handbook which covers the important topics of Civil Engineering basics and also provides news and blogs. This app will work as a digital book for civil engineering and tech degree courses.

Some features of this app for civil engineering students
  1. Provides detailed notes, diagrams, formulas, equations, and materials of 60 topics.
  2. Provides a quick reference and revision to important topics but gives a detailed easy notes to professionals and students to cover the syllabus quickly.

5. Concrete Mix

Concrete Estimator, converter, and brick calculator

This app is to calculate the material portion into the concrete mix and are useful for Civil Engineers, Contractors, Structural Engineers. Follows the principles of IS: 10262-2009 and IS:456 for mix proportion calculating.

The app can not only be used by the students for doing tough calculations but also by the professionals.

Some features of this app for civil engineering students
  1. Calculates the exact amount of mixed design and bricks
  2. The required quantities of materials will be shown in kilograms/m3.
  3. Find the exact quantity of cement, sand, and stone to be mixed

6. Concrete Calculator

A precise concrete calculator for civil engineers

This app is great to know how much concrete is required for footings, pouring slabs, columns, and steps. You can know about the aggregate amount of cement and sand required for a project.

The app will also provide you with the calculation of bricks needed to build walls. You can either use Metric or imperial units as you want. The app is pretty small in size and will work without the need for an internet connection as well.

7. AutoCAD 360

A portable DWG viewer and editor for Android

This app is an application which is DWG free and is easy to use in purpose for drawing and drafting tools. This app is the most powerful for drafting and editing, the tools allow to create, edit, and share AutoCAD drawings across any mobile devices or web.

Some features of this drafting app for civil engineering students:
  1. Allows to open 2D DWG drawings directly and upload from email or external storage.
  2. Gives a view to the aspects of your DWG file including layers, image underlays, external reference.
  3. The upgrade AutoCAD 360 allows to edit and drawing tool to work online and offline too.

8. BeamDesign

A great app to design 1D hyperstatic designs

This app is useful for civil engineers, mechanical engineers, architects and students also. This allows to edit hyper-static beams, forces, etc in textually and graphically too. This does not disturbs you in your work transparently performs in background.

Some features of this design app
  1. Imposes deflections
  2. M, N, V, ux, uz, pi, utot, sigma, and checks unity outputs
  3. Loads F, T, and q
  4. Each profile group can have its own color 
  5. Supports roller in any direction.

9. Civil Engineering MCQs

Get access to 10000+ civil engineering MCQs

This simple app will help you with the latest civil engineering questions which will contain over 10,000 questions including some covered topics like Soil Mechanics, Highway Engineering, Concrete Technology, Railway Engineering, Applied Mechanics, Tunnel Engineering Airport engineering, Foundation Engineering and lot many more.

Some features of this Civil Engineering MCQ app

  1. Here they add new questions with new better versions.
  2. Professors can use this app to refresh materials.
  3. Students can use it for exam preparation.

10. Frame Design

A great app to design 2D hpyerstatic frames

This is a feature-rich finite element app which is especially useful for mechanical engineers, civil engineers, students, and architectures. The app allows designing 2D hyperstatic frames with using Finite Element Method. Allows to edit hyperstatic structures, forces, support etc in graphical and textual way. Immediate perform of calculation. 

Some features of this app for civil engineering students
  1. Imposes deflections
  2. M, N, V, ux, uz, pi, utot, sigma, and checks unity outputs
  3. Loads F, T, and q
  4. Each profile group can have its own color 
  5. Supports roller in any direction.

Final Verdict

I hope this article will provide some value to the civil engineering students. If you have found your app, let me know in the comment section.

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