Best Softwares For Bridge Designing In 2021

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Back in Previous times, it was quite a difficult task to design hefty structures like bridges and buildings. And designing them is multiple dimensions even made the task more difficult.

The importance of civil engineering cannot be denied and the evolution of technology in this respective field also needs of the hour. A small mistake in this field can lead to blunders.

Everything needs to be precisely perfect as a lot of capital is involved in the projects.  The topic that I am going to throw some light on is Bridge designing and the best bridge designing software that can be used for designing bridges.

Not every designing software is perfect as each of them has some shortcomings. But there is some software that will surely serve your purpose and are very user friendly.

If you are a civil engineering student or a professional civil engineer working on a bridge designing project, then this article is surely for you. So here is a detailed list of best bridge designing software that will turn your dream bridges into reality.

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Best Softwares That Professionals Use For Bridge Designing

Let me not waste your more time and take you through the list. I have mentioned the links too. You can directly go to the homepage of software websites from there. Let’s Begin:

1. AutoCAD (Automatic Computer-Aided Design)

If you are into the construction field, then it is impossible that you have not heard of AutoCAD. Be it, students or professionals, this software is used by all. The parent company of this software is Autodesk.

This software is trusted by many professionals for Bridge designing 2d and 3d designs, Drafting, and Modelling workflows. You can also evaluate your project performance on this software. The response to changes in this software is really very good. Data and Processes are maintained consistently.

Key Features of AutoCAD:

  1. Powerful Documentation Of tools in 3d Visualization
  2. Ability Of Sharing Projects
  3. User-friendly interface

2. MIDAS Civil

The second software on my list is Midas Civil. Developed for bridge designing only. This software has a perfectly user-friendly interface. Modeling tools are also quite satisfactory while creating large scale designs.

Midas civil has got a cable-stayed bridge wizard that gives you comfort in quickly producing bridge models and set up construction stage models. If you are designing large scale projects then Midas civil is the best option for you. It can also be used to evaluate 2D traverse.

Key Features of MIDAS Civil:

  1. Automatically generates designs
  2. Auto Generate Load combinations
  3. Reports can be further imported into MS Excel Or Word

3. STAAD Pro

STAAD Pro is a structural design and analysis tool which is owned by Bentley Systems. Bentley is a US-based CAD/CAM software company. You can also design bridges in this application in a very precise manner.

The ease of use in this software is wonderful and beginners can also operate it very nicely. If you are looking for a bridge designing software that can also assist you in structural analysis then you can try this software.

Features of STAAD Pro:

  1. Integrates with other Bentley products Easily
  2. Models Can be transferred to the third party tools
  3. Better structural analysis

4. CSiBridge

If you are into bridge designing projects then this CSiBridge is a must for you. The team which developed famous application like SAP2000 has designed this application. this application is all focussed on bridge designing from different aspects.

The model properties in this application can be edited up to a great extent and model adjustments are also very flexible. It also contains engineering tools for modeling, designing, analysis, etc.

Features of CSI Bridge:

  1. Tasks can be scheduled and reported
  2. Model Properties can be imported using MS Excel and Word
  3. Bridge Modeler component, allows users to define the parameters for girder-type bridges

5. LARSA 4D Bridge Series

LARSA 4D Bridge Series is specially designed by bridge analysis and design. You can choose between standard and Advanced modes while analysis. Larsa 4d also runs the integrity check to fix the errors in the design.

You can generate graphs and reports and excel sheets and also extend software functional ability using macros. You can also take benefits of the library of elastic and non-linear elements, such as multi-node super cables, non-linear grounded spring, friction pendulum.

Features of LARSA 4D:

  1. Used for advanced modeling
  2. Numerous design functions
  3. User-friendly Graphic interface

6. Autodesk Structural Bridge Design

Another Software from Autodesk that can assist you in your bridge designing software is Autodesk Structural Bridge Design. It is basically an integrated bridge design software. Though it designed for small-sized projects only it serves its purpose very well.

Students and teachers can avail of the free version for a long period of 3 years. This software allows you to design bridge models, and check the codes. It is very simple when compared to the above-listed softwares.

Features of Autodesk Structural Bridge Design:

  1. Best for medium and small [rojects
  2. Free for a long period of time
  3. Good for defining geometrical properties


RISA is another powerful software that can be used for designing bridges precisely. It is a nice analysis software too. The interface is very friendly and beginners can easily operate.

You can also integrate it with other RISA platforms too like RISAFloor and RISAFoundation. You have different codes for different design materials. If you’re looking for designing with multi-material projects then you can give a try with this application.

Features of RISA:

  1. Very Accurate Tool
  2. Good For designing structures like bridges, Cranes, and Arenas.
  3. Pre-Packed with design codes

Guys though the Internet is full of small agencies providing you the bridge designing softwares. But not all of them are smooth and accurate to use. I have tried to list out the best bridge designing softwares that are developed by highly trusted companies and are used by professionals of the industry. 

Now Let me give you a brief note on your PC requirements for using these softwares. 

Software For Reviewing Your Bridge Design Projects

If you have designed your project and want to review it into a 3D environment there is software for you. 

8. Navisworks

Navisworks is a 3D environment where you can review your designed projects with ease. You will be able to see your designs from a different perspective. Reviewing your project will surely increase your productivity and quality of design.

Navisworks you to import all file formats and merge all the utilities to create an effective model. This application will provide you a detailed insight regarding your design. I would suggest you review your design for sure before submitting it to the final department. It will surely give it a professional touch.

Required PC Specifications For Using Bridge Designing Software Smoothly

No matter how good your software is, if your PC is not good enough to run it, then it is of no use. Here are the minimum required specifications for the smooth running of designing softwares.

  • Operating System: 64-bit OS.
  • Processor: 2.5 GHz (3+ GHz recommended)
  • Memory: 8 GB (16GB recommended)
  • Disk space: 7.0 GB.
  • Display: 1920 x 1080 resolution with True Color.

Importance of Bridge Designing Softwares In Civil Engineering

If Bridges are important in this world then so are bridge designing softwares. Today, where even small houses are designed with the help of designing softwares then why should bridges not be.

The importance of these softwares in designing cannot be ignored in any terms. When there were no softwares time consumed in the designing was the same as it took in other chores.

With the introduction of the designing softwares, the task gets completed within no time and the computations are very accurate. All this saves a lot of time and money. 

The Final Words

Bridges nowadays are not seen as connecting structure only. But they are also seen as icons of a particular city or a town. Many cities are just famous for their bridges only. Let me give you an example of Howrah Bridge in Kolkata(INDIA). The designing works take a lot of time and effort. Though softwares do the task precisely that does not means that it doe not requires efforts. Even a small mistake while designing can land the designers into trouble.

I have tried to cover all the aspects of the bridge designing that are important for bridge designing for beginners as well as professionals. I hope you find this list useful for you. If you have any more doubts left in your mind regarding these softwares or bridge designing then you can tell me in the comments section. I will surely guide you in every way possible.


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