Top 10 Home Design Software [Designer’s Picks]

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Do you love designing your home and experimenting with the colors? If you are the one who wants to change the design of your home without any hassle, then this article about the best software for 3D house design is just for you. 

So whether you’re a homemaker and an entrepreneur this article is in your right spirit. Regardless of what home project you are working on. These home designing apps gives you a chance to revive your old-style without any trouble. 

Nowadays there are many options available that you can easily access and have fun creating. This software allows you to communicate with designers who can help you to design your home in the best way possible.

And the best thing about this software is that it showcases your idea visually. In this way, you can get in a better position to decide which one is best for you. You can design your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and much more that too in one place. 

Moreover, you can run your business smoothly if you are in the business of décor. This is because these softwares run on project management, financial organization, and productivity-boosting programs. 

Here we have dodged out some of the best software apps that can help you to design and decorate your home easily.

Best Home and Interior Designing Software

1. AutoCAD LT

A highly precise 2D Drafting tool

autocad lt

It is one of the highest-rated and highly used software that can help you to design your home. It is quite popular among architects, designers, and professionals. With this software, you can make 2D modeling for anything from passive buildings to contemporary furnishings.

Besides this, it offers a range of features such as virtual reality, custom styles & materials, visual screen, and sketching.  And the best thing with the software is that you get an option of cloud storage. Additionally, you can also edit annotate, and create your drawing anytime that too offline.

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2. SketchUp Pro

Build Better Buildings with Sketchup Pro

sketchup pro

If you want to design your home and décor in your own style then this software is just made for you. By using this you can easily craft 3D building and contemporary styles without any issues.

Along with this, it has many features such as sketching tools, classic software, a collaboration option, and cloud storage. Moreover, it also allows you to measure building data, analyze anticipated energy use, and daylighting options.

In this way, you can easily determine your performance and style in the way you want it. You can also share your work with others once you are done with designing.

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3. TurboCAD

A great 2D and 3D Building Design Software


This software is specially designed for people who have vast experience in 2D & 3D designing.  It has a range of features that include parametric, architectural objects, sections, elevations, that increase the performance of this software. In this way, you are able to design your home in the best way. Besides this, it has many other features such as multiple OS support, photorealistic model support, lightning, designing, and much more. You also get internal & external database connectivity for easy sharing of your work. You can also team up and collaborate with others without any trouble.

4. Autodesk 3D Max

A Leading 3D Modeling Software For Precise Building Design

autodesk 3d max

Do you want to take full control over your rendering? If your answer is yes then this one is perfect for you. With this software, you can design your work in beautiful and high tech detail. It has many features such as super graphics, 3D animation, models, styles & designs, stunning visualization, and much more.

And the integrated and interactive style of this software allows you to see detailed reviews at the time of working. And the best feature f this software is that it gives you an option to create your own space without any issue.

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5. Autodesk Revit

A Great Software For high-quality designs

autodesk revit

If you want to renovate your building and home in the easiest way, then this app quite works for you. It includes architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, engineering, and contracting.

You can easily and effectively capture your design and intent in 3D and easily produce model-based designs. Besides this, it has many other features such as elevations, sections, 3D views, work-sharing options, and much more.

You can also make your own team by using this software and share your work on other platforms. And it can easily run on Windows and macOS.

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6. Archicad

Create and Visualize Home Designs


This is the software that is quite popular among the architect and interior designers. It allows you to create accurate construction details and estimate the quantity of building material that is required.

Along with this, it offers some other features such as BIM application, models, coordinate openings, document sharing, a consultant with engineers, and much more.

Moreover, you also get the option of upgraded real-time rendering, state of art visuals, code check design, integrated teams, and work sharing options. In a nutshell, this software can fulfill all your needs in one place without any issue.

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7. HomeStyler

A Great Software for latest home designs


As the name of the app says this software can helps you t design and decorate your home in the easiest way possible. With this app, you can easily build a 2D & 3D design format with accurate measurements.

Along with this, it offers many other features such as thousands of real products, paints, floorings, furnishing, art, and much more. And the best thing about the app is that it creates a photo-realistic visualization for you without any hassle.

Moreover, you can easily get this app for iOS and Android easily. You get easy to learn tutorial for a better presentation of your work.

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8. Infurnia

Architecture and Interior Design Software


If you want to interact with your designers and many clients through the software then this one is just made for you. Besides this, it offers many other features such as floor plans with multi-layered walls, advanced flooring, roofing, false ceiling, customized staircase tools, and much more.

You can also create 2D designs that you can easily concert in the 3D without any hassle. You also get an elevation view while drawing your work. And you can easily partner with Infurnia community and share your ideas with others and have fun learning.

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9. Live Home 3D

An Advanced 3D home design software

live home 3d

As the name of the software says this one helps you to create a precise layout and furnish rooms and even entire buildings. This software easily converts your 2D models into 3D models without any issues.

Along with this, it has many other features such as drawing tools, elevation views, material library, thousands of furnishing and appliances, and much more.

And the best thing with the software is that it also has an option of geo-positioning, and day lighting for taking the decision of proper light and dark area. You can easily convert your file into HD for better view and preview.

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10. Substance By Adobe

A great software for 3D Home Designing


This software allows you to create and add precise digital textures and material easily to your work. You can easily select hundreds of high-quality materials such as textiles, flooring, wood, stone, and much more.

Moreover, there are 1800 plus downloadable materials that can be integrated with other software applications easily. You also get many texture libraries and collections. And the best thing with this software is that you can easily make your own design with your own styles and photographs. 

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Final Verdict

I hope you will find this article helpful to know about the best 2D and 3D home designing software. You can pick any of these software because all of them are fully tested and trusted in this domain.

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