Top 10 Best Motion Graphics Software in 2021

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Best Motion Graphics Software To Use in 2021 [For Both Beginners and Freshers}

Motion Graphics in short can be defined as creating illusions with motion and rotations and usually are accompanied by audio in multimedia projects. Motion graphics are mainly displayed using electronic powered media but manual powered technology can also be brought in use.

To all the motion graphics aspirants and professionals. This article is going to be useful for both sections. Motion graphics is known as the backbone of the graphic design industry.

Graphic designing is considered as one of the best fields that provide shape to people’s desires.  And graphic designing is done with the help of well-known software that you need to be expert with.

Whenever you search the internet about best motion graphics software on the internet you get a lot of software claiming to be best. As there is a new motion graphics software introduced every week, it becomes quite difficult for newbies to choose the best one for them. 

I am here to give you a solution to this problem. I have researched on relied web resources and prepared a list of 10 best software that will surely enhance your motion graphic skills. These sites are trusted by professionals all over the world. Have a look over this list.

Best Motion Graphics Software For Beginners and Professionals

Here is a list of best motion graphics applications that will surely land you a job if learned passionately. I have provided links to the respected applications too. You can visit them there.

1. Adobe Photoshop

If you’re into graphics then Photoshop Is a must for you. No matter you want to learn notion graphics or anything else, this is just an elementary tool you can use for motion graphics in 2021.

Even you want to learn photo editing, you need to learn photoshop. Mastering photoshop means that you have ensured your journey towards a successful motion graphics designer.

You can create GIFs and Layout cell animations. You can resize and crop images using photoshop. Working knowledge of photoshop is the key to become a motion graphics designer.

The creative cloud version of Photoshop will cost you $52.99 per month and solo version will cost you $20.33 per month.


  1. You can create Designs
  2. Create Matte Paintings
  3. Editable Textures

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2. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is one of the most powerful tools used by professionals and is a valuable skill that matters a lot when applying for the job of a graphic designer. When you want to play around with vectors,

The illustrator must be your first preference. Logo designs, shape objects are best created on this platform. Smart guides and CSS extractor even make your tasks simpler. You can get adobe illustrator solo version at $20.99


  1. Free transform option
  2. Images in Brushes
  3. Availablity of dynamic symbols

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3. Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is a tool that will introduce you to real motion graphics. Most professionals prefer Cinema 4D over other motion graphics softwares.

Its user-friendly interface makes it famous among professionals. All the local and Hollywood studios make use of Cinema 4D for graphics. You can create quality 3D models with the help of this software. It will cost you $59 per month.


  1. Volume Builder
  2. UV Unwrapping
  3. Node Based Shading tools

4. Adobe After Effects

When it comes to graphics designing, Adobe Suite is termed as the Bible fo it. Another tool from the Adobe that is a masterpiece for motion designing is Adobe After effects. It is quite flexible in features that make it quite a user friendly.

It is a 2.5D animation utility which allows you to animate in 2D and 3D Space. Title animation can also be done using this application.

You can integrate it with Photoshop and illustrator to complete your motion graphics project. SoLo version of After effects will cost you $20.99 per month.


  1. Motion Tracking
  2. Object Removal
  3. Explainer Videos

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5. Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is also developed by Almighty Adobe And is also included in the creative cloud. Some people view it as a simple video editor only but it has a lot more to offer. A good motion graphics finished video can be created using this software.

Most of the motion designers prefer this application because of the versatility and integration with other  Adobe products. Adobe Premiere Pro is essential for Motion designers nowadays. A solo version of Premiere Pro will cost you $20.99.

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  1. VR editing
  2. Transition Effects
  3. Video titling

6. Mocha AE

Mocha AE is another tool that is used by graphic designers widely. This tool is used to track motion behind the clustered pixels. if you are looking for some extensive features like screen replacements then this software is surely for you.

Object removal and rotoscoping can also be done using this software. Though this application to master, once you get to it, it will be worth it.

Mocha AE is built in after effects which makes it easy to shift between platforms to work on large projects. This software is also a bit expensive and will cost you $695 for the Pro Version.


  1. VR workflows
  2. Premium Modules
  3. Object removal

7. The Trapcode Suite

Trapcode Suite is not an application but just a premium collection of plugins that you can use with after effects to give extended functionalities which could be difficult in another way. The whole collection will cost you $999.

Here is the list of plugins that you get with Trapcode Suite:

  1. Trapcode Particular: The industry standard particle generation tool. Seriously, if you’re creating particles you need to use this plugin.
  2. Trapcode Form: Builds grids around 3D objects. Think of a holographic display. The application is pretty diverse.
  3. Trapcode Mir: Fantastic for simulating environments and terrains in After Effects.
  4. Trapcode Stroke: Creates shapes and strokes from masks in After Effects.
  5. Trapcode Shine: Creates 3D light ray effects that are much more complex than the ones built into After Effects.

8. Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate is another application that is developed by Adobe and is very important for if you are looking forward to creating motions in animated characters. If you master this software then you can frame your stories and create videos.

This software skillset is quite profitable. This software will cost you $52.99 as a part of the creative cloud.


  1. Adobe Animate Camera
  2. Vector brushes
  3. Bring cartoons and banner ads to life
  4. You can create animated doodles

9. ZBrush

Current Industry standards are really taking note of Zbrush for painting and sculpting. It gives you a huge collection of customizable brushes. These brushes assist you a lot in shaping and crafting.

Zbrush is brought in use by a lot of professionals including film studios, game developers, and even scientists too.

It also has an amazing feature of Dynamesh that allows you to add or remove polygons whenever required. It will cost you around $39.95 per month.


  1. Live boolean
  2. Zmodeler
  3. Mesh Generation

10. Blender

Blender is an open-source application for 3d modeling suite. It is an all in one package for modeling, rigging, Animation, Simulation, Rendering, Compositing, and Motion Tracking.

The Grease Pencil is also an amazing feature of Blender. Whether you are building new worlds or Providing some effects to your video. The blender will do it for you. And the good thing about blender is that it is totally free and open source.


  1. VFX
  2. Video Editing
  3. Rendering
  4. Video Editing can also be done well.

Now let me give you a brief note upon the future of motion graphics if you are a beginner and aspiring to become a motion graphics artist. Let’s move

What Is The Future Of Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics are really going to have a bright future ahead. All video production studios and Leading graphic design agencies are always looking for talented and creative candidates. Game character designers are really paid very high and equivalent to Software Developers. 

Basically, Graphic design is a passionate career and don’t enter this field just for money. You need to be creative and talented enough to survive.

The importance of motion graphics is going to get a boom in upcoming years as graphics are important to present the organizations and their products. And I already told you about game character modeling too. 

The national average salary for a Motion Graphics Designer is $60,287 in United States as per Internet resources..

The Final Words

Guys, just leaning software is not enough to be a motion graphics artist. you need to master to beat the competition. It is true that there is a boom of graphics designing in upcoming years but doesn’t underestimate the competition among the youth.

Not only you but there are many other people like you who are crazy about this career. I would suggest you o learn everything in detail to be an expert motion graphics artist. it has vast opportunities.

Though I have tried to mention the best software that is industry standards for a motion graphics artist I will suggest you not limit yourself up to these skills only. Go beyond these also.

Also, Don’t forget to tell me in the comments section what topic should I write next. I will be glad to hear from you.

Happy Future Ahead!

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