Top 10 Software For Android Development Without Coding

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Android is one of the best open-source operating systems that is being operated in mobiles. It is owned by Google and Google is making it better day by day. Android has its own app store known as play store. It has all sorts of applications that users download according to their purposes.

You can also host your application on the play store. I remembered my college days when I hosted an app of my own on the play store as a part of a college project. Well, I was intelligent enough at that time to code any app of mine in Java.

But, if you do not want to learn to code but want to develop your own Android game or app, you can still do it. Below are some best software to develop Android apps without coding knowledge.

There are many people who want to know if it is possible to develop an Android app without writing any single line of code. And if is possible then how. Today I am going to clear your doubts regarding the same.

10 Best Software To Develop Android Application Without Coding

Times have really changed now and everything has become pretty simple. You needn’t spend hours in front of your PC to code. Use this software instead:-

1. Appypie

A Leading Android App Development Software Without Coding

Appypie is one of the best platforms which allows you to develop an android app without coding skills. It also works the same for iOS & windows too. You can create apps for Blogs, Photo Albums, Social networking too.

You can build apps for your businesses too such as Restaurants & Shops. It allows you to add as many features as push notifications, GPS trackers for targeting customers for local businesses.

The apps developed here are automatically hosted on the respective market places when published. Publishing Charges start from $7 per month per Android application.

AppyPie Review - Pros and Cons of the App Maker

  1. Good for local businesses
  2. Free for designing
  3. Easy to use interface

2. Mobile Roadie

A Well-Rated Android Development Tool Without Coding Knowledge

The next app creation tool on my list is Mobile Roadie. The up-to-date modes of this software are loved by users a lot. You can add more and more features to your application. There are many famous applications that have been developed on this platform like Disney, TEd & Universal.

This software also provides you with some important features necessary for businesses and Influencers like Chat and Fanwalls. There are plans accordingly for the users. You can choose one suitable for you. The good thing that I liked about this platform is the attractive templates and custom design options.

Mobile Roadie - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

  1. Geo-Targeting users
  2. Extensive design options

3. GoodBarber

A Multi-Platform Mobile App Developer Tool

GoodBarber allows you to develop custom apps easily for multiple platforms. It also guides you on every point and that makes it quite user-friendly. The featured offered are also good for businesses.

The main features include Tracking the audience, Various Widgets, different designs, and is also very useful as a content management system. Once your app is at its final stage you can have a final check on your smartphone too.

The platform is free for the first 30 days and you need to pay 16 euros per month after that.

  1. Flexible designs.
  2. Best for development of content related applications

4. Buzztouch

Another Interactive Android App Developer Tool

If you are looking to build an android application that is quite interactive then you can choose Buzztouch for that. It can build apps for both Android & iOS. It has no limits during the development process and is also known as a developer-friendly application.

You can use Plugins for excellent features to your app. When you visit the website of Buzztouch, you will see a complete guide with every detail on how to build an app from scratch.

You can create apps for free on the Buzztouch server for free. You can go for premium plans for some good features.

  1. Interactive Mobile apps
  2. Both Android & iOS supported
  3. Good for beginners

5. The AppBuilder

Business-Oriented Android App Builder

The AppBuilder is a complete suite that is required for Android development professionals. You can integrate your other online presence utilities too with the help of this platform.

The designs offered are totally unique and can be customized up to great extent. The principle of this platform is Drag & Drop. You need to drag and drop various design blocs to build the app.

You can publish the app on the Google play store as a trial and then make corrections later on. The platform is also regularly updated with the latest features.

  1. Customized templates
  2. Intelligent Integration

6. AppsGeyser

Interactive Android Development Tool without Coding Knowledge

Apps Geyser has done a tremendous job in developing Android apps without any coding experiences. It helps developers in creating android apps with easy blocks and templates.

The publishing process is also quite easy and you know what this platform also helps users in monetizing their apps. The main categories of apps that you can build on this platform are Flappy Games, Browsers, Text quests, etc.

All this is offered for free on this platform. You just need to add your customization before you start the development of apps.

  1. Monetizing apps assistance
  2. Additional features

7. MakeMeDroid

Easy to Use Android Development Platform

MakeMeDriod Platform is an ideal platform for beginners for developing android apps without any prior knowledge of coding. The interface is quite easy to use and it also gives you early access to your mobile screen.

You can also add some additional features like integrating RSS feeds, instant messengers, etc. I tried building an application for my blog and it took me approx. 2 hours in building an entire full to-do app.

Since the tool is free to develop apps but the premium subscription provides you a lot of support in development.

  1. Automatic update system
  2. Comes with  Emulator

8. Swiftic

Fast and Easy Android Development Platform

Formerly known as COMO, Switic is an instant app builder that comes with both free and premium plans for building Android apps without coding. There are a dozen themes on this platform.

You just need to choose themes and a category and you can start developing your App. When compared to other app creating tools, this tool seems a bit upgraded in features.

You get push notifications, Instant messaging, Monetizing features, and other necessary add-ons integration.

  1. Drag & Drop
  2. Huge collection of templates

9. Appery

Fast and Free Android App Development Tool

Appery is one of the fastest app creation tools. You need not download and install anything. Everything is done on a cloud platform. The working principle is Drag & Drop for creating UI and is pretty simple.

You can build apps for Android, Windows Phone, and iOS with all built-in components. Appery consists of a plugins section that provides you additional features. You can also share your projects with your team.

The basic package is free and you can also upgrade your package for premium features.

  1. Free to use
  2. Very fast in development

10. GameSalad

Another Beginner-Friendly Android Development Software

Gamesalad is the best platform for you if you’re thinking of developing a game for Android And iOS platforms. No prior programming is required for using this platform. There is a Drag& Drop interface here.

The main features of this platform include editing of characters, designing creative scenes, sounds, and altering characters. There is also a community forum of this platform where you can ask questions and get your doubts cleared. The basic package is free of cost and goes high up to $299 per year.

  1. Drag & Drop interface
  2. Free to use

Manually Coding Apps Vs Apps Developed By Using Tools- Which Is Better?

If you ask me for my opinion regarding the same is that Manually coded are better. I would prefer a manually developed app rather than an automatically generated one. The main reason behind this opinion is that there are certain limitations in the apps developed by tools and you get to stick to the templates only. While in the manually coded apps you get independence for all components. You can add any feature that you need for your App.

However, if your purpose gets achieved with tools created an app, then you can go for it. Also, not everyone is a coding expert so you can go for these tools. I am not claiming these tools as bad, but they are surely limited to certain features. You can take the decision accordingly.

The Final Verdict

Apps are new business things in the internet world. Almost every business organization has its own app. Many college and school students have lots of innovative ideas in their mind but lack the coding skills to design an app so that they can shape their ideas.

These tools come in very handily for them. The platforms listed above are trusted by a lot of users to develop android apps. You can also make use of them easily and also most of them are free.

If you have any doubts regarding developing Android apps without any coding knowledge then you can ask me in the comments section. I will answer all of you.

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