Top 10 Best Tools and Apps For Making Birthday Videos

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Events like New Year, Christmas or birthdays are the pleasure giving days for us and these days become more surprising and exciting if you make video clips which will stay as a memory and for recalling most amazing moments.

However, If you are up to looking for some best video making apps for creating beautiful birthday videos with songs and other beautiful backgrounds for your loved ones then here are some best high-resolution birthday video making apps waiting for you.

Let’s see some of the best birthday videos making apps for your Android and iOS smartphones.

Best Apps For creating birthday videos

1. Animoto

This app or video making website is currently used by more than 13 million people. The website carries simple tools and amazing features and is one of the best home video making sites. It is not necessary to be an expert to edit videos in, one will just need to choose the suitable backgrounds and music and then customize the video to share it.

Some features of Animoto:

  1. Allows creating interesting birthday videos in a short time.
  2. Allows you to share the video on any social platform like Facebook, Twitter, email, or YouTube.
  3. Android apps of Animoto enables to access their site from anywhere
  4. BBC, CNN, NBC, National Geographic, and various other companies have appreciated Animoto.

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2. Smilebox

Another website that allows making, create, and share superb birthday videos within minutes. All you will be needing is to add the necessary videos, photos, and music to bring out a beautiful video as per you want and prefer.

The app is not available but you can just visit the website and create your own video on the go.

Some Features of Smilebox:

  1. Allows selecting a vast range of slideshow designs.
  2. Allows users to upload on social platforms.
  3. Contains the ability to create videos within a nick of time.

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Here you will need to sign in to create birthday videos with the templates. For removing watermarks you will need to subscribe to their plans and have to pay per export. But, Renderforest is one of the greatest tools I have ever used to create amazing birthday wishing videos.

View to the features –

  • Provides templates to make birthday greeting cards, videos, and creates birthday slides with music.
  • Renderforest provides royalty free stock footage access.
  • Provides lots of music to best fit your videos.

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4. Jibjab

This is another video making site which allows the user to choose suitable themes from a lot of interesting themes. Unfortunately, these videos will not be going to home movies but having funny clips which can be sent as ecards. Actually, this website will help you to create amazing music videos by adding your desired faces inside the videos.

You just have to upload your image after picking the right music video. The face will be changed as per the photo and it will look pretty funny to see. Just check it out.

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5. Clideo

If you want to create an animated video then this is an ideal website for you. This site quickly animates the texts, objects and creates a nice animated video, and also allows you to download that video in HD quality. 

This website offers numerous features to make our videos customized for our loved ones. You can add images, video clips, and desired music inside your videos. Just try it out.

Start creating birthday videos on Clideo

6. Stupeflix

This website makes videos in the shortest span of time with stunning background music, texts. The background tracks and texts and the site will do the rest of the work once you drag and drop the photos, videos. One does not need to be an expert in order to make any interesting party or event videos.

Some features of Stupeflix:

  1. It allows users to make 20 min long unlimited videos without paying a cent.
  2. It comes with 16interesting and amazing themes which will touch a drama to your party video.
  3. Allows the user to set the space of the video along with individual duration.
  4. Easy adjustment of volume
  5. Allows to attach narration and voice overs.
  6. Allows to make slow motion videos

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7. Wevideo

This is another great cloud video making platform which you can use on the go. It comes with basic and advanced features too which helps you to choose the kind of effects, videos, and other things inside your videos.

Some features of Wevideo:

  1. Since it has a cloud so you do not need to save it on your hard disk, it has the option of instant cloud upload.
  2. You can pick up the video where you felt it if you failed to complete it in one go.
  3. It has features like slow motion, green screen, fast motion.
  4. Viewers don’t lose interest that will be made sure by the transition.

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8. Kizoa will help you with something simple and basic which you need to check. This site doesn’t ask for any registration fee. Creating videos here is easier than a child’s play.

Some Features of Kizoa:

  1. Allows building wedding photos, kids photos, backgrounds apart from uploading own photos and videos from computer or social platforms.
  2. Carries sweet transitions and effects which turns the videos and photos sparkling.
  3. Simple and very basic app for video making.

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This is another useful birthday videos maker that allows for making amazing and stunning photo videos in various styles using happy birthday themes. It will charge $9.99 to remove the watermark in video. You will need to sign up before starting to create a birthday video.

Some Features of Picovico:

  1. Picovico allows to add music from outside in video and gives out a stunning and well-polished birthday movie.
  2. Selecting the video then adding the image and videos, music and it will be done.

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Allows online birthday video making, also allows to upload your own images, voiceover, music and also professionalized birthday videos. To use Animaker you need to sign up and after that the paid plan and the free plan will be different. You can choose plans as per your need personally ($12/month billed annually), startup ($19/month billed annually), Business ($39/month billed annually).

Some Features of Animaker:

  1. Provides various templates for you to choose
  2. Allows to export the video directly to YouTube
  3. Paid plan features are of good quality
  4. Online video maker which allows to make personalized birthday video

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Note – Now, it’s up to you to choose the best site right for you and start making stunning easy birthday videos and make fun to watch.

But it is highly recommended to choose Filmora for the first beginning part.

Things to keep in mind –

  1. Limited features are given in most video maker
  2. Adding good music is important for the best results
  3. Downloading and uploading large videos are time-consuming

Conclusion – Showing your care for your friends and family is very important but due to our busy lifestyle, we lack time to spend time with our loved ones on their special days or any special events and occasions. By the video maker apps, you can make your loved ones feel special by presenting some birthday videos created by you which will make the moments more memorable and can be preserved forever to recall it whenever you will miss it.

So, which app are you choosing to create birthday videos for your special once?

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