Clip Studio Paint vs Adobe Photoshop: Which one is good for Illustration?

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Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular and highly effective photo editing, graphic design, and illustration app. Whether you use it on iPad, Windows, or Mac, you can have numerous benefits with this effective program.

Although it is not totally focused on illustration, you can still create immersive visuals using Adobe Photoshop if you are ready to opt for its monthly subscription plan.

On the other hand, Clip Studio Paint (Manga Studio) is a highly suitable and fully optimized app for drawing and painting. Most of its features and tools are developed in a way that they can facilitate the illustration tasks effectively.

But, there is a hype around the internet that which one of both these apps is good for illustration. So, in this article, let’s dive deeper into this topic and find out which one you can choose for your illustrations.

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Why should you use Adobe Photoshop for Illustrations?

Adobe Photoshop is more like a Photo Editing and Graphic Design app instead of a drawing app. But, you can surely use it for illustrations because most of the drawing tools such as Pens, pencils, and numerous brushes are available.

In fact, it is pretty open with different brush files. You can import numerous types of brushes and use them effectively.

When used in iPad, Adobe Photoshop can provide you with excellent offerings when you use it along with your Apple Pencil.

The color control is perfect with numerous options to change brush styles and their properties. Adobe Photoshop has various other features that you may not get in any other tool. So, you can consider it for drawing purposes.

Also, if you have a creative cloud subscription, you should try using Adobe Photoshop along with Adobe Fresco (Adobe’s new drawing app) and see how effective both these apps are.

Read this article if you want to see a brief comparison between Adobe Fresco and Adobe Photoshop Sketch.

Why shouldn’t you use Adobe Photoshop for Illustrations?

As compared to the Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Photoshop has very limited features that may not help you to get the most out of your drawings if you are an expert.

Also, before using Adobe Photoshop, you should arrange a powerful PC or tablet with a lot of RAM. Because it is a full-fledged graphic design and photo editing app, it will consume a lot of RAM and other resources of your device or system.

The main user-interface is pretty cluttered and the grids look dated.

The main reason why artist do not want to use Adobe Photoshop is its monthly pricing package. For iOS users, Adobe Photoshop comes for US$9.99 which you have to pay every month.

So, instead of paying for this app, you can directly switch to any other drawing app that is fully focused on a single purpose.

Why should you use Clip Studio Paint for Illustrations?

Clip Studio is focused especially on digital painting. The line control and stabilization features make the line drawing smoother. You do not get this feature in Adobe Photoshop.

But, it is an impressive thing to see in this app because drawing lines is the primary thing in drawing, so Clip Studio is allowing you to get full control over everything when it comes to the flow of these lines.

Even after the drawing, you can still change the line properties like opacity, width, etc.

Most impressively, Clip Studio is much more affordable than the Photoshop. You just have to pay its one time price of $49.99. However, you can also opt for its monthly plan. But, the perpetual license is a good option to choose from.

There are various additional layer options such as reference layer in Clip Studio Paint. You also get options to customize your brushes.

Why shouldn’t you use Clip Studio Paint for Illustrations?

Although Clip Studio Paint is one of the most popular drawing apps, some drawbacks are still there.

The main UI of Clip Studio Paint is always cluttered with NEWS, Ads, and latest artworks which is an annoying thing to see in a paid tool. Also, the main interface look dated as compared to other drawing apps.

Some popular filters like Liquify and various others are missing in this drawing app. Also, you may find it hard to locate all of its tools in its complex interface.

There are no other serious drawbacks of Clip Studio Paint when it comes to illustration tasks. As one of the most popular drawing apps, you can expect amazing benefits from this app.

Which app is best for illustrations? Adobe Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint

Because Clip Studio Paint is developed for drawing and illustrations, you should definitely go for this app. Its one-time pricing package and numerous illustration-oriented features makes make it superior as compared to the Adobe Photoshop in this specific drawing domain.

However, if you are looking to create impressive graphic designs, and edit photos along with drawing, you can surely try Adobe Photoshop.

In simple words;

It all depends upon your requirements. If you are into graphic design and concept art, Adobe Photoshop is best for you. But, if its heavy on drawing and painting, Clip Studio Painting is a perfect pick for you.

Final Words:

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