How to Fix Android Ghost Touch Problem?

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Ever seen your android phone getting mad and acting at its own will. Well if you have been through this then you are not alone in the queue. In recent weeks many android users have seen their android device’s touch misbehaving.

This issue is not new to Android and is known as “Ghost Touch Problem”. Also, let me mention that there is no spirit operating your device. Some people even fear that their device is being hacked and now is working on the commands of hackers.

Actually it is not the issue. Your device has got defected. This issue can arise in any android touchscreen device and yours is no exception.

There might be some particles of dirt stuck behind your device’s display that might be causing this annoying issue. Today I have come up with some permanent solutions to this “Ghost touch problem”.

A rogue fall can have an impact on the hardware of the device causing this issue. I will be telling you the reasons behind this issue, how to fix this issue, and how to protect your device from getting affected by this issue. Just read this article till the end to clear your thoughts regarding “Ghost touch problem”

What is Android Ghost Touch Problem?

Now let me explain this issue with an example. You have put your device in your pocket and suddenly it starts clicking automatically without any reason.

It starts misbehaving and your volume goes low to high and high to low again and again. This issue is known as “Ghost touch” in android devices.

Many times when you are charging your device this issue occurs more frequently. And there is nothing much that you can do with your software to fix this issue.

In most cases, the issue is related to your glitchy hardware which is directly linked to the chassis of your device. This issue is faced by Windows and iOS devices too but being more frequent to android devices, it is directed to Android.

During this issue sometime a small portion of your display also becomes unresponsive. The devices which are more frequent to this problem are Moto G4 and One Plus.

If you have recently got your touchscreen repaired, the issue would most likely to happen on your device.

What Are The Main Causes Of This “Ghost Touch” Issue?

A single reason can’t be blamed for this issue as reason can’t be fixed. Here are some possible reasons that can cause this issue and you should take care of these things.

Using your phone with dirty or wet hands

  1. Dirty Screen protector
  2. Faulty Charger
  3. Putting pressure on Screen e.g Sitting with your phone in the pocket

Methods To Fix “Ghost Touch” Issue On Android Device

I will start with the easiest and the simplest methods that will help you in bypassing this issue. Sometimes your device is not suffering from this issue but you still think it is. Make sure your device is having this issue, only then you should try these fixes.

1. Clean your Screen or Protector surface

Do you remember when did you last change your last screen protector? Dirty screen guards can cause this issue.

The small particles of dirt make it prone to such issues, thus making you uncomfortable. 

I would suggest you change your dirty screen protector with a new one. Don’t forget to clean your device’s display too.

2. Return Device

Another way to fix this glitch is to return the device to the manufacturer. And do this only if it is under warranty and its replacement is free or at a low cost.

Most companies will offer you a free replacement if your device is under warranty while some may charge for that too. And this method is also not quick.

As you have to go to the store by yourselves and It might take 2-3 weeks to get your device repaired from the care center.

I would suggest you get your device replaced if it is inside the warranty period. Else, you can get it repaired from an authorized repairing station.

3. Disassemble The Device

repair your phone

Though it is risky you can try it if you are an expert in doing such things. You can disassemble the touchscreen part of your device and see where the problem is occurring.

There are chances of losing connections that might be causing the glitch. Don’t explore all the devices. It might land you in another trouble.

So, guys, these were some tips that you can try by yourselves to fix this issue of “Ghost Touch” in your Android Device. However, you can also hit a try on some youtube channels that are giving tips on this issue. 

4. Get in touch with an Expert

Finding an expert to get your device fixed is perhaps the best way you can do in this case. Instead of opening your device by yourself, make sure to visit a professional and let them see what is happening inside.

In most cases, the problem lies deep inside the circuits and no one can fix it without a good technical knowledge of smartphone repair. The Internet is the best way to find a professional. So, just google it and take your phone to someone who can get it fixed properly.

How To Avoid Ghost Touch Issue In Android Issue?

If you take care of small things then this issue can be prevented or avoided up to great extent. This issue mainly caused due to some strain on screen. Whenever you sit with your phone in the back pocket, you are inviting this issue.

Don’t touch your device with wet hands as it might make the device’s touch unresponsive. Clean your device’s display and screen protector regularly so that dirt particles don’t create conflict between your screen guard and display.

I would also suggest you to not to use faulty chargers as that also causes this issue.

If you want to get your screen repaired, make sure to get an original piece installed in your device. Using a low-quality touchscreen or display can invite not only ghost touch but various other problems for you.


Android devices are one of the best user-friendly devices that give you freedom of almost everything unless iOS. With such freedom, you also need to face such issues.

However, this issue is very rare in Android phones and needs to fixed when caused. You should try only the primary methods to fix this issue. If you have no knowledge of device hardware then I would suggest you take your device to the technician to get it fixed.  

And I don’t want to hear you say “????Old button phones were better” . Since I have included all the tips that you can try on your hand to fix this notorious issue.

If you are still feeling difficulty in fixing this issue then please reach me in the comments section. I will analyze your issue and then will suggest you something good. 

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