How to fix the “iPhone Not Backed Up” Problem?

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iPhones are the most premium devices in their respective segments. They don’t face frequent technical glitches now and then but that does not mean that they are totally untouched by the messy issues.

Though such issues can be resolved easily without the need for an expert. One such issue regularly faced by iPhone users is a notification that reads”iPhone not backed up”.

This notification comes up now and then you always want it to go. Well if you have tried everything on your end and now you are fed up with boring notification which has no use to you.

I have come up with a permanent solution to this issue. You won’t face this glitch now. Just follow the simple steps that I am going to tell you.

But before we move further to remove this issue. Let me tell you what is notification really means and whether it is important for you or not.

What Does “iPhone Not Backed Up” Notification Mean?

What if I tell you that this notification is not an issue but just a notification from Apple to back up your device’s data. Yes! you heard it right. This is just a slight reminder from the apple community that you have not backed up your iPhone yet.

This notification does not go till you have backed up your device. That is the main reason that users want this notification to go.

The legit advice that I would Like to give you is that you should back up your device to make this notification forever. However, there are some other ways to remove this notification but they cannot be justified.

You should keep your phone powered by a stable WiFi connection every time so that your device creates backup automatically. Now let me mention some methods that will assist you in removing this annoying notification.

What are the Reasons Behind “iPhone Not Backing Up” Notification?

The following are the possible reasons behind the unnecessary showing of the notification.

  1. No BackUp Created
  2. Corrupt backups
  3. IncompletebBackup
  4. Weak Signal Quality, Unable to download backup files

How To Remove The “iPhone Not Backed Up” Notification From Your iPhone?

Here are some simple methods mentioned step by step. Go through them without skipping. Let’s begin:-

1. Using The Settings App

You can remove this notification using the settings app. Here’s how to do that.

  1. Go to the settings app
  2. Tap on iCloud And then iCloud backup
  3. Turn Off the toggle next to iCloud
  4. Press Ok to confirm

This will remove the notification temporarily. However, you will get rid of it for a short time.

2. Backup Your iPhone

I would suggest you get your device a good quality WiFi connection and backup regularly. This will not only remove the notification but will also save your data. You won’t be in the position of losing your data anyway.

You can create these backups manually or using some software that will automatically do the job. Here are some softwares that will help you.

Because the error message itself shows the issue, you should make sure to keep your device data always backed up. However, it will also be good to turn off the backup permanently or block the notifications.

Final Words

Guys, Apple shows you this issue because you have some issues with your backup or you have not created your backup. Backup is necessary for you. All your data is at risk if you have not created a backup.

I think I have covered every aspect that needs to be covered under this issue. You can take help from this guide and do the needful to your device.

If you think that I have missed something important regarding this notification issue. Then please tell me in the comments section. I will surely add more to this article.

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