How to Make an Attractive Banner in Simple Steps?

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Highlighting the purpose of your business, its products, or services, is never an easy task. Companies pay hundreds, thousands, and even millions of dollars in their advertisements.

But, getting results from both online and offline mediums is pretty tough. Except if you know how to use your business assets in a proper manner.

Today, in this article, we are going to know how you can create an impressive banner for your business, business website, social media, advertisement, or even for print purposes.

But the first and main thing which you will need to design a banner is software. So, I have published an article where you will get to know about the 10 best banners and leaflet designing software in 2021.

I would also suggest you check a free but amazing banner designing platform called Canva. This is the platform where you get numerous ready-made banner templates to edit easily.

Now, you have two option to choose from. Either you can hire a professional company or a freelancer to do this job for you, or you can do it by your own.

So, in this article, we only cover the steps which you can perform as a business owner to create a good banner for your business.

This article will also be helpful for the professionals who wants to know how to create an impressive banner for a client,

1. Choose the right banner size

Sample Banner

The first and most important thing before you get into the process is to pick the right banner size. Don’t worry, I am going to give you a list of different banner sizes which will be suitable for different purposes.

Online Advertisements Banner Sizes [Standard]

Square Banner250×250, 500×500, 300×250
Large Mobile Banner320×100
Rectangle Banner180 x 150
Skyscraper Banner160×600, 120×600
Leaderboard Banner728×90
Half Banner235×60
Full Banner468×60
Button Banners88×31, 120×60, 120×90

You can pick your desired size from these standard sizes and use them in your dimensions. The dimensions can vary from pixels, cm, inches, till meters. But, it will be good if you use these standard sizes.

Make sure to use vector graphics if you want to use banners for printing purposes. Using raster graphics elements would create problems when you print these banners out.

2. Keep Background Simple but attractive

Note: It will be good to pick a straight color or gradient as your banner background if you are not able to find the right imagery background.

Picking the right background for your banner is important because it the main thing which will catch people’s eyes.

A good background is the base of a good banner. So, if you want to get proper outputs from it for both online and offline advertisements, make sure to choose the right background.

Also, the background should be selected as per the overall appearance of your banner. Consider choosing the images, texts, and other graphics color elements as per the background.

Some attractive banner background examples are as follows.

Sample Banner
Sample Banner

3. Choose Catchy Fonts

Typography is another thing that contributes to the success of your banner. Choosing the right fonts means choosing the visual language in which you are going to convey your message.

You can keep it simple and classic by using Aerial, Roman, Raleway, Helvetica, or Source Serif Pro fonts.

Some stylish and most suitable fonts for banners are Allura, Playfair Display, Ultra, Alice, etc.

You get numerous options for amazing font styles, sizes, and families on graphic designing software. If you are choosing Canva, you will see hundreds of different fonts to choose from.

Try to mix things up by using different fonts. Pick the font color as per the overall appearance and theme of your banner.

Catchy Fonts banner sample
Catchy fonts banner sample

4. Pick high-quality images or graphics

These days, businesses are using graphical elements in their ads and banners more than images.

It depends on your industry and type of products or services you are offering. But,

the purpose of this point is that you should try to choose the images and other graphical elements in your banner wisely.

Using the right images is crucial when you want to make the heaviest impressions on the audience.

Sample Banner

5. Make your message easy to understand

Banners are always kept simple and short because we want the audience to click on them or get in touch with us.

So, the idea is to use your banner as a piece of visuals so that people can get attracted to it. Choosing a simple but easy to understand the message is always a good idea.

6. Add Transitions and Visual Effects

Doing this would be tough but some platforms like bannersnack and Adobe Illustrator makes this possible for the users.

You can add different transitions and other stuff to make your banner behave in a certain way.

You can add slides, zoom, and various other effects to make your audience click through it. A catchy and techy banner would definitely help you to increase your Click Through Rate and hence the conversions.

7. Highlight your Brand

Highlighting your brand through the banner is the most important thing. In fact, this is the reason to create a banner for most of us.

Just make sure to create a banner as per your business website, logos, and other things. The banner should be able to transmit the message by adding your business into it.

For example, if you are using blue color for most of your business assets like logos, and website, create the banner in the same manner. It will also enhance the user experience.

8. Hire a Professional

Finding banner designing services is not tough these days. You can use Fiverr, Upwork, and various other freelance platforms to hire an expert graphic designer for this task.

Also, you can get in touch with various companies online and tell them to create an impressive banner for you.

Of course, you will have to pay for it but you will be able to save your precious time and efforts by doing the same.

So, consider hiring a professional graphic or a banner designer if you do not want to do it on your own.

Final Verdict

I hope this article will help you to know how you can easily create a good banner in very little time. Make sure to share this information with others too.

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