How to Write a Software Review? [In 8 Easy Steps]

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Writing Software or App Reviews is not like reviewing any other normal product. It is required to have a little bit of technical knowledge and expertise in that industry.

For example, you can read my reviews of some software here.

All I want to say is that you should use and experience those software before writing a single word about them.

In my career as a freelance content writer, I have written thousands of software and app (iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux) reviews for numerous brands and development firms.

So, I know what kind of reviews work well on the internet.

I am here to reveal all my experiences with you.

I am going to help you write the best software reviews that are engaging enough for the readers.

A review should be like a direct suggestion or your opinion on a product’s pros and cons. Also, it should be transparent when it comes to sharing important details like price, features, etc.

So, without any further discussion, let’s know how you can write amazing software reviews using the simple methods.

Step 1: Use the Software

The first and main step to write an impressive software or app review is to use that software before getting directly in the writing stuff.

It means you should have that software on your computer or smartphone and you should have spent a couple of hours using it.

For example, whenever I write a review about software (video editor, photo editor, animation software), I prefer to use it first of all in my own PC.

Do not worry about the OS.

If your computer is Windows and the software is available only for macOS, try to use emulators.

A passionate person is always ready to do anything it takes to achieve perfection. So, the first point is to use that software or app.

Make sure to keep writing the things you think should be there inside the review.

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Step 2: Write Pros/Cons/Features/Price

Now, when you have finished using the software, its the time to create an overview of what you are going to write in your article.

So, the most important things to write inside a software review are its pros and cons along with the features that make it different

From the things you have written in the above step, make sure to convert them into the lists.

You have to create separate lists of its advantages, disadvantages, features, price, alternatives, and everything you can include.

Step 3: See Other’s Review

The idea is to collect as much information as you can. So, you can read other’s reviews too.

Yes, you have to read other’s opinions on the same software if you want to make it good and thorough.

You might not have deep technical details that other person is having. So, you can search on internet to read what other people or reviewers think about that same software.

This will help you to add some extra points in your review.

I am not saying you to copy other’s work. But, it is completely OK to see things from other’s points of view on the same thing when it comes to writing.

So, take your time to research a lot, read articles, watch YouTube videos, and, do whatever else you can do to gather information.

Step 4: Add images and videos

This is one of the best things you can do to make your review or article helpful and engaging for your users.

You can simply create a YouTube video showing the usage, features, and other related stuff about your software.

Also, take screenshots and then add them in your review. It will help readers to see how the software actually looks like.

Also, they will be able to make a clear decision about the purchase from a video as compared to simple texts like this.

Step 5: Transparency is the key

Even if you add wrong details in the review you are writing, people are going to know the truth one day. And, when they find you were wrong, they are never going to see your work again.

So, make sure to be transparent when it comes to reviewing anything.

In this modern world, people have numerous options to choose from. So, they would definitely find another platform to get honest reviews.

If you see any of my software reviews on The Tech Top 10, you will see I add all the details about minimum system requirements, advantages/disadvantages to help the readers get the information they are looking for.

Step 6: Make Information Easy to Understand

Reviews are like pages or articles where people mostly come to clear their doubts.

So, when you are writing a software or app review, make sure to highlight the important information in either bold or some colorful text.

On my blog, The Tech Top 10, I prefer making tables and sections to show all the details to my readers.

For Pros and cons, I add a table with two columns where one is for pros and another one is for cons. It makes things easier to observe for the readers.

Step 7: Do not forget to give alternatives

To make your review extremely helpful for the readers, you can add some alternatives at the end of your review.

For example, whenever I write a review about a video editor or image editor, I always make sure to give some alternate options to choose from.

If you have other reviews written on those software, users would definitely go to those pages too.

Step 8: Give your Feedback

Users want to get your feedback on the software as a reviewer or we can say an expert. So, once you have used that software or app and have researched on the internet, it is the time to give your personal feedback on that piece of the program.

Be genuine and make sure to say all your heart out. It would help the readers know what you think about that software.

Most of the people would be there just to see what you think about that software.

So, at the last of your article, you can make a different section to share your own feedback about the software or app, or even any other product you are reviewing.

Final Verdict

I hope you will find this article helpful. If so, make sure to share it with others too. It will motivate me to write more.

Have a good day!

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