Why should you buy an iPad instead of a laptop?

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These days, it’s a tough task for a buyer to select one between an iPad and a Laptop. Since Apple tablets are becoming more capable day by day, the company seems to aim a laptop’s efficiency. If looked closer, not only they are aiming, but have already done a lot of works to take down a laptop or a desktop. With their new elegant and beauty-rich iPad pro-2020, they are compelling the buyers to try their iPad Pro as a laptop replacement.

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The all-new iPad Pro 2020 is more than what a user can imagine. Packed with features like super-excellent cameras and intelligent AI Siri, the tablet is super wonderful and capable at the same time. 

As far as my experience with an iPad Pro is concerned, I have become a big fan of this superb gadget since the last month when I got it purchased from the Amazon.

Note: The iPad is not recommended for study purposes and professional developers. If you anyhow purchase, you must get an Apple keyboard for about 100 to 150 US dollars. But, if you can’t afford to buy it, I have found an amazing iPad Keyboard on Amazon at a lesser price. Make sure to check it out.

Why an iPad instead of a laptop?

1. Excellent Hardware

iPad not only competed with the popular laptop brands and models but it can work great in the place of a smartphone. Because of its excellent design and amazing hardware, it can easily be used as any device in the way you want.

2. iPad is equipped with a powerful processor

The performance if we compare to the approximately identical priced intel core i5-8th generation. The result comes out in the favor of the A13 Bionic chip from Apple declaring it to be more efficient and optimized. Let’s look at the comparison charts.

ProcessorsA13 BionicIntel Core i5-8th generation
Base frequency1.8 GHz1.6GHz
High Performance Cores2x Lightening @ 2.65 GHz——
Energy Cores4x Thunder @ 1.8GHz——
Cache Memory8MB6MB
Memory TypesLPDDR4XDDR4-2400
Geekbench 4 single core5,4323,924
Geekbench 4 multi-core13,55411,936

3. iPad has innovative cameras

If we talk about the camera, the iPad obviously beats any laptop or even some mates tablets. There is nothing to be mentioned in the highlights, however, to keep you updated, let’s have a look at the respective camera setups.

iPad 2020Other Notebooks
13 Megapixels (Rear Camera Primary)——
10 Megapixels (Rear Camera Secondary)——
7 Megapixels (Front Camera)1-5 Megapixels (Front Camera)

Note: The front camera quality of iPad 2020 is far better than any notebook’s front camera.

4. The display is another plus for iPad users

Talking about the respective displays of an iPad and a laptop. iPad still wins featuring a 2K display, while most of the laptops and notebooks at the same price comes with 1080p. Apart from that, an iPad comes with better PPI and a touch display. Only a few laptops in the same range comes with the same specification.

iPad 2020Other Notebooks
2732×2048 pixels1920x1080pixels (other models up to 4K)

5. App Store

Windows OS or Mac OS, if you have ever used either of them and accessed the respective stores, you might have come across the lack of application. The reason is that computers simply rely on browser-based applications. However, within the iPad app store, you will find some great applications for your purpose. The count was 380,000, the last time I checked, which is being developed and pushed more applications each day.  

6. Siri, the Advanced AI Assistant

A digital assistant is not required for a genuine computer user, but the fact can also be not neglected that a digital assistant provides a great workflow to your daily tasks. It keeps you updated with latest things. It talks to you and performs actions such as conforming a call, updating you with time and whether, confirm flights, complete actions, perform searches and send a message etc.

7. An e-reader Replacement

If you read too much books online via PDF or EPUB, you may not find a laptop to be suited for the purpose, However, a kindle will do, but that is also a single purpose device. That is designed to read and hear only. In such circumstances, if you look at the iPad, it is perfectly mature for these things to handle along with other big tasks. All an e-reader need is a long battery life and an e-ink screen. iPad is capable of both at a time, thus a perfect choice.

8. Video Calling

iPad ensures you a unique experience while video calling. Thanks to its 7MP front camera. Also, there are almost all the supported applications available for video calling.

19. Location Detection

The location detection facility provided in iPad is more helpful than what you can imagine. It helps you obtains information from your surroundings. It can find things like nearby restaurants and hotels before paying a visit. It can also fetch the information about their current situations of being open or closed.  

10. Security Updates

A quality OS never miss proper and periodic security updates. So, it happens with the iPad operating system. Security and maintenance updates are properly pushed along the way. Being a packed operating system fully controlled by Apple Inc, it ensures top-notch security to your device and personals. However, if we look at the Windows OS, the security updates are on time but not that successful as in the case of Apple. 

Other Features of iPad/iPad Pro

  1. Portability

The iPad is a highly portable device if compared to the notebook laptops at the same price. It never wights more than 700-800 grams, which is quite easy to pick up and hold in hand for hours. Despite of being a full metal body, the device is not heavy at all. So, in terms of portability, iPad has a plus point over laptops and notebooks.

  1. Accessibility

An iPad packs some accessibility that you can never get within a PC device. The iPad pro 2020 has really good front cameras built into them, that means you will be having support for face unlock apart from a normal Touch sensor. Even some great notebooks don’t feature face unlock, so it’s another plus point for an iPad. One of its main selling features is that it has some of the features of a mobile also.

  1. Child-friendly

iPad makes a great impression in the heart of a children. Being a touchscreen device, which is mostly preferred by children, it tends to be a child-friendly device, especially for kids. There are ways to implement certain restriction on the device and applications.

Also, the parental controls work very-well. You can easily control the types of applications that you allow your children to download and watch. You can also disable the iPad store and the in-built Safari browser to restrict your children to explore further. Apart from all these, there are thousands of educational applications and brain empowering games and quizzes. 

  1. Battery-Life

Compared to a laptop or notebook which in spite of boasting doesn’t give you that much of battery life, while the all new Apple’s iPad pro makes everything clear at its first use. iPad comes with a powerful long-lasting battery that ensures more than 10 hours of battery life.

  1. 4K video at 240 frames per second

Another wonderful thing in iPad is that it is capable of shooting videos and capturing images in 4K quality, which is worth the price you are going to pay. The video frames can be also increased up to 240 FPS, that means, you can shoot super-slow-motion videos also.

Ipad vs Laptop: Which one will be a wise selection?

The era is changing. The users are bending towards portability and user-experience. A laptop might not be able to perform all the actions that an iPad can. Hence, you should give a hand-on to the iPad unless you are not purchasing a laptop for some specified tasks or for study purposes.

But, everyone has different requirements. For example, if it is crucial to have a Windows operating system in order to do your important tasks, there is no means of buying an iPad. However, when we look at the portability and price to output ratio, the iPad is definitely a good option compared to a laptop or desktop.

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