Is Adobe Photoshop Good For Drawing?

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The software that took the multimedia category to the next level is none other than Adobe.

Adobe Photoshop is a multimedia software developed for editing, creating, and drawing. It has the power to do anything related to art and creativity.

It is one of the oldest software by Adobe and is best known today for graphics designing, image editing, digital painting, and animations. Adobe Photoshop is mostly used by professional designers.

So if you want to know whether it is good software or app for drawing, here is the most helpful and genuine answer for you.


Photoshop is available for Windows 10, macOS 10.13, or later and iOS 13.1 or later.

How good is Adobe Photoshop for Drawing?

A good question!

Photoshop break the rules and tends to provide the professionals, a helping hand to explore and define the art of creativity. They can easily reach their desired outcomes in minutes with this king’s software.

let’s see if that helps the artist to draw something.

Of course, you can draw here, since you are provided with a canvas and different sets of brushes. There is no denying that this software is great for drawing, especially if you own an iPad version. The power of stylus!

If you are an absolute beginner, you may find the user-interface mind-spinning at first glance, maximum tools in minimum space. But, believe me, they have done it to enhance creativity. Certainly, it will take some time for you to learn, but once you are comfortable, it is super easy to do stuffs here.

If you have already spent some time with this software but for some other purpose like editing and manipulating an image. you can easily start drawing something such as a vector illustration or a low-poly art with the help of pen-tool, eraser etc.

One who has been using other software like procreate or CorelDraw, I am pretty sure that they have heard this name millions of times. Every magic fails against what photoshop shows you. If you have not put a hand on Photoshop yet, you can give it a try. I believe, your first experience will be amazing.

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Key Features of Adobe Photoshop for Artists

There are a bunch of tools specifically made from an artistic point of view. Below down are some great features listed.

  1. Shape Tool

The shape tool option enhances your drawing to pixel-level, drawing consistent shapes, and let you decide its thickness and width. This tool enables you to draw some popular shapes like circle, square, etc, and then edit them as per your needs.

  1. Thousands of brushes

You can download thousands of brushes manually from the stock. It lets you create without compromising with any possibilities. Also, it is pretty simple to customize the intensity, opacity, and all other qualities of brushes.

  1. Scalable Artboard

Adobe Photoshop provides you a versatile and scalable artboard for drawing. Also, you can increase its size to create the designs for printing works.

  1. Asymmetric Drawing

Asymmetric drawing tool lets you draw asymmetric art. Suppose you want to draw the eyes. Start working with one and just don’t forget to put a mirror line. It will automatically create another one, exactly identical beside the mirror line

  1. Multi-layer Drawing

You can draw different things on different things on different layers and can merge them all at the end. As per the size of your canvas, you will get numerous layers to create impressive artwork.

Plugins of Adobe Photoshop helpful for an artist.

  1. Coolorus

The Coolorus provides you a handy color picking on its simple UI. It is like a wheel or probably like a newton’s disc if you have heard about it. It mixes your colors to create new shades keeping your palette consistent.

  1. Brush Box

If you have a hard time organizing your brush sets that you have downloaded, you must take a hand on Brush Box. It lets you put your brushes and tools in an organized way. You can also give your favorite names to your loved brushes, and call them with their respective names later on.

  1. Renamy 

Renamy is a tool to manage different layers. sometimes, you create scores of layers while drawing and you become so engaged in drawing, that you don’t get time to rename them one by one. The layer stack becomes messy and you become frustrated. Renamy is a great plugin if you coming up with the same interruption while flourishing your ideas. It lets you rename multiple layers in a single click.

  1. Prisma palette

Prisma palette lets you identify the best-suited shade at a particular point, by calculating the colors in your scene based on effects and shadows. it adjusts your palate according to the scene you are working on. Consider, if you are making a tree, it will change your palette colors mostly into green and brown shades, which already are the respective shades of leaves and branches.

Drawing on the iPad: The next Level drawing experience for everyone!

Photoshop is fun on the iPad!

If you are a beginner and seriously looking for a mentor to get a good grasp over the best tools in photoshop. Here is an option you must once try

Photoshop drawing over an iPad is quite trending in 2021 because it lets you create brilliant and extraordinary pieces of artwork in very little time.

iPad delivers you an ultra-comfortable experience in drawing over photoshop. In fact, the iPad is made for these things. The reality-flow 120hz display and the stylus that comes with it gives you a whole new involvement to your creativity. It enhances the flow of your drawing and the techniques that you use. It lets you create everything precise and perfect.

Drawbacks of Adobe Photoshop For Drawing Purposes

  1. You can’t rotate the Canvas

If we clearly talk about drawing using Adobe Photoshop on iPad, you can’t rotate the canvas. This is the biggest drawback for the artist inside this app.

  1. Double tap on Apple Pencil means Zoom in and Zoom out

Adobe Photoshop has set the Apple Pencil’s double tap feature for the zoom purpose. Sadly, they haven’t gave you the option to customize this setting.

  1. Lag in the brushes

Especially, when used on iPad, Adobe Photoshop becomes pretty laggy whenever we use the brushes at a fast pace. While doing slow drawing using any brush but whenever you try to do things rapidly, you will surely see a lag.


Photoshop is a great software if you want to enhance your creativity through drawing. Keeping the price point in mind, you may find it a little high on cost, but the way it lets you produce a charmingly wonderful art, no one can speak against the price tag it bears. It lets you compromise with nothing. It’s a great platform for creating, building, and drawing.


What is better than Photoshop?

If the question is anyhow related with drawing and editing, I don’t think there are other applications with the same bundled features. However, the answer totally depends on what you are looking for. If you just want to draw vector illustrations, you don’t need it perhaps. Adobe Illustrator will do that.

Is there any free version of photoshop?

There is a trial period of 7 days. after that, you are bound to pay.

Is photoshop legitimate?

Adobe is a big brand, and the most trusted name in the multimedia industry. So, there should be no questions related to its legitimacy.

How do I use Photoshop for free?

There is no way to use it for free. However, if you are a student and pursuing a career in the multimedia field, you can get an additional discount.

How much Photoshop charge a month?

Around $18/month.

Photoshop on iPad: $9.99

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