How to delete CamScanner Account and Cloud Data?

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Are you afraid if your personal information or documents that CamScanner is saving on its cloud is safe or not?

In August 2019, CamScanner was in lots of news because Kaspersky had found malware in the app. The app was discontinued from the Play Store for this reason.

But, after some time, Kaspersky told me that the app is pretty safe and the malware was inserted by an advertisement firm which was working together with CamScanner.

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However, these days, people are so much concerned about this app because India has banned a total of 59 android apps along with the CamScanner. The government authorities said that these apps were putting people’s privacy into a threat.

So, if you are curious to know whether your data is secured or not, this article may help you with the same.

What Does CamScanner’s Privacy Policy Say about the data security

If you read CamScanner App Privacy Policy, they have clearly mentioned that they are fully committed to protecting your personal data and everything you upload to the server. However, they have also highlighted the thing that the third-parties may also have access to your information which is completely normal in this online world.

Cloud storage information

However, they have mentioned a fact that they can share your information with INTSIG which is a popular productivity app developer and have developed CamScanner too.

The permission app requires before installation:

If we talk about the permissions, all the requirement are genuine.

You would be asked for the contact permission to invite other people to use this app. Also, the storage access is required when you want to scan the files from your mobile storage.

Camscanner app system requirements

But, it will also demand your permissions for cloud uploads. They say that everything is done to ensure proper service quality.

In order to process Cloud OCR and Cloud FAX, the images would be send to the cloud storage. Especially for translation requests, they send your texts to a third-parties in order to process them properly. However, they would ask for the same.

So, in my opinion, using CamScanner is completely safe. But, as we all know, once the data is sent over the cloud storage, it may be utilized in any way by the third-parties.

CamScanner’s servers may be located in China. So, this could be the thing you should be concerned about.

So, below we are going to discuss some important things you can do to feel safe regarding your data. For more information, you can check the CamScanner Security Overview Page.

How to delete your CamScanner Account?

There is no direct way you can delete your CamScanner Account through your app. But, as per the CamScanner Privacy Policy, you can send an Account Cancellation Request at Mention details about your account along with the suitable reason and they may cancel your account as they are promising to do.

As per CamScanner, they will delete your account within 14 days once they receive your email.

How to delete CamScanner Data?

Once you sent the account deactivation request email, its time to delete your camscanner data which is stored inside the app or cloud servers. You can follow this process:

  1. Click on the CheckMark button in the app
  2. With all your documents, you will see checkboxes.
  3. Check all of them
  4. In the bottom right corner of the screen, click on Delete button.

4 Best Alternatives to CamScanner App

There are numerous apps you can choose to easily scan, send, and save your documents. Some of those apps are as follows.

1. Office Lens

It is one of the best Android and iOS app suitable for scanning, printing, converting and all other tasks which CamScanner can do. It is a product of Microsoft, so you will surely find it easier to trust on it as compared to the CamScanner. It can convert your images to PDF, Word Files to Powerpoint, etc.

Easily save your images to OneDrive or Onenote and access them from anywhere. I found it really helpful for keystone correction and scanning tasks.

Office Lens on Play Store

Office Lens on App Store

2. Adobe Scan

This is another impressive, popular, and trusted document scanning app that directly competes with the CamScanner. It is suitable for scanning forms, documents, receipts, whiteboards, and all other files. It has amazing enhancement features which are just like CamScanner.

Its AI-Enhanced scanning features makes it a good alternative to the CamScanner. You can also use it to edit scanned PDF files.

Adobe Scan on Play Store

Adobe Scan on App Store

3. Pocket Scanner

Pocket Scanner is not available for Android user. But, for iPhone or iPad, it is another amazing alternative you can use at the place of CamScanner. It can help you to convert your scanned images to PDF files. Also, it has an impressive edge-detection feature which I found much more amazing than all its competitors.

It has advanced image processing with auto-enhancement, crop, resize, rotation, and color adjustment features.

Pocket Scanner on App Store

4. Google PhotoScan

Google PhotoScan is another great CamScanner Alternative if you are not so much inclined towards document scanning. For photograph scanning, it is quite impressive. It has smart rotation, edge detection, and numerous other features which you would definitely love.

The scanning quality is exceptional that is the reason it is best to scan your old photos and improve their quality.

Google PhotoScan on Play Store

Google PhotoScan on App Store


I hope this article would have helped you to get the required information about Camscanner and especially how to delete your camscanner account. If you like this article, feel free to share it with others too.

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