Is Graphic Design Dead? [Statistics and Latest Trends]

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The straightforward answer is No.

Graphic Designing is not dead.

Pictures and Graphics have been a crucial part of our society.

Starting from the old ages when the early humans used to draw paintings on rocks from today when the world is full of colorful visuals along with numerous tools, graphic designing is around us and it is going to be there in the future too.

We have written language but pictures are crucial to conveying our messages in an effective manner.

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Of course, there are some changes going on in this industry and we should be curious to learn new skills in order to grow effectively.

But, it is not wise to say that Graphic Designing is deal (until now).

Let’s discuss some more things about graphic designing and see if it is worth pursuing or not.

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UX Design vs. Graphic Design: Which One Is Best To Choose?

We are living in a physical world and till the time physical products are around us, graphic designing is going to be there.

But, here is a fact;

Graphic Design is not as in-demand as the UX or Product Design.

If we look at the industry and what society values these days, digital product design is hot. Companies are looking to hire UX designing experts instead of Graphic Designer.

But, that does not mean there are no graphic designing jobs.

In fact, it is still possible to earn a living through graphic designing as a working professional or freelancer.

If you go to Fiverr or Upwork, you will see thousands of clients looking for graphic designers to work on their projects at decent salaries.

What Does Statistics Say About Graphic Designing as a career?

Below are some statistics I have collected from the internet about the Graphic Design Industry.

You will be amazed to see these stats as they are going to highlight the trends and demands of graphic design in this world.

According to IBIS World, the graphic design industry worth more than $15 Billion only in the US. (See more stats on the source page)

Some Stats from SoftwareFindr related to Graphic Design:

  • 67% of small businesses are ready to pay 500$ to a graphic designer for their company logo.
  • 60.8% of marketers found the visuals of a website one of the main parts of a website.
  • 94% of the users will leave a website just because of its poor design or visual appeal.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the jobs in the graphic design industry will increase by 12% between 2010 to 2021.

Is It A Good Idea To Make A Career As a Graphic Designer?

Most of the people believe graphic design is dead just because they saw a huge growth in the demands of UX and UI product design.

But, graphic design is not going to be disappeared just because the UX and UI design are here.

Its not true.

Again, it is true that graphic design is not in demand as other latest forms of design.

If you look at Indeed, Monster, or other online job portals, you will find numerous graphic design jobs in various large companies.

Although the salary structure is not as good as you get as a UX designer or a product designer, the jobs are still there. That’s a fact.

So, Yes, it is obviously a good idea to pursue graphic design as a field of career and it is possible to earn a good income through your creativity.

Choosing the platform for learning along with good tools is a crucial thing you should take seriously.

Should you learn Graphic Design?

I get your fears.

The internet is full of negative opinions about graphic design as a career.

But, because graphic design is known as a common skill which every person will little or no creative wants to learn, the competition is a bit at the higher end.

So, if you are learning graphic with full dedication and learning all the basic and advanced skills, you are going to have a pretty bright future in this field for sure.

I don’t think that there is not ever going to be a time where we won’t need a graphic design in some form.

However, having good knowledge and crucial designing skills backed by a passion in this field is the first and foremost thing to grow in not only in graphic design but any other field.

So, yes, graphic designing is still an impactful and interesting skill to learn in 2021.

What will be the best thing to grow your career in this creative field?

We all know that change is the biggest truth of our life.

So, every industry is changing as the technology is growing.

If we apply that concept here, the first thing you have to do in order to grow your career as a graphic designer, you will have to learn other crucial and demanded skills too.

Even if you are working in a good company as a professional graphic designer, you should invest some time to learn some other skills like UX design or even web design in order to improve you more.

This will help you a lot to compete in this world and tackle any sudden transformation in your industry.

Final Verdict

Whether you want to learn graphic design to do it as a full-time job or even as part-time work, make sure to give your maximum efforts and time.

It is still one of the most demanded skills in the creative industry. So, just put your 100% into it and you will surely find your ways of growth.

Thanks for reading!

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