Top 10 Best Android Apps For Learning Ethical-Hacking

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As technology is evolving day by day, the ways of learning are also increasing. With the introduction of eLearning apps, Your Android devices are like a new education hub for you.

You can shape your career in accordance with your passion. Android OS has got a lot of apps that can help you boost your learnings.

Now let us head to our topic, Today I am going to list out the best android apps that will help you in learning ethical hacking.

This topic has got a boom in career opportunities in recent years. Even if you own a small website, ethical hacking could be beneficial for you in numerous ways.

Well, there are many apps on google play store that claim to teach you ethical hacking but all of them are not legit. And choosing the wrong application can badly affect your learning process.

To solve this dilemma I have researched and brought you the list of best android apps to learn ethical hacking. These apps are developed by professionals of this particular field has the chances of the errors are very low.

After having looked at these apps you can choose the right one for you and then start your journey of learning ethical hacking. Let’s begin now:

List Of Best Android Apps To Gain Ethical Hacking Skills

Though the list is long, you can also have a direct look at the pros and cons if you’re lacking time.

1. Free Cyber Security Courses

Free Cybersecurity courses is one of the best apps that will provide you with tutorials for ethical hacking. This app will start from scratch and will take you up to an advanced level.

However, if you already have some basic knowledge of ethical hacking then you can also start from the Intermediate level. This application is managed by Cybrary, it is the largest cybersecurity community on the web.

The topics covered by this application include  Linux+, A+, Network, Cloud, and Cryptography for beginners. You will also learn some advanced topics like CASP, Malware Analysis, and CISP. The interface of the application is also quite simple and user friendly.

  • Very easy to understand
  • Clean Interface
  • A good amount of knowledge resources available
  • Contains ads
  • Lagging issues

2. Hacking Tutorials 2.0

The second App that I liked most is Hacking Tutorials 2.0. This application has a huge collection of ethical hacking techniques. The tricks mentioned are tried and tested by the developers themselves to ensure your safe entry to the hacking universe.

The tutorials are represented in the easiest ways possible. It is clearly guided with headings on How things work and how to protect yourself against several attacks.

There is also a chatroom where you can discuss your doubts with other fellow learners. The good thing about this application is that it is also available offline. You also get the latest technology and hacking news here.

  • Can be shared with family
  • Easy to use
  • Contains ads
  • Colors not suitable for reading

3. Hackers Reference

No matter if you are a pro or a newbie to ethical hacking. This application is important for learners from both categories. This application makes you expertise in, Difference between hex and binary, etc. It has been installed by 100k+ users across the world.

This application guides you in Building a honeypot, Web shells, Lock Picking, Exploiting Services, Maintaining Access, and many more. This app has very much to offer you.

I would personally suggest you try this app. If you want to gain knowledge in USB device and various other types of ethical hacking techniques, then this application is the bible for you.

  • Good for wireless hacking
  • Simple Navigation
  • Contains Ads
  • Color Coding could be done better

4. White Hat Hacking Tutorials

With the huge fan base of 50k users, this app has also gained the trust of learners. This application is basically a community effort that shares security tutorials and tips.

You basically learn ethical hacking from this app and then you have to share the information gained to the new learners in the community.

The main topics covered by this app include Vulnerabilities, Security standards, Backtracks, and Cyber forensics. You never become perfect in a skill. Even if you are a security professional you still should try this app to keep yourself updated.

  • Starts from scratch
  • Very useful guides
  • Very Frequent Updates
  • App shut downs

5. Hack Hackers

Hack Hackers is another ethical hacking tutoring app that serves the purpose very well. You will get extensive knowledge of security from this app. This app teaches you some general techniques like securing your Pen Drives and PC.

If you want to secure your WiFi routers then you should learn tricks from this application. The knowledge resource of this application consists of How-To guides on Securing IP address, precautions on hacking a website, etc. Torrent persons are suggested to get important tips from this app.

  • Effective Hacking prevention tutorials
  • Wireless device hacking
  • Contains Ads

6. Hacking Tutorials

This application was developed by developers with the aim to make the learning process easier for beginners. It will guide you all about how hacking works, how hackers attack, and how to protect yourself against hack attacks.

The explanation of the guides is very simple and everyone can understand it easily. After learning from this application you will be able to perform the attacks safely.

The main topics covered by this app include hack processes and types, Android mobile hacks and tricks, How to protect ourselves against attacks, etc. A beginner I would recommend this app personally.

  • Attractive user interface
  • Easy to view your progress
  • Contains Ads
  • Very Slow Loading

7. Computer Tricks Guide

As the name suggests this app gives you tricks and tips to keep your computer safe. It does not make you a pro in ethical hacking but will surely make you smart enough to keep your accounts and system safe from hacker attacks.

This app has 5000 installs till now and is very small in size. After learning new tricks from this application you will surely stand out from your friends.

Some topics that you will learn from this app include Advanced Screen Captures with the Snipping Tool, Display Multiple Clocks, Set up GodMode, Improve Program Access with Quick Launch, It has got 4.1 ratings overall on the play store.

  • All tricks work well
  • Snipping tool
  • Contains ads
  • Readability issues

8. Hacking Knowledge

This app starts with beginners hacking tips and ends you with a pro-security expert. If you want to give your security career a professional touch then I would recommend this app. It has been downloaded by 100000+ users across the world.

The requirement for this app is android 2.3.3 and up. You will never get bored while using this app. This app is very small in size. I.e 2.3 MB. 

  • Deep Dive into the topics
  • Quality Experts
  • Lagging issues
  • Slow Loading of files

9. TechViral – Tech Hacks

All those tech nerds who are new to technology and keep themselves updated and secure with ethical hacking tips and tricks. This app is made for you. You will find On-line security tips, New ways to make use of technology, etc.

The size of this app is 6.3 MB and is very easy to use with a clean interface. Reviews of gadgets can also be found on this website. You will find several pop-ups in this app.

  • Provides TECH news too
  • Good for beginners
  • Contains ads
  • Unnecessary Pop-Ups

10. Become Hacker

This one of the nicest apps in its field. The reason I have put it last on the list is that it does not cover all fields of ethical hacking. Its main focus is on hacking wireless networks and does its job very well.

This app will also give you knowledge regarding Keyloggers, black hat hacking, and Brute force attacks.

The requirement for this application is Android 2.2+. The size of this application is 4.6 MB only. The app is easy to use and understand.

  • Easy to Use
  • Good for learning brute force attacks
  • Contains ads
  • Does not covers all topics

The Final Words

A match stick can light a candle in the dark and burn a dry forest as well. It totally depends upon you, how you use it.

Guys, the same is the case here. You have to use these skills only for educational purposes and to keep yourself secure from the attacks from hackers.

Misuse of these skills can land you in jail. So use them wisely. I hope that these apps will surely help you in enhancing your learning towards ethical hacking.

I have tried all these apps and all of them are working. I will be glad to hear your views in the comment section about these apps. Also, If you have some better options in your mind, write it out, I will surely add them up in the list. 


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