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Remote Accessing is one of the most effective and popular offerings to us by the internet. The remote computer access is mostly used in companies, tech support firms, and various other things.

Various popular Remote Desktop software is available on the internet such as Teamviewer. But, if you have an iPad, it is possible and pretty simple to share your screen remotely with others.

As the use of the Apple iPad has increased in every sector, the industries are now aware of its effectiveness to handle various tasks by covering less space.

But, if at some place, you want to share remote access to your iPad device, there is not inbuilt feature which will allow you to do so.


You can easily use a good remote access app for iPad which can help you to do this thing pretty easily. So, without more discussions, let’s start knowing about these apps below.

1. LogMein

LogMein is a pretty secure and widely popular remote access app which you can easily use in iPad and iPhone.

You can either use it to share your iPad’s access with desktops and other mobile devices or vice versa. The app is fully featured and equipped with some highly effective accessing tools.

You can use LogMein to access both Mac and Windows PC without hassles. The app allow you to use its various features that allow you to easily customize and enhance the remote accessing features.

LogMein app is completely free which is another big advantage for you. However, its paid version for professional is priced US$349.99.

Key Features of LogMein App:

  • Make access easy with mouse and screen setting
  • Zoom slider and magnifier
  • Change resolution and display colors
  • Get high quality visuals and audio
  • Email Attachments
  • Multi-Monitor view

2. VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer is another app which will allow you to get instant access to your Windows PC, Mac, Linux from your iPad or iPhone. The app is recognized for its great user-interface and interactive remote accessing features.

The connections are fully encrypted and password secured. In fact, you will have to use the same ID and Password on both devices in order to establish a successful connection between devices.

You can either use touch or mouse controls to operate the targeted systems easily. The connection process is very simple and takes a couple of seconds when you have the correct credentials with you.

Key Features of VNC Viewer:

  • Free for any sort of application
  • Sync and Backup your connection
  • Advanced access key including command.
  • Just install VNC connect on both sides and access easily.

3. Jump Desktop

Jump Desktop is another good option to choose if you want to connect your desktop or mobile devices with your iPad with a wireless connection. The developers promises to give you a secure and reliable connection whenever you connect your iPad to another Jump desktop enabled device or PC.

To access your desktop, you just have to visit the website and install the software on your Mac or PC. Now, you are ready to connect two different devices securely with this app.

The app uses NLA, SSL/TSL encryption technology for RDP and SSH tunneling for VNC. The app is available for all operating systems including Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows.

You can also connect a mouse with your iPad to make your online access much more smooth and effective.

Although the base version of this app is free but you can also opt for its paid plan for more features at US$14.99.

Key Features of Jump Desktop:

  • High-performance connection with audio support
  • Split-screen and Apple pencil supported
  • Open multiple connections at once
  • Dragging, button clicks, scrolling, and other gestures
  • Multi-core rendering for fast connection
  • Live connection preview

4. Remote Desktop Mobile by Microsoft

This is another fast and advanced iOS app which allows you to easily create connections between your iPad and Windows PC/Mac/virtual apps.

The configurations is pretty easy when you have this app installed on both the terminals. You can get the software for other devices or computer systems here.

You can easily find this app/software on Windows store, iTune store, Play Store too.

The connections are encrypted just like any other popular remote desktop software or app. Also, the controlling features are amazing with great touch controls.

Whether you want to use it for business or personal purpose, the app is completely free to use.

Key Features of Remote Desktop Mobile App:

  • Support for Audio streaming
  • Multi-touch controlling with gestures
  • Easy to connect by using user accounts
  • Connect Apple Magic Mouse2 and Trackpad 2

5. Splashtop Personal

Spashtop Personal is another advanced iPad app used by more than 35 million people all over the world. It will also help you to get instant access to your Mac, Windows PC, and iPad.

The browsing experience will be great because it has a pretty unique and interactive user-interface. The app will allow you to have a secured connection with its SSL and 256-bit AES encryption strategies.

Even with very slow internet connection, the app will allow you to have a seamless streaming experience. You can also use its on-screen shortcuts to control main functions such as click, scroll, drag, etc.

The app is free if you just want to use it for basic connections across the internet. However, its paid plans ranges between US$0.99 to US$16.99. You can know more about these packs on the App store or inside the app itself.

Key Features of Splashtop Personal:

  • Suitable for personal and business uses as well
  • Secured connections
  • Easy to use and connect
  • Apple Retina display support

6. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is another impressive iPad app that will allow you to access and control your Windows PC or Mac remotely through the internet. The app is suitable not only for personal but for business uses too.

TeamViewer app will allow you to create secure and fast connection among different devices in seconds. Just like other remote connection apps, you can use its gesture controls to make everything easy and effective for you.

You are free to transfer files in both direction i.e. client to recipient or recipient to client. The app will also be able to connect with multiple computers at the same time. Also, the audio transmission is supported.

The connected will be created using the same ID and Password in both the sides. The base version is free. However, it has some pretty expensive business plans. The yearly business plan is priced for US$599.99 and the full Business Plan is for US$999.99.

Key Features of TeamViewer:

  • Full keyboard features are there
  • Access computers through proxy servers
  • Wake-On-LAN feature
  • Advanced security features [256 Bit AES Encoding, 2048 Bit RSA Key Exchange]
  • Fast connections guaranteed

7. GoToMyPC

This app is also developed by LogMeIn, Inc. To access any computer using this app, you just have to install its PC or Mac version on your computer. Using your credentials, the app will make sure to create a fast and secured connection for you.

Once everything is setup, you can easily control the functions using its gesture and other types of controls. Using precision mouse, you will be able to fully operate your computer wirelessly.

Sound is also supported in this app. Also, you can easily copy and paste between your computer and iPad. You can zoom in the content by 300% to have clear visuals of anything.

The app is also capable to do multitasking while you are accessing anything on its screen.

There are numerous other features of this app but you may see numerous bugs in this app as per the overall user-ratings.

But, the app is completely free to use. So, there is nothing wrong in testing its capabilities if it can work for you.

Key Features of GoToMyPC:

  • Use Bluetooth Keyboard
  • 128-bit AES Encryption for secure connections
  • Multi-monitor remote access
  • Dual password and user-authentications on both ends

8. Chrome Remote Desktop

Offered by Google LLC, Chrome Remote Desktop is another great remote access app which you can use in your iOS devices.

In order to establish a connection, you must have Chrome Browser on the recipient PC. There, open Chrome Remote Desktop website and and follow the instructions to easily connect both the ends with internet.

On your iPad, you will be able to get some basic remote desktop controlling features for basic function. The app is secure enough and of course, you can trust it because it is a product from Google.

Also, it is completely free to use. So, you should check it once if it can work for you.

9. Screens

Screens app also has all the features which you will require in any remote access app. For your iPad, this app is equipped with various advanced features such as mouse/trackpad support, secure connections, and easy accessbility.

The app will allow you to establish connections between your Windows PC and Mac with iPad. The gesture controls makes your everything easy for you.

A shortcut toolbar is there to help you use the desired tools as per your needs. These tools will also help you to easily do required things like copy and paste.

rice of this app is US$19.99.

Key Features of Screens App:

  • iPad Multitasking feature
  • Touch ID support
  • AirPlay Mirroring
  • Mobile Trackpad [Paid]
  • Clipboard sharing
  • Full 3D touch support

10. Parallels Access

This app will also help you to get the best results when it comes to remote connections from your iPad to other devices. You can easily use it to establish connections with your Windows PC or Mac.

The keyboard and gesture support will help you to control everything perfectly. Also, you will find it pretty easy to copy, paste, and save files in your iPad from other computers.

The connection process is easy and you do not have to worry about the security because all the connections are secured by advanced encryptions.

The base version is free. However, the maximum amount of its paid version is US$19.99.

Final Words:

I hope you will find this article helpful to choose the right remote access app for your iPad. Please do not forget to share it with others too.

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