VirtualDub Video Editor Review [Pros/Cons/Price/Alternatives]

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VirtualDub is a non-linear video editor used to capture videos and edit videos. The software is available on for Windows Operating System.

VirtualDub is completely free to download and use. But, there are some amazing editing features which are highly helpful when it comes to simple editing tasks like reducing the file size of huge videos.

Noise reduction, real-time downsizing, compression, and video segmentation are some of the main features of this video editing software.

Most importantly, VirtualDub is easy to learn and easy to use video editor. But, the user-interface looks outdated.

Performance-wise, you can expect great results from this software even inside your low-end PC. So, without any further discussion, let’s start VirtualDub’s review below.

VirtualDub Video Editor Images

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VirtualDub Price

VirtualDub Video Editor is completely Free and Open-source. Whether you want to use it for commercial, educational, or business purposes, you do not have to pay anything for that.

VirtualDub Video Editor System Requirements

VirtualDub Software will need very few computer resources to work effectively. But, it will be good to have a decent PC configuration if you want to use it for hardcore editing tasks like compression. The minimum system requirements are as follows.

Operating SystemAny 64-bit version of Windows
ProcessorIntel Core i3 to i7, AMD Athlon 64 or equivalent
RAM4 GB Minimum
Storage Space200 MB Minimum

Pros and Cons of VirtualDub Video Editor

Because it is a free video editor, we can’t expect much from it. But, still, it is providing us enough resources for some specific tasks for which it is made. The editor was previously used a lot by the Counterstrike players to create videos from frag segments.

  • Easy to use for beginners too
  • Hex Editing tools
  • Fractional Frame rates
  • Noise Reduction tool
  • Field Swap function
  • Batch Processing capabilities
  • Fast Linear Operations
  • Not made for Professional Editing
  • Outdated user-interface and appearance
  • Limited learning material
  • Not available for macOS and Linux
  • Not suitable for 4K editing

As a free video editor, you should try it for some basic editing tasks. Also, if you have a small editing project which you want to get done using free software, then this software is good for you.

In my opinion, you should use VirtualDub Video Editor only if you want a good editing performance for simple videos on a low-end PC. Also, keep in mind that it is not like an ordinary editor with a linear editing interface.

Use it only if you want to compress your video or reduce noise from them.

Otherwise, you may opt for VSDC or Lightworks. If you have some budgets to spend, then you should try Adobe Premiere Pro or any other premium editor.

For general editing tasks like cut, crop, and audios, and audio enhancements, this software is great to use. Some of the main alternatives to this software are as follows.

Alternatives to VirtualDub Video Editor

  1. VSDC Video Editor
  2. Lightworks Video Editor
  3. Filmora9
  4. Camtasia
  5. Vegas Movie Studio 17 Platinum

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