Why iOS is not Open-Source like Android?

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iOS holds a greater value than Android probably because it is not an open-source like google. Although many of you will say that Android is better than iOS but the fact is iOS being a closed project owned and handled by Apple Inc is a lot better in some aspects. 

You would probably think why most of the celebrities and great businessman uses iPhone or iOS as their primary device. Not for showing off but that is because of the cybersecurity that iOS offers. Their tight security is nothing but the consequence of iOS not being an open-source. 

Android on the other hand is quite respectful but not as secure as iOS devices. The reason being it’s an open-source platform, an android user has the freedom to develop android apps and push them into play store just by creating an account. 

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Let’s discuss some aspects in which iOS as a closed platform is better than Android.

Apple wants its devices to be smoother

One who has used iOS and Android both will tell better about the fact that iPhones are generally faster and smoother than android. Although it’s because of the better hardware the fact can’t be neglected also that the fluency comes within a closed pack system. If a system has no bloatware to handle in the background nothing to be touched rather than their own settings and application, the system will certainly perform better. 

Apple wants a better hardware and software Integration

Better hardware and software integration comes with apple devices. Since the entire platform is handled by Apple itself there is nothing from outside to be maintained with the A12 Bionic chipset. Most of the software of apple is written in Swift programming language, which makes a very smooth integration with the apple chipsets either A12 or A13.

The android platform on the other hand has software written in various programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, and JavaScript. The java-based software is easily integrable while other’s user experience is not that good. They stutter and even hangs sometimes. 

Apple wants to keep those unknown apps away

Being a closed system, Apple doesn’t offer to download and install applications from unknown resources. Known to the fact that unknown applications from untrusted sources may contain malware and Viruses, they are very strict in such cases. But that doesn’t mean you have fewer features applications to use.

Apple store has more than 1.5 million applications that cover every topic of the internet. The iOS store also has some wonderful games like PUBG, Asphalt, and Call of Duty which fills the emptiness of iOS gaming.

The apple ecosystem

In terms of service integration across the devices, Apple products like iPhone, iPad, Apple watches, Apple Tv, and Mac computers all are tightly bound with iCloud, iMessage, and other in-built services. Speaking of the app store, the Apple app store is pointedly better policed than Google Play store.


Developers must get through a long process and expensive list of things to get their app hoisted on the Apple store. However, if we talk about Google, you just have to sign up and you are all done.

Apple is mad over the security

The most important aspect is iOS being a packed system software, has some consistent security updates. Since there are no external applications playable in iOS devices, they can freely stand at the top in security and privacy. Apple’s closed ecosystem is harder to penetrate. The same strictness lies within the Store app. All these features combinedly make it a tedious task for attackers to target users. Also, the Apple app store is cleaner, features fewer ads, and offers extra features likes suggesting top apps you must have, than that of Google.

Clean and clutter-free UX is another key goal

The Apple ecosystem is highly recommendable. Unfortunately, it cost much more for normal people budget. iOS features less customization than android and focuses on a basic minimalistic but powerful UI. Unlike operating systems like Android, Windows, and Linux, Apple’s iOS or Mac OS prohibits users to change skins and themes because these skins are not made keeping pace with Apple.

These themes and skins are sometimes so bulky that they consume a lot of RAM and graphics memory, thus reducing the user experience.

They need better preparations for bloatware

The appreciable effect of being a closed OS is no bloatware. You are not going to find any application that can be suspected for the wrong purpose. On Android, the bloatware can only be removed when you root your smartphone which will let you lose the warranty of the device.


Apple’s seriousness for security is probably the reason

Everything is apple devices are so secure that users don’t have to worry about any malware. With every update that is being pushed, on any Apple devices, virus defenders come built-in. So, there is no need for antivirus software because Apple has more than enough that you find in Antivirus software.

The build-in databases are continually subjected to major updates that protect your device from attackers. iOS is housed with every software that you need even if you are a professional. 

A virtually impossible to penetrate with any sort of malicious code is more gravitated by users. Again, because up to 98% of the development is made inside Apple’s own house.

Other brands get the motherboard from Taiwan, A graphics card from Germany, a CPU from China, and so on, and sometimes even the incompatible kinds of stuff are made compatible by a few lines of code, but those codes are not easily read by machines and hence decreases the speed of the machine.

With, an ultrafast system Apple brings customers from around the world even if the prices of their gadgets are quite high.

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