Why iPads are so expensive?

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Do you know what is Apple’s business goal?

It is “to obtain stellar products at a cost that represents the best value to both users and shareholders“.

Whether it is a legendary iPhone or Macbook pro, everything is built like BelAZ-75710 (the world’s most powerful truck).

The point is, Apple is primarily focused on providing value to its users. And, we all are ready to pay banks when we get the best products in the market.

The same thing applies to Apple iPads. These exceptional devices are great in every section including build-quality, looks, performance, battery, connectivity, usability, support, and a lot more.

Most of you must have a question in mind that “why iPads are so expensive?”

Oh, that’s the title of this article and all of you are looking for the answer. Right?

Well, without forcing you to read some more random lines, let’s dig into the matter and know why iPads are expensive as compared to all the tablets available.

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Let’s talk about the Brain First

If we look at the latest version of iPad i.e. iPad Pro 11 (2020), it is equipped with Octa-core (4×2.5 GHz Vortex + 4×1.6 GHz Tempest) CPU. But, its Apple A12Z Bionix chipset enables it to produce the results no other tablet in its competition may do.

However, the iPad 10.2 has an A10 Fusion chipset which offers an impressive power to it.

Take examples of A12X and A10 processors in iPads, they all the built to offer performance. This is the reason why iPads are capable to just bang all those top-notch apps like AutoCad 360, Adobe Creative Cloud, Procreate, etc.

ipads have a great performance

So, performance-wise, there is no competitor to iPad. However, in my opinion, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 could be your next choice if you can’t buy iPad Pro.

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As per one test from mashable, the AnTuTu score of A13 Bionic was 4,98,296 whereas the Snapdragon had a score of 5,57,378. In Manhattan Test, A13 Bionic beats the Snapdragon 865 by a huge difference.

So, for a device with this sort of processing power, it is expected that a company would charge a lot.

What is so special about the iPad’s display?

All the iPads and iPad Pros are equipped with impressive visuals elements. However, you may have to compromise the display quality in the iPad Mini.

The latest iPad 10.2 has an impressive edge to edge liquid retina display which is capable to produce vibrant colors with pixel masking and sub-pixel anti-aliasing features.

ipads have a great display quality

iPad also has 120Hz refresh rate for smooth operations which are always backed by its ProMotion technology. It also has true tone feature which makes it easier to enjoy viewing the iPads from different angles.

Its true-depth front camera with face authentication is another great offering for its users. You may not get this kind of visual output in any other device. It might be another thing that contributes to Ipad’s expensive price tags.

iPads are exceptionally secure just like other Apple devices

Till the time, there is no remote attack recorded on iPad.

As we all know, Apple is so much curious about the security, you get the same security system and regular updates in the iPads. Read another article on The Tech Top 10 where I have discussed the effectiveness of iOS security as a closed source OS.

When Marc Roger, who was the first white hat hacker of Apple’s Touch ID, asked about iPad’s security, he said, “There is so little risk as to be none“.

Apple does not offer its source code openly to the developers for tweaking or research purposes. Also, no iOS user is allowed to modify the codes. In this way, their serious concerns about the security makes Apple’s devices probably the most secured one in the world.

So, in order to create and maintain this sort of security and implement it into the devices, it requires expertise and creativity. Only a multi-billionaire company can do that. And to become that sort of company, it becomes important to make your products expensive exceptional at the same time.

A boon for the artists and creators

Whether you are into photo editing, drawing, illustrations, graphic designing, or any other profession, the iPad is perfect to highlight your artistic skills impressively.

Apple Pencil is the thing that makes a big change. It is a stylus having various amazing features for artists. Some of its features are pressure sensitivity, double tap, etc.

You can effectively run various amazing illustration apps on your iPad including Adobe Fresco, Procreate, Clip Studio Paint, and a lot more.

Its machine learning neural engine enables it to enhance your workflow whenever you are doing any sort of drawing task. It is another reason why all types of iPads are highly expensive.

I have written another article discussing the iPad Mini and its capability for drawing tasks. Make sure to give it a read too.

Impressive Build Quality

Whenever you hold an iPad in your hands, you get that premium feel. This is because Apple has refined the build quality of all its products a lot. With this build quality, you get an impressive look that never gets old.

ipad has a good build quality

So, to fabricate all the electronic circuitry inside a well-designed body, it requires a good production house and expects people to handle the resources. So, the excellent build quality of iPads might be another reason if their huge price ranges.

Advanced Operating System

If you compared iOS with the Android Operating systems, you will get to know various advantages with the iOS.

A highly responsive and fluid user-interface is the first thing, freedom from bloatware is the reason why iOS devices gives a premium user experience.

You get no interference whenever you use iPads or even iPhones for any purpose. You will find no unnecessary features in the iOS as you get with the Android devices.

ios is an amazing operating system

However, the selection of the operating system will depend specifically on the user’s taste. But, Apple’s efforts for OS enhancements are worth mentioning here.

So, in order to develop and maintain a top-class operating system for the users, the company would definitely charge a lot. And this is another reason why iPads are expensive.

Final Verdict

In my opinion, the iPad is not an expensive device if we look at its great features. In fact, you can use an iPad or iPad Pro as a smartphone, tablet, or even a computer. So, when it is offering you this much features, why can’t you pay some extra money.

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