Why is Ubuntu so much popular?

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The device that links the machine to the program is the operating system. It controls and distributes the computer’s memory throughout the programs. The most popular operating systems are Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Virtually any Computer has Windows. Macintosh computers operate on Mac OS. You will not have to update Linux from the edge.

Nevertheless, it is not detrimental to the Windows or Mac OS. Contrary to common opinion, we may provide several OS on one machine and pick the one that we choose to choose before beginning, based on how well it is run.

In this article, we are going to know some reasons why Ubuntu is in the list of most popular Operating system.

Note: This article is for people who know about Ubuntu earlier. If you are not one of those, know more about Ubuntu on its official site or on Wikipedia.

Why opt for Linux rather than Windows or Mac OS?

Linux will not cost anything first. It provides you with completely free access to a lot of popular applications. Most of the most used Linux equivalents are open. For instance, GIMP is a reliable software for photoshop competition. These are no doors! There are no openings! Linux is created by dedicated users who volunteer.

This is another mentality. The source code is available with Linux. This ensures that you can access and manipulate the operating system. However, you want. For starters, the user interface can be fully modified, or activities can be automated. You should use the hand on the screen to style it to your photo and not the other way around.

Is it within everyone’s reach?

Yes. Yes. Yes. You may not need to be coding: you need to be interested, and you want to grate your fingertips. Generally, Linux was a little complicated. Today, though, the numerous variants-the the “distributions”-are for the public. Have you got the web? You can then find all the advanced Linux usage stuff.

How to install it?

The “distribution” of Linux must be selected, for example, Ubuntu or Linux Mint. Then the software tool first is stored on a USB key or a DVD. You must then restart the machine and obey the instructions. You get a version consistent with each other, irrespective of the update you load. Some implementations are better to understand than others: Ubuntu is the exception. You may also go to ubuntu.org to seek feedback from the user group if you have an issue. You can also test Linux without any computer installation.

It is a free and open operating system for people who still do not know Ubuntu Linux, and it is trendy today due to its intuitive interface and ease of use. This operating system will not be unique to Windows users, so you can operate without needing to reach a command line in this environment. Linux Ubuntu’s aesthetics and graphics are also important (particularly when compared to GNOME) and are a great alternative to the Windows and Mac OS.

Ubuntu has the sweet flavor of being open to convincing you. Now, if you can find all the features and an interface that you have easy access to without picking up your wallet, why pay for a Mac or Windows license? We will also explore our opinion and a fast overview of the configuration of this operating system.

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This Linux distributed open-source, free operating system operates GNU / Linux on Debian. Ubuntu delivers a somewhat secure and straightforward configuration that will convince anyone already hesitant to switch from Windows or Mac OS. Ubuntu also has a beautiful graphical appearance that will not interrupt the user experience.

Linux Ubuntu has the other benefit of being compliant with almost any device like SPARC, PPC, x86, or AMD-64. Whether your machine is old or more recent (laptop or desktop), you can find even an updated Ubuntu edition that will suit your output. Buy it on the dedicated website for receiving it: Ship lt. You get it burned quickly on a CD or DVD (allow for 2 to 3 weeks). It can always be downloaded from the Ubuntu website for those who are impatient.

Ubuntu has three divisions for apps. The stable section is frozen, and security updates are possible. Only mature systems are allowed by the evaluation segment. The last part, Unreliable, groups upgrades to current programs on your operating system and new sets. Each of these will enable you to operate more optimally and reactively while maintaining the total reliability and protection of the operating system.


There are some drawbacks of using this operating system and switching from a paying license such as Windows after trials of Linux Mint. Firstly, Linux Ubuntu is more comfortable to use, secure, and not all Linux licenses. Beginners should be fully relaxed with their GUI and will learn multiple functionalities without writing a command line.

Ubuntu is as functional as paying operating systems and is free for practitioners (companies) or individuals. Installation is as fast as a startup, and it will not be long before your interface is adapted. In a couple of minutes, you will soon discover your habits (especially accessing the menu, exploring your hard drive contents, or uninstalling and running programs).

Finally, Linux Ubuntu provides a free software kit that has already been integrated into the operating system and which, like your fellow workers, helps you instantly to continue.

For, e.g., a classic bureau package, an Internet explorer, and electronic correspondence applications are available.

Switching to Linux

Have you read and I have not already missed you? Secure wishes! So, come to what we are interested in: my Linux transition. For one thing, Linux is not the solution to any of the problems listed above, from using my mobile, from sharing on social networks to defending my Internet surfing, to answering any of those queries. Operating device transition. The article listed above thoroughly outlines how every one of these things can be treated. Moving to Linux is then only a move without Windows, etc.

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First, it was a challenge to pick the service that I should quit. I needed something easy, and the period of change (too much) will not affect my career. I have trouble with most Linux systems and the file manager (if you like the software explorer). “This is nice that the ergonomics of the system have taken a long time to get there: new functionalities as attractive as they are not adequate to cover in holes. This is one of the highlights of Linux Mint. There is an important Ubuntu update, but the consequences of an enterprise ‘s effort are not safe from only a few bottles. And, on my desktop PC and tablet, I built Linux mint in a dual boot.

At the same moment, in my old netbook, I selected Xubuntu. Xubuntu is an advanced hardware-specific release built for outdated computers. If something was left in the environment, it was mainly a matter of reviving my old cuckoo clock who slept in the wardrobe. It will let me later turn it into a media center with other computers in the house connected to a network.

The most common operating systems are Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Some of the Linux versions, some commonly used, are available. Dedicated users who volunteer Linux is made. It gives you free access to a wide range of standard applications. Ubuntu is easy to use, cheaper, although not all Ubuntu licenses are similar. Linux has the root code, which means that the operating system can be viewed and exploited. In the photoshop market, for example, Gimp is a powerful program.


In simple words, Ubuntu is popular because of its programming-oriented user-interface and refined architecture. Also, lots of people prefer it because it is open-source. Bug-handling, software management, security, lots of distributions, and great community support are some of the reasons Ubuntu’s huge recognition as an OS.

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